Release 186 - Report issues here

These might have been reported earlier (especially the first one as it looks like something that could be there throughout many updates).

  1. Beacon fuel time is not updated on beacon list of an alt if that beacon was fueled by a different alt than the owner (today my miner’s beacon list showed 1 week of fuel left in one of his beacons, even though it was fueled up to 13 weeks by my crafter alt). It updates after personally visiting the beacon.

  2. When using spanner, the floating messages don’t show up when I’m aiming down. They work when I’m looking straight ahead or up.

Thanks for the coordinates. You have the screenshot from the previous post, so that would be enough as evidence that the issue occurs even if no one could reproduce it later.

From watching the video with sound, your voice was a little quiet, so I turned up the volume, only to be met by someone’s loud booming voice, so I ended up reducing the volume straight.

Back to the video. It mostly shows an issue where the game is constantly displaying critical damage of 165. Do you remember if you attacked a creature showing this particular amount of damage on screen?

Then near the end of the video, you used a grapple tool (which looks like the Emerald Swift-Reeling grapple perhaps) on a portal which yanked you very quickly towards it and caused you to lose all of your health and then you couldn’t return to the sanctum afterwards. Do you remember of the exact coordinates of that particular portal where you had the issue?

Finally, you had a crash after a while. The game offers the options to submit crash dumps after loading the game. Did this option not appear for you when you did so?

It’s currently listed as a known issue.

If you can show the issue in person, that would be great, as players would not normally have the same tools from the World Builder.

The video issue is something a few players have encountered, but we haven’t been able to discover a surefire way to getting this to occur multiple times.

I’m not sure if you read the most recent Weekly Update, but it currently have information about different types of worlds that could make their way into the game, so they may not have the same issue. But I’ll make a note of this in the database regardless.

What happens when you add the skills to increase inventory space? Do you get the items back?

What’s the ‘first one’ you were referring to and which bug would it relate to in your post here?

For the second issue, it sounds like they disappear when reaching the edge of the game screen. Is that correct?

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The issue has stopped. Had not went hunting that day could possible block? Did got mining for coal. I don’t remember the portal chords but I have not received crash reports but once. After that never again. No Idea why.

First one as in the beacon fuel. Didn’t mean any particular bug reported previously. Just guessing it might not be news for you. But maybe it’s the first time sth like that is reported?

As for floating text disappearing, no its not the edge of screen. When I stand in front of a machine and look straight, the aim rectangle is in the middle of the screen. In that position and any position above (looking up) the floating text works. When I aim down, even slightly, floating text disappears. I dont have to get to the edge of the screen with my mouse movement. If I hold mouse button and keep using the spanner, and then move the aim rectangle back up, all the missing text starts floating quickly as if it was paused previously and only released now at once. It doesnt look like it’s just not visible so. Rather blocked and then released again when I aim at the right area.

I didn’t look immediately. I didn’t notice them pop back in my inventory, but at the same time I may have missed something/

You know that noise a Cuttletrunk makes when it’s picking someone up? I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned, but even after death the noise doesn’t stop. Usually the hunting party can just run away from it as we move on to the next meteor, but I’m down a mine right now and the noise won’t stop. Fun fun! So, bit of a bug there with the cuddlers.

Returning to the sanctum and then going back stops the noise.


@vdragon @james
When in chat, make ‘escape’ NOT send the message.
‘Escape’ is meant to cancel operation, not to send msg anyway.
easy to fix and a big lifechanger.


thats listed as a know bug @karokendo :stuck_out_tongue:

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So, I just found something interesting. Don’t ask me how I found this, but sprinting through a portal, and clicking escape as you go through the other side not only turns you into Mr. Tickle, but also crashes the game. I sent a few crash reports through.
This is repeatable with any portal as far as I know, and the model thing happens even when walking through, which then doesnt crash the game…




Yes known issue - and the bug even mentioned Mr Tickle. Its the 1st person anims not clearing when you switch.

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oh… ok then :slight_smile:

Blocks not disapearing when mining chords in photo. Used what you see when i was mining

I’m not sure if this has been reported, but in the furnace if you hold down shift while left-clicking it can move an item from your inventory into one of the 2 available slots to put items (like sap + bones to make glue). If both of those slots are full and you do that action again on a fuel source you lose the fuel source completely. It disappears from your inventory and does not go into the fuel box.

There is a hidden box just break your furnace and replace it. You have to manual place the fuel in there

I don’t think this is intended, you can unlearn the core skills at higher levels and move the points to something else. It’s rater fun to explore without the compass now.

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I’ve just crashed twice in almost as many minutes while doing nothing but simply looking at my skill tree. didn’t click anything, just moving my mouse around. got screenshots of where the screen froze, i will bring up the debug stuff this time.

Thank you, Chimera! That worked! Is that something they are going to fix? Or, is it intended for 3-item recipes that I haven’t discovered yet?

James said that it will be fixed in the next patch.

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I saw this somewhere but i couldn’t find it XD it wasn’t my idea just relaying info is all