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I replicated this by draining my Diamond eccentric hammer of all of its durability and putting the cooked meat in the same slot that the diamond hammer was before it broke - as illustrated in this high quality image:


(I am not certain, but I am sure this would work with any item, not just cooked meat egsde)

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I would like the grapple sound to be quieter for sure, just a sort of background hum as opposed to what it is now

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Typing in the chat and returning to the sanctum leaves the chat open. Pressing enter does close it but leaves a cursor on the screen. The cursor disappears and you are able to look around once you press ESC

Minor bug but could stump players.


I was able to take a screenshot of something that caused a crash multiple times (I was able to replicate the bug every time)

This happens when you try and shift+left click on multiple items in a shop stand, then switch to another and not buy the items from the previous shop stand.

To get a crash, you must switch from shop stand to shop stand quickly, and shift+left click on multiple items quickly.

I was able to do it with other items which are not power coils:



This happened to me in the shop stands of the Gemporium, you could try and replicate the bug yourself.

For the record of this thread the mesh limit per chunk (2x2 plots) appears to be set to 512 meshes. So my issue was not a bug but from my perspective a setting that is too restrictive for those that want to build smaller multi-floor buildings.

So I don’t hate the grapple sound, but if you want a happy medium between those who don’t like it and those who do (If anyone does) I would just make it so that the sound fades to a quieter idling sound when you’re hanging. It’s not like it is bad right now, but I’m sure that would be the easiest solution. It doesn’t need a redesign in my opinion.

Side note: the sound design in the game is wonderful. As a Foley artist and producer myself the quality is great, and it is a lot harder to get tired of all the sounds because they are so authentic and satisfying even after 40+ hours. Hitting a tree with a metal axe is my favorite sound.


Walking on machined copper or iron beats all for me. :sunglasses:

As for grapple sound it’s cool but too loud so yeah, seems like fading to half an initial volume within two seconds after firing would be enough.

Your meat was destroyed, my poor guy lost his whole hand!


Agree with this, but devs please remember to change other players’ grapple volumes to an outside observer too! I killed almost an hour of boundmore’s recording time bevause I had used the menu to mute my grapple but he still had the buzz saw in his ears…

And yes @Chivlet, I used volume I know, my bad.


I don’t know what to laugh at - the fact that my meat was destroyed or the fact that your character lost his whole hand.

It’s an older post, but it checks out sir…

Thanks for all the feedback. I’ll pass the comments onto the relevant people to look at.

It’s a known issue.

Thanks for the report, a bug has been logged.

Looking at the screenshots, you’ve somehow managed to get negative numbers to show up, which may or may not be the cause of the crashes you’re getting. Did you submit any crash dumps? If so, what’s the PC username associated with it? This will be included in the log file that accompanies the submitted crash dump.

As for the issue, I can’t reproduce this, so yeah I’ll give this a try at the location specified. For me to do that, if you can provide the world and coordinates, I can go and check it out.

I do not know if this is a bug, but the sound in mountain is very loud and irritating, force me to turn off sound.

In my builds basement, and parts under a mountain it sounds like heavy train traffic under my feet.

I was going to comment on this too. The game often plays cave music when just in a house which has been built into a mountain, which is quite annoying. I don’t know whether it is really something to be fixed though…


Yes, I have submitted a crash dump recently, but I do not know if I am looking in the correct log file and where to find the PC username that is within it.

Though I did find this around the time that I had crashed inside said log file, which may be the cause of the crash. The crash log time seems to be 1 hour behind the time on my PC too.

I recorded me replicating this.

These are the coordinates which I had done this at.
Berlyn: -639N 2,166E (Altitude: 82)

EDIT: I would also like to note that I first discovered this not from rapidly clicking around the shop stand, but randomly seeing negative numbers and being stumped with a crash.

The crash only happens when I click the negative number, it does not happen when the negative numbers appear.

I believe there could be some correlation between the “Trying to add too much” message and the negative numbers. I am just assuming, but I believe that the game cannot give a character a negative amount, which would display “too much”.

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You are one of the many! Our voices shall produce volume unlike any other. Welcome Brother @Prome3us, to the sacred alliance of Volume.

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FYI- Never mentioned this because I ignore it. It’s minor so it may go unnoticed but when I have the grapple extended you hear the buzzing sound, if you open a menu then close it(usually the inventory) the buzzing sounds effect stops.


it’s been mentioned. i wish we could go back to the old times where you stop the sound by swapping weapons…
I know I know it’s not intended. but that sound… it’s way too high pitched, it doesn’t matter what volume it’s at I will turn it off even if that means muting the whole computer.

issue occurred again, here is a screen shot of me right now stuck in between two portals as if I reversed the exit on one.

I didnt however the portal is perfectly normal.

If you would like to check it out my coords are: -975N 1546E (alt 54) on vulpto. I happened when I was going too fast through the portal I guess. Will submit if I get an illegal protocol error again.

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This problem often occurs with high lag
If it can be solved it would be great