Release 190 - Report issue here

complain on hold for now
restarting my router fixed ping issue
playing away with Killer Control Center download and upload settings got me back to smoother playing experience - testing in game now and so far so good

Right, there’s an issue with Intel GPUs and their drivers, I don’t think it is solvable without a driver fix, but idk

Ok thanks for your help. I’ll keep checking for updates to my gpu.

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I don’t know why, but I immediately thought of caber tossing after reading this, although I suspect you probably meant to say “log off”.

We have a known issue where speech bubbles appear to remain about characters’ head, especially after they come through portals. Can you recall if players have done this?

I’ve had @luke-turbulenz and there doesn’t to seem to be anything unusual in terms of wear or the amount of Volatile Blood available. Having said that, this still subject to balancing.

We have an upcoming fix for this.

I’m having a bit of trouble following what you’ve written. When you said “Trade a player”, I presume you mean that you and another player both have the Trading GUI menu on screen. And when you said “proceed to trade that item via left click while keeping right click”, did you mean pressing and holding down the right mouse button while dragging the selected item into one of your trading slots? Because when I do that, the item gets bounced back into the inventory.

Also, did you have the option to submit a crash dump? The submitted information will also include the log containing the PC username (if you were playing on PC that is).

Was your Crafted Items section full at the time when the issue occurred?

If I understand this correctly, it looked like you wanted to select a specific quantity of items and instead of selecting an amount, you then pressed the Esc key to cancel. Upon returning the GUI menu, you then find that you only appear to have one Flotation Sac, but it then returns to the correct amount afterwards. Is this right?

We might have a fix for this soon, as this may be related to another issue when players were getting stuck on flowers, which we also have a fix for.

I’m not seeing anything like this. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally rotate the middle mouse wheel after you threw a bomb and the game selected the next item in your hand?

It’s a known issue and has been reported a few times in this forum topic.

Was it similar to this issue?


Yes they had.

Cut out the fan grill and bumpstart with finger when it gets to hot our doesnt turn lol :wink: this is joke please dont doit lol but might be hrlpfull in futur

Same goes for Power Coils, they have wear but no wear bar when looking at them.

No I swear my copper bombs turn blue sometimes, when I am using them. I’ll try to get a screen shot of it the next time this happens (most likely a hunt) I have no other bombs in my hand and when I use the scroll wheel the bomb that I just threw on the ground visually changes color. I still am unsure if this effects the visual explosion however I’ll keep a eye out. This does not change the bomb, but it effects the item visually entirely

It returns to the correct amount after holding right click on the item.

The issue continues to persist even after going into the inventory and moving the item around, and going into the request basket GUI again will display the bug continuously until I hold right click on it.

If I’m reading that correctly, it is a separate issue. Upon giving a player ONLY building perms yesterday, they had the ability to look and take all of the items in our private baskets and storages (luckily they didn’t as they are a very trustworthy individual). We doublechecked and we’re able to easily reproduce it.

Happens to me when i throw the last bomb from the bag before it breaks. the bomb becomes blue and sometimes do not apply damage.

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Haha yea I know it was a joke.

ya never know better be sure lolz

Thanks for confirming, I’ve updated the existing issue.

This will be fixed as well.

If you can get screenshots and / or videos of the issue occurring, that would be great.

We should have a fix for this soon.

I can’t reproduce what you have described here. Are you doing anything in particular that’s causing the issue?


Found a bug when setting a price in a shop stand.

If you go to set the price but then exit out of the stand without setting a price, when you next interact with a shop stand (only tried in my own beacon) the set price dialog box appears as before and is unable to be changed, game has to be reset to fix.

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This is a diamond bomb. Reproduce it by the way @Liveey made it with the middle mouse scroll.

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We can’t get in the game for the last 54 hours.At start we receive here such result.What do we do?

Going to be posting a ton of bugs, but let this be the first.
Trade a player, right click on stack, proceed to trade that item via left click while keeping right click, accept trade, proceed to press E to try and open inventory while holding the ghost stack mouse cursor.

BOOM! You crash.

The issue also occurs for Request Baskets as well by the looks of it, so we’ll get this issue fixed.

Thanks for the screenshot showing the issue in action, I’ve added it to the bug database.

Is it still happening?

That’s actually the same bug you’ve previously entered at post #227 in this topic. I’ll just cut and paste my reply to that post here for convenience. If you can reply to it, that would be great.

After I cancel my recipe the spark returns to the second spark array connected to the machines versus the array where it initially came out of. :thinking: