Release 190 - Report issue here

Same issue as others here, with lack of Settlement status, but not sure if solution found or pending.
Feeling less motivated to continue when I can’t compare how little prestige I have to others on my world :stuck_out_tongue:

warp to friend in sanctuary goes blank half the time
the info is missing
also sometimes other warp option like to places in your location list

Dune dragons bombs look like they are missing a texture when they break, however to break the visuals of the bomb using the scroll is different with me.

  1. Get copper healing bombs and put them in your right hand (mine are always in right hand so Ill be using this in this example)
  2. above the copper bombs put a grapple in your right hand (so when you scroll up you select the grapple in your right hand)
  3. spam the bombs on the ground, if you have more than 1 bomb on the ground then you can scroll up to your grapple.
  4. the bomb will change color based on the grapple color in your right hand, for example if you are using an emerald grapple your bomb will change into the look and color of an emerald bomb etc.

Here is an example with my emerald grapple:

An example of ruby:

and my last color diamond:

these are all copper bombs however their visual texture changes when swapping weapons/tools. Sometimes the visual breaks much like in dune dragons picture (blue with purple line) however most of the time is matches the color of whatever you switch to.

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Not sure if this is a bug or not, but gold and silver bar’s are not counting as “Any Base Metal” for recipes in crafting. Lanterns and Spark Core are the only two I have noticed with this issue, but they are also the only one’s I have unlocked. lol

I’ve had this but aswell, thought I had to restart to fix. Found easier way! If you open any shop stand and the price screen shows (you can’t edit the price) just click on the “set price” tab in the shop stand menu in the background. This should close the unresponsive price menu and you can keep playing.

Still a bug though :slight_smile:

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Gold and silver are “Base alloys” not "Base metals ", you need iron or copper for Base metal recipes

Just saw your separate post, makes sense :+1:

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It’s not a bug at all. The Hook Shot description tells you it auto reels you. Diamond does this too I think.

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Can you go into a bit more detail with some screenshots as well? I’m not seeing anything like this.

As previously mentioned in this forum topic, we should have a fix for this soon.

Sanctuary or sanctum?

Also could you post screenshots of the issue? As I’m not seeing this so far.

Thanks for the report and the screenshots, a bug has been added to the database.

Currently, the game doesn’t make it clear what counts as a Base Metal and what doesn’t, so I’ll add this to the database.


I’m having an issue with the main beacon of my settlement no longer being part of my settlement:

The beacon includes a road that juts out quite a ways, maybe that’s related? I’d move the road into its own beacon, but unless there’s some way to split a beacon I don’t know of, it would be a lot of work.

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I’ve seen a bunch of people post about this. I think it’s already documented, but it’s good to have some photographic proof of the issue. :smiley:

For what it’s worth, I managed to fix it myself eventually. It seems all (most?) of the plots for the beacon need to be within the settlement boundaries (i.e. it needs to say the name of the settlement above the compass when you’re standing in the plot). I ended up going through the trouble of replotting my road to a separate beacon.

It’s a little unclear to me what exactly determines the settlement boundaries, maybe I just need to build more stuff out toward that direction if I want to expand that way?

Unsure if anyone else has posted about this but you cannot buy from smart stacks in a shop stand.

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Below you can see the my set up. the top array is where i had my spark. the bottom is there the spark went when i canceled the recipe.


This show the sparkcords connection between the first array and the second. technically the bottom array is 1 sparkcord closer to my machines than the top one so i dont know if that had anything to do with it.


May have been already stated, but 2 things.
1:adding beacon fuel says that they will stack for longer time. They do not stack. If there is 2 weeks in it, and you add a 8 week to it, you still only get 8 weeks. The description says they should stack if you use the different levels.

2:Are green bombs also suppose to add the dot? I can’t remember, but they don’t. Just damage only, unless it’s poison damage that is done instantly. I can’t confirm that it’s poison damage. I didn’t look up all the post to see if anyone has been able to prove this.

Close to the portal will produce high CPU occupation is a very bad problem.

Even if you don’t want through portal.

Either need to optimize or limit the speed of analyze data

Always been that way I think. I noticed that quite a bit tonight actually. I died near (at it’s threshold trying to cheat death) a portal and it wouldn’t let me rez. I held down the R and it filled up, but there was too much going on near the portal that it never would load the Sanctum. I had to reboot the game. It wasn’t frozen though. Spitters were kicking my dead body around and stuff.

It’s been reported near the beginning of this forum topic.

It’s a shame I couldn’t click on the pictures to enlarge them.

How many Spark Cores do you have altogether? Also, if you can supply coordinates and the world location, I can come and take a look to see if there’s anything unusual about the setup.

It’s a fair point. I’ll add the information to the database.

What do you mean by dot? Also, by green bombs I’m guessing you meant Emerald Bombs.

If you were standing near portals, then that is effectively rendering two worlds at once. It will be interesting to know what the specifications of your PCs / Macs are?

Win 10
HHD 7200r
GCard 950M(Laptops)

Dot = Damage over time
Like several iterations of damage over time. Poison usually works like that in games.