Release 190 - Report issue here

Bug #00003 by Seth.
I have NO IDEA what’s wrong, but the IRON Furnace has NEVER worked for me. I put fuel in it like a coal and materials, and it consumes the material but none of animations happen and the clock is stuck at X seconds (duration based on cook time) forever and it just makes the materials vanish out of thin air! If I interact with another furnace, it completely breaks my other furnaces until I empty them out and manually turn them on and off until they are out of fuel and again makes my materials vanish!

If you put the stuff in and set them going, usually they right themselves if you leave them alone.

Yea doesn’t work, the iron just eats my mats and doesn’t do anything.

Literally walk away from it. Don’t touch it. Log off. Do something else. It’ll fix itself. I’ve had it happen too.

Can you provide more information on the specifications? For instance, could you specify the name of the CPU and how many cores it has?

Have you also tried lowering the portal details to see if that makes an improvement?

So you have a GTX 950 in this case? Also, if you specify the type of CPU that you have, that would be great.

The names for these are called the Bag of Emerald Bombs and the Emerald Infectious Cluster Slingbow. There isn’t any secondary effect from the emerald bombs, so they won’t poison creatures in the same way as the slingbow does. Having said that, this may be subject to change at a later date.

We are intending to release the Forge update soon.

Ah, you have 26. Have a look at the comments below:

That’s the reason why the sparks may not behave the way you expect them to.

Thanks for the report and video. It is quite similar to the other bug you’ve linked to, so I’ll add this to the bug database.

For reference, could you post a screenshot of the Settlement data?

There’s an issue where the Settlement data is displayed correctly. We should hopefully have a fix for this in the next update.

It’s not happening for me as shown below.

Were you mining below ground?

@andsim is right. As the portal in the sanctum is of a sanctum has a dimension of 2x3, it won’t be able to open to a location smaller than that.

What’s the location of this airship?

As you said, you can still change characters afterwards, but nevertheless, it is a minor bug, so I’ll add it to the database.

Can you give more information here? For example, what blocks were you placing down and how much energy did you give your character on the Skills -> Attributes GUI menu?

There’s a known issue where machines may stop crafting.

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This is the energy bar state when i can place blocks.

This my attributes.

30 second ago everyone in the hunt got disconected on altunik during a meteor

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ALTURNIK lag debuff Is OP(I know, I know, off topic. I am going :joy:).

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@Rumplypigskin well it looked more like an server crash as we lost the meteor

That happened to me in Vulpto. Everyone was kicked off at the same time and yes, we lost the meteor loot.

yeah that’s usually server cash, from waht i heard from @james

2 Core 4 Thread

I am having trouble getting more than 21 spark cores to work. I place them in areas that SHOULD work, but it only counts 21 cores. When I place 24 down, the last 3 will not fire until I dismantle 3 others, then the new ones will work. So I know it is not the placement.

Intelligence should also affect the amount healed by the Endurance - Health Regen Skill and the Full Up perk. Intelligence says it increases healing potency by 11%. To me it leads me to think all healing. But it only affects bomb heals, and consumable heals.

I noticed something with the compass. It may be just me though. That the wide-scan skill, isn’t very proficient because nothing spawns it seems, until you get in the area that the level 1 compass would already pickup. If you run away from what just spawned, then you can see it from further out. But that’s counter productive from it’s pupose I think.

Unless I used it wrong or something. Or my internet is bad (100+megs). But I never see anything new with the longer range perk, until I run close enough in an area that the world generates the mobs all around me. To me this makes the wide-scan perk kinda useless.

Is this when used on a desolate / sparsely populated area, or does this also hold true when you’re in a place like aquatopia with lots of other players at the border (and beyond) your loaded chunk range?

If this is the case, that would be quite unfortunate.

Right, I can see what’s going on here. As the energy bar looks to be completely depleted, it’s still possible to place blocks down if the bar itself isn’t flashing red, so there’s clearly a visual issue here. I’ll add it to the database.

Do you have coordinates of the area, plus a screenshot showing the atlas of the same area as well?

We should have notifications about these server crashes, so we’ll take a look at them.

So it’s a dual-core CPU with 4 threads. It would be interesting to find out what performance is like when your character is near a portal and subsequently not near a portal in terms of FPS.

Also, have you tried lowering the portal options to check if the performance is improved on your laptop?

What does the layout look like?

By health skill did you mean one of the Vitality Bonus skills? If so, which one(s)?

As for the rest of your comments, they sound more like feedback than actual bugs. We do welcome feedback, but it’s likely to get lost a forum topic containing hundreds of bug reports. It’s better to put these in a separate forum topic.

@Zina, it would be interesting to know the answer to the question posed by @Prome3us.

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100% agree with you that we should 've able to have 2 (or more buffs). I’d also go as far to say they should remain after death. Mostly because the cost of the mats is so high.

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The power cores are stacked vertical with my crafting unit. (Correction) I feel silly :clown_face:. I have 24 coils. I forgot a couple were buried and I couldn’t see them. Coils fixed.

Compass: I only tested this skill hunting, not in cities. The description says Nearby Creatures. So adding Widescreen increases that range 75%. This leads me to believe it’s mainly for hunting not player finding. So Using it in the wilderness is when I noticed that mobs don’t spawn 75% further out where the Widescreen skill would see them. They spawn within the radius of the tier 1 compass skill. Like when Meteor hunting, the mobs do not drop until you get into the meteors range. Having the Widescreen skill does not make the mobs spawn from further away. Thus making the widescreen kinda obsolete.

I meant Health Regeneration in the Endurance tree. Intelligence increases the Healing Potency, so should increase the % of all things that heal, like being Full(health regen), or choosing the Health Regeneration skills, as well as the Healing Bombs. Or change the description of the Intelligence skill to exclude these other health bonuses outside of Sapphire bombs and Healing Brews.

and also i got this one

This is not only an area, its the complete atlas not showing up the cactus spawn areas that definatly drop Raw Exotic Earthyam.

If i use the Petal in the atlas, it will show them since cactus drop Petal as well.

To add up to this, even if its says i have no energy to place block it will place it.