Release 190 - Report issue here

Hmm, the issue is still occurring by the sounds of it. Okay, we’ll have another look at it.

Thanks for all the reports and the likely methods for reproducing the issue, we have a bug logged and are currently fixing this.

We don’t have a fix for this yet, but we do have it logged as a bug.

What are the coordinates of the town and the world it’s occurring? Also, was he presented with the option to submit crash dumps?

What are the coordinates for this area?

@vdragon Therka: 1.169N 1.467E Alt:89 “Forgotten Kingdom of Cog”
He gets the Option to Submit Dumps After Starting the Game Again, and he does it Every Time

Maybe important too, the other day we got a Message that a Chunk couldn’t be loaded and he retries/d.

I seem to have trouble locating this area using the coordinates given. Do you have a screenshot of what the area looks like? This is the area I was in:

What’s your brother’s PC username? The logs submitted together with crash logs starting with C:\Users(PC username)\AppData… If you can find this out, I can located the crash dumps quicker.

As for the message that a chunk couldn’t be loaded, was this in the same area too?

Small bug and workaround with furnaces. Steps to reproduce:

  • Open furnace, populate two items to be mixed together (in this case, bones and sap) using shift click to move to furnace window
  • Shift click fuel (in this case, soft coal) to populate fuel in furnace window
  • Coal vanishes, furnace becomes locked, unable to craft or remove coal

It seems the fuel is in there but the UI doesn’t recognise it properly so no way to remove it or burn it by using the furnace. Workaround:

  • Hammer the furnace until it’s destroyed
  • Fuel will pop out with the furnace
  • Collect fuel, replace furnace

Logging out/in didn’t fix it but that did.

As an aside, Therka has been unplayable on my main since the update. A defined period passes then I get “Unplayable connection” and a permanent rubberband until relog (then repeat).

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I’m having the same issues. Exiting and restarting “fixes” it, at least until I swap characters again. :frowning:

I think that it used to be possible to place a single block with max skills. I was able to place single blocks with max skills before the recent large patch. I am no longer able to place a single block with max skills since release 188. My suspicion is that this item from the patch notes is affecting block placement with max skills:

Clicking just before the Slingbow is ready to fire will now make the Slingbow fire once it is ready. This makes clicking in time with the Slingbow fire rate much easier!

I suspect that the second block placement is within this “just before” threshold. This is however just a guess.

What I’m saying is that I think the patch changed something and I don’t think it’s possible to place a single block with max skills anymore.

For now I’ve just reduced my skill one level =D


The link for me goes to 1:06:21

I see the lag happening about 10 seconds after that.

me and my friends have been having trouble at the same time on solum too. 5 separate times last night we lagged out at the same time. I’ll try to get some network graphs and pings going tonight.

EDIT: sorry I didn’t see michaelb’s post after I wrote this :S

Yeah - thanks. Not sure why the link didn’t work for me first time…


I think my Keyboard ate the - Again, I’m Sorry :frowning:

I haven’t been able to reproduce this with the steps given. Is there any additional information you can give? For example, the quantity of items, the slots they occupy on the inventory GUI etc.

We’ve push out an update, so you should see improvements.

Thanks for replying back. I visited the area and did not experience a crash. As mentioned previously, if you can find out your brother’s PC username, we can use it to locate the crash dumps he submitted.

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The GUI getting stuck should be fixed now


Hi guys, just having an issue with it connecting to steam. Says error 3 after the loading screen and can’t get steam ticket. Keep restarting steam and verifying files and eventually works but not always first time.

Character/Steam Name: HarryHotpants
Computer Name: HENRY

Edit: Everyone else (me included) can just Run Arround Town as allways. He had the Problem on Moebius Plaza now too, but just once, every other Planet is just fine.

When running through one of my portals from Therka to Solum, i will end up stuck behind the portal

Therka location, through the heart.

1,173N 2,355E

Might be that i made a mistake, but considering what i lost i thought it may be worth a mention. I believe that i had an area plotted (-626N ,68 ,-628E). 11 weeks remain on the beacon. No issues for days, till i got the new update to day. Then poof! the plotted area that was attached to the beacon 1 disappeared? I lost 10 workbench powercoils and 10 advanced powercoils. I run on MAC. Did I unplot by accident? I’m on Solum in the City of Steam.

@vdragon 1492N 564E Altitude 49 on Nasharil.

I’ll tell my buddy that we need to leave it as-is for a couple days so you can take a look.

I actually have a concern about the updates involving the new crafting and power. Power requirements are ridiculous. The lowest power consumed item for crafting, is a stupid cup, and I have to have 5 power coils to make a stupid cup at 500 power. Five , for a cup!? I have zero of the super rare red techs to make the higher tier coils. FIVE power coils all zapping one frikin crafting table to make a cup? The next level item I can craft needs 15 frikin coils all zapping one table, then 45. To date I have only seen red tech for sale for huge prices. that’s months of playing and hundreds of hours.

It seems the power needs are way to high. So much energy goes into the cores from my hard earned mined coal anyway. The power should be a fraction of the need compared to the high end mats it takes to build them.
It feels like unless you are a dedicated crafter only buying all the material from everyone and your the next mobious, with the resources , new players will never be able to compete. Or players who have jobs will never see a nice store that sells anything more than a copper or iron hammer for at least a year.

Also It does seem like with all the new changes, it definitely feels like there is not enough points to spend. Even using close to 6 characters, with specific trades, there just isn’t quite enough points to go around for what a maxed level character should be able to have, even when trying to be trade specific.


@Zina cough Idea Crafting: Full Powered Public Workbenches
Workbench is @ 2400 Power and Compactor is Fully Upgraded, more to come… cough

I think what the Devs are trying to do at the moment, is lay down a more WoWesque than Minecrafty feeling in this Game, and by Making some Items as hard to gain as Legendaries in WoW, so you have to party up and do stuff in Groups, creates just this feeling for me (And hopefully for you too soon) It shouldn’t be a requirement to be able to craft everything, but the highest of all Goals for a Craft only Char

I find it crazy that you have to use metal or alloys to craft the cups just for healing brews that need oils, buckets, bark and other ingredients and the cups aren’t even reusable so when you’re fighting mobs you drink a healing brew and throw it away!

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When you combine Bucket of milk and Bucket of fortified milk into a stack, the tooltip of the stack looks a little odd.

Same goes for “Bag of …” stacks.

Edit: And with oils.

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