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Running into a weird issue with Request Baskets. Whenever I put a item in which I’m buying for 0 coin, a donation, it does not appear as a “preview”. It still works as a regular request basket, still with the ability to sell to the stand, but does not show the block it is selling. A example of this would be at my place accessible from Solum Portal Seekers Gateway, Portal C2 Jake or from Solum 1021N 1825E.


Not sure if this is the recent update or from the one before but seem to have settlement issues with my beacon that has 490,000 prestige, and has a few other builds connected.

Location Sept 756N 166E

P.S. how do i get the image to come up rather than just link?


Saw this in Aquatopia market… looks like the colour gets lost when displayed in a request basket…

Small overlap of text on the GUI


I grappled into a portal, did not die, but got the death debuff
Grapple broke as if I were just revived
cant reel in by pressing ‘r’ however returning to the sanctum fixes this issue.

My best guess is I went too fast through the portal and that caused the game to get all angry with me :c hue~


i there,

dunno if it is a bug or error in coding but try to put a request basket then add for example cooked meat and choose couple more dishes from the list and set a price then fps will almost freeze the game. in my case i chose 4 items from the list and fps went down from 102 to 0-4 max but only on the price set tab, also ping rises from 40-60 to over 250 and more. Need more testing!! Can someone check this as well?

Visit my basket in Berlyn to see what i set up.1,733N 1,516E (alt:103) Berlyn


as asked here ar ethe screens:

and the log:


This is a problem that may need long-term tracking

  1. As the game time increases, the CPU usage will gradually increase
  2. CPU usage increases significantly when near the Portal


I will take a look at this for you!

Can you confirm the location you lost your plots was around ( -625, 60 - 625) on solum?
I can’t see any events the suggest you have placed a beacon in this area.

Were the plots lost in the city of steam?


This may be an issue with Steam itself. Is it still happening since then?

Thanks for the update, although I can’t see any crash dump with the given name. If he encounters the issue again and submits another crash dump, I can take another look to see if the crash dump has been sent over.

Does it happen every time when you go through the portal, or were you running through it in a certain way for the issue to occur?

Thanks for the screenshot, I’ve logged a bug.

Incidentally, were you going for a certain type of look? The engineer looking at the bug remarked that the area was a bit creepy.

Did you have plans to change the layout due to the lighting issue?

Any opinions on this @olliepurkiss?

Thanks for the report and screenshots, I’ll add these to the bug database.

Okay, so it looks like the game is treating a 0c value in the same way as if no price was entered in the first price. I’ll add a note to the database.

It’s the same issue referenced by @Brynjar and @HiggsFoton at the beginning of the forum topic and was present in the previous release.

One way of doing it is to drag and drop a saved image, so using your screenshot as an example, I get this:

Thanks for the reports and screenshots, I’ve added these to the bug database.

I can’t reproduce this. Are you able to show a screenshot or video of the issue?

Is that the right location? I ended up in the area displayed below:

Aside from that, we had a look at the log provided and can confirm there’s definitely an issue, which we’re currently looking at.

Was it a particular portal or any portal?


Totem is on my left hand but the instruction said “RMB”


@vdragon He googled a little bit arround and found an old thread about chunk issues, and that said you have to delete some mdk file. He did and now everything is back to normal again :slight_smile:


I haven’t been able to reproduce this with the steps given. Is there any additional information you can give? For example, the quantity of items, the slots they occupy on the inventory GUI etc.

Hi, apologies for delay in reply. I’ve not been able to reproduce it recently either, I wonder if it was linked to the connection issues? It was definitely a full stack of coal, high number of bones and lower sap (haha, as ever) - not a full stack of either, probably around 60-80 bones, 20-40 sap.

Possibly related, if I shift-click coal tonight it will populate the ingredients area. From there you can’t move it back to the fuel area directly, you have to empty it to inventory and then back to the fuel area.

If I can get the other bug to reproduce again I’ll do screenies and capture more information.


It’s really odd. My position for that same location is now -127,68,624? It was in the city of steam and part of beacon 1. It seems that no one else has had this issue yet so i’m guessing it may have been a mistake on my behalf. If you have more important things to do then i’m not to concerned about this.


Any. higher the CPU usage with more portals near.
Unclear whether this is an unavoidable performance problem, or just not the best code logic.

After the CPU usage 100%, the game will dropping frames and the music will buzz.

– I have ruled out the other programs interference, it’s indeed “boundless.exe” takes up most of the CPU resources


The CPU load near portals will increase, its simulating more, decoding more network traffic and rendering more if your looking at it. Altering the options can free up more resources.
What CPU do you have and what frame rate do you run at?
If your CPU hits 100% load then yes systems, including the audio, will struggle.


CPU 2 core 4 threads, 3GHz
Reducing the amount of portals handling at same time does have a obviously effect
However, it seems that some occupied CPU resources are not released. The longer game running, the higher resident CPU usage.
This may be need paying attention to.


Thanks for the report and screenshot, I’ve logged a bug.

Hmm, he probably meant an MDB file. There was an issue where players were experiencing crashes due to a chunkcache issue, and the workaround involved temporarily deleting this file until a fix was issued. There hasn’t been any other reports of this since, but if he gets it again, submit the necessary crash dumps and we can take another look.

Sure, please let us know if you can reproduce the other bug.

As for the issue regarding shift-clicking coal into the ingredients slots and being unable to move it into one of the fuel slots, there are two different issues here and are currently logged in the bug database. Just to double check, were you executing the actions on the Furnace?


Hi there,

I have taken a look and want to run through what I can see. As far as I can tell no beacon expired.
However I can see that on 2018-03-22 two plots were removed at 00:00:24. The plots were not replaced until 22:41:10 on 2018-03-23. This is probably when the regeneration happened. Does this align with with what you think might have happened?



Please tell me this is a bug. Can we please have straight decorative gems?


Makes sense. Thanks for taking a look at that for me.