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Maybe your char is too old and you start to see the aftelife cause you will die soon xD


I’ve noticed that blank unused Altas stacks (seen inside storage blocks) will take on the colours of a used bound-to-planet atlas, when viewed by a character that had been using an Atlas.|1024%3A576&composite-to=,%7C1024%3A576&background-color=black
This shows the pretty colours of the unused Altas Stacks. Top storage has 3 Altases, lower one has 9 in it.
…and this is the lower unused stack expanded showing a glimpse of its’ neighbouring ‘coloured’ stack above it.
The first image shows the blank atlases ‘coloured’ by 2 different maps, although I had only been to Andoweem.
Sry about the links, didn’t know how to retrieve my images from Steam. :slight_smile: (that’s a slight smile lol)


The alarm sound made by Cuttletrunks when vacuuming/lifting a character into the air persists after its death.
This has occurred several times when on my Solo Hunter chasing after meteroites on Alternik. The Cuttletrunk’s ‘crash site’ radiates the sound which quietens as I move away from the area. The 'trunk can be looted, meteroite fight finished and loot crate broken . . . the sound persists.


It looks like whatever texture you all use for dirt is applying to gems, for example dirt is lopsided when you place it, (as everything in the world you created is not entirely straight due to obvious reasons and making the world look actually real, which is really great I love it. Everything being a perfect square would make it look like mc if anything, gross :x )

The decorative gem blocks are being placed lopsided like dirt instead of straighter like stones or hard blocks. I do not believe it’s a bug perse it’s just most likely probably not recognized as a crafted hard block. If you chisel the gems they go straight.

sorry for not being able to reply for awhile I havent been able to recreate the bug I talked about before (the death debuff applying to character when going too fast through a portal), I’ll try some more at a later date perhaps I was lagging too much that day. :c


Just started my second character today. I noticed that right after I started the character, before I left the sanctum, my handcraft tab says I can make 2 items in the list… but when I show the list, it says I cannot make anything. Screenshot attached.


After creating new Atlases, when I fetch them from the workbench, the icon in my inventory shows Vulpto instead of a ‘blank’ atlas. Here are my reproduction steps:

  • create an atlas
  • goto Vulpto
  • add a resource the the atlas
  • open the atlas and imprint vulpto
  • go back to berlyn
  • create more 10 atlases, mass tool (while still equipping the one you imprinted)
  • fetch the atlas smart stack from the workbench (while still equipping the imprinted one)
  • notice that the the smart stack icon now shows a map of Vulpto…
  • also notice that none of the new atlases in the smart stack are actually imprtinted.

i did this twice with a 100% reproduction rate


Issue when switching characters:

  • log on a character, and goto your home
  • switch to another character
  • goto that character’s home
  • switch back to the first character
  • notice that the first character now appears in the second character’s home when you leave the sanctum

i would expect that each character returns to where they logged out.



You can’t make items in stasis. You have a debuff called inter-dimensional stasis that prevents you from performing actions that would alter your character prior to being inserted in the game world.


That’s just how smartstacks are sorted. is your Vulpto atlas the first one in the 3x3 grid?


It will take on the properties of “O” when its showing the stack icon.


Pretty sure it’s just a config issue. There is an option in the config files to allow blocks to be deformed naturally, like wood and soil etc, and it just looks like this is enabled somehow for decorative gems…


Having an issue trying to fuel beacon. I can choose either fuel and get the same message. It does this on all the beacons I have on every world. Not sure if this is a bug or the way it is supposed to be. Before the update I would keep the beacons close to the max of 26 weeks. Does this have to go all the way down before it can be refueled?

Any ideas?


In the description of each fuel it says the maximum time it can fuel for. If the fuelled time is above that, you can’t use the fuel.


SO no more putting in lots of fuel and stacking it to max it out? If so that sucks. :frowning:

I know you make make better but I never seem to find the higher end components. To bad for me.


Placement Limits?

Error: Too many blocks with meshes in this chunk. Remove some before placing further meshes.

This seems to be linked to machines, etc because I can place sand but no machines. This is definitely a NEW issue because I was able to place machines in the location before. I am certain of that. I move over to a guess a new plot block and can place the machine.

Never had this error before and have no idea what this means. Can you please explain and help us understand why this issue happens? What is a mesh?


I’m pretty sure the mesh limit applies to anything which isn’t a block, suck as machines, beacons, storage etc. There is a limit because they are expensive to render.
(Anyone correct me if I’m wrong :joy:


That was my thoughts but it makes no sense because the problem did NOT exist earlier. Additionally I thought rendering was a local machine situation and they shouldn’t be cutting back on that or restricting me from item placement.

I’m more concerned because I don’t have that much stuff in the “chunk” and cannot see how what I have is causing an issue. Also since I have no idea on how to “visualize” a chunk, I can’t do anything easily to fix the problem. Even though they should not have put that limitation there in the first place.

I guess I will just have to wait for @vdragon or another developer to explain the situation on why this problem never showed up in previous patches. I know I had much more stuff placed in that area before with no problems.

Edit: Did check the size of bug blocking me from placing things and basically it has rendered my whole build worthless because I cannot place anything on all three floors. Months of work and design gone because of a limitation.

I would literally have to expand my base and spread everything out or throw away things. This makes no sense since the game has so many items. I should be able to store them and have machines close together if that is what I want.

So they need to fix this bug otherwise this is just another reason to quit the game. I was able to place things before in my house and should be able to now.

Of course I really hope this was a bug and not an intentional limitation…


Died During trade and items where not traded, and where no longer in inventory. Traded again and items where in the trade window.


I get that. But what I am saying is that the number SHOULD say 0 if I in fact cannot at this moment create any. This makes it look like a bug, even if it is an ‘intended’ feature. It says I can create 2 things, but when I goto the menu, none of them allow me to create them. The number displayed should match what I can actually do.