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Just the sound that stayed playing after the mob was dead no VFX that I could see. It is most noticeable on the cuttletrunks levitate, where they are killed before completing it (or I think even engaging you with it), I have encountered that a few times now. However as I hunt more i’ve heard if before on the hopper sound too, only the once however. - I hesitate to mention it as I ‘think’ it was their priming sound but I am not 100% sure as i’ve only come across the hopper sound staying in the environment once.

I would theorize this sound bug is down to lag, but it is only a guess, it could loop until it hits a certain point in the code, but with the mob dead it might not be able to reach that point or it lags past it.


Got the Gold Bombs and Sackcloth back on the Redeem today.:+1:

The warp/portal conduits from inventory were not there, though. I was re-organizing both shelves and inventory during the same time these crashes/losses started happening, and if this is a serialization (data saving) problem, is it possible that it also cause an item to be lost when being transferred between slots and or inventory stacks/shelves?

I could care less about the warp conduits, the ~35 portal conduits aren’t exactly cheap anymore, but I can live without them or make more.

My concern here is if this is part of the same bug and is fixed, some other bug, or some other variation of the same one.

Just found the stack, in a storage block in an entirely different place.

Could very well have been my brain malfunction rather than the serialization bug. Either way, unless there are other reports of the same behaviour, I think we can remove this one from the list for now. :wink:


Yes! The radial displays. Thank you. :slight_smile: I really couldn’t think of what to call them. They’re sort of the, “hotbar” to me.


It appears the tutorial is broken. I started a new character to test out a few things but the tutorial doesn’t go past the part where you pick your location then go through the portal. After you make it out of the sanctum the “A New Dawn - Walk through the warp” step doesn’t complete. I went back and forth from the sanctum several times and it never would complete. So I logged out of the game and back in. Now the step is gone but I am not given the next step in the tutorial so the character is in a state of limbo. As you can see I have no available or completed feats.


Thank you dev’s copied item!
I will be rich!

I’ve crafted(In inventory)

I’ve got from gift(lost item return)

To know that “item copy” is a very troubled thing for Online Game


Intelligence still has no affect on the Health Regeneration skill under Endurance.

Curious thoughts, Is the Health Regeneration skill going to stay in the skill tree with the Rage skill now live? Also does intelligence affect Rage? Does Health Regeneration stack with Rage?

I want to ask because I hate waiting a week to reset my skills if they do not work as intended.


If your PC is actually crashing rather than the game then its likely a driver issue. Updating your graphics drivers may fix it.


the drivers are upto date.


Also when you start a new character, the character model changes back to the default character model when you leave the sanctum.


I crashed as soon as I walked out of the warp, and have the same issue as @Questor (in the tutorial)


Changes you make in sanctum arent saved, its like a stasis. (Interstellar stasis actually :P)
You have to go into the world to change your characters look and skills
That is intended :wink:



Seen this mentioned else ware so maybe not a bug from this version, but I’m recently having allot of difficulty with the luminosity of the atlas when I have an item loaded into it and am using my char who has luminous glow from their body. The map seems to pulsate slightly allowing you to distinguish the bright spots, but is usually too bright to distinguish even where the cursor is on the atlas face, and all the hot-spots tend to blend together. .


Yes! That did fix the food collected as well.


While in the Sanctum, When I look up and see Berlyn, it looks like the Atlas of Berlyn that has Coal loaded in it, that is sitting on my shelf in my shop. All black with yellow hot spots. I havn’t held that Atlas in 3 weeks.


While using a diamond hammer, and hitting a single block sticking out futher than the blocks behind it, the hammer destroys the block directly behind the single one. It works normally when striking blocks that are flush with each other.

correction: If the protruding block has a chisel on it, it will break the block behind it as well.


you are in beacon view mode, you are looking at active playerbase (and/or just beacons or settlements not entirely sure)
just hit “B” to get out of it.
it gets activated when you hold a beacon (plotters too I think) and stays active so you can switch to other tools if you need to check if everything is protected.


LMAO, never realized beacon mode affects Sanctum. Thank You


I am not sure if this is intentional or not, but the grapple now is decoupling once stamina has reached 0. Here is a video I made to demonstrate it.


Power coils can have negative durability.

If you don’t repair one and continue to use the attached machine, the coil’s durability will be negative (and must then be repaired BACK up to zero.)

This repairing-every-two-items REALLY sucks, by the way.