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My understanding is that worlds will go up to level 8, and that rift, dark matter, antimatter, and blink will be obtained from titans. This is based purely on rumors and second hand knowledge.


Was on compactors mixer and extractor for me


Is using a location marker supposed to act as if you are eating it??!?


Also, is the 255 minutes left on craft just hanging because of lag? Are you aware of this issue?

(I was only able to replicate this issue at the beginning of the video, then it intermittently resolves.)


Seems to be counting towards all spark achievements - only crafted the 83 glass with this guy, don’t have any spark crafting skills.

Edit - counts for all the “connected to the grid” achievements, doesn’t affect spark crafting feats of other machines

I don’t have screenshots of how the tools used to display, but I trust you know the purple bracketed numbers I’m referring to. Here is the current view, all tools / weapons display similarly:


Sure, I will try and capture it. The second time I took note and it was soil blocks, perhaps that helps narrow it down. I’ll try when I’m on in a bit. Tool was in right hand, I was stood almost touching the block, tool at downwards angles on block one above my foot level, it would go through and hit a block on the same level if present or the level below if not.

Yep, spawn and stick in a position - usually head down about to eat, perhaps that’s frame 1? - for a long time then suddenly catch their usual idle anims and remain normal looping following.


Woah that’s wild, that’s only ever happened to me one time I went into a portal and all of a sudden everything was black and I was super far underground.


If i quit the game in front of the furnace and comeback the crafting time is fine and everything is working fine. Then if i go couple plots away and comeback it will end the one its crafting then bug with this long time crafting times.


Something that might have been overlooked about crafting output using bucket : When i mass craft Purified Water Buckets from Water Buckets i get an output of 18 “damaged” buckets. Then if i mass craft Fortified Water Bucket From these Purified Water Buckets i get another 18 “damaged” buckets.

In conclusion i get free buckets from this. You should only give bucket as an output when the end result does not have bucket in it like when you make foods.


I am referring to the daily feats. As you can see I completed the Day 1 Feat but I never got any exp or coin from it.


I was taken into the great beyond. I went towards the light.


Ok, here is a better example with my other character.

My exp / coin before I completed the Daily Timed Feats


My exp / coin right after I completed the Daily Timed Feats


I should have 200 more coin and around 1900 more exp from completing the feat.


hotpot crafting v just completed for me without resulting in any notification or reward. I dont know if it matters, but this was on my character Acquisitions, who is 50


Odd inventory bug after right clicking diamonds and moving them into my left hand, I can’t click ANYTHING ELSE… It just picks up the diamond on every click? Also any diamond I pickup after this happened vanish!


Thanks for the report, this has been added to the bug database.

Thanks for the update, I’ll add your comment to the existing bug report.

If the coils are getting more wear than expected, does that mean it would take longer to repair using spanners? Also, where are you getting the negative values from?

Definitely not supposed to be a secret code.

Thanks for the additional information, I’ll include this in the database too.

After waiting 50 minutes, I can confirm that it is reproducible, so I’ve added this to the bug database.

It goes back to your post about the bomb bags. I’ll tag @olliepurkiss into this one as well.

What’s the issue with Titanium Alloy products? Is it the recipe?


Your comment (and the previous one) is too vague. You need to give more information, otherwise we can’t investigate issues.

Okay, I see that you’ve actually posted about this in a separate topic here:

If you want us to look into any issues, make sure you post all the information in one place rather than in separate forum topics. This will save time for us asking for clarification. One for @olliepurkiss to look at.

@olliepurkiss, do you know what’s going on with the Power Coils?

There’s no nutritional value to eating Location Markers.

Aside from that, it’s been added to the database, since it’s just using the eating animation at present.

We’re aware of the issue. @Gorillastomp reported something similar earlier in this topic.

Also, were you Crafted Items output section full for those machines where the timers have stopped?

Oh, that makes it clearer now. So it’s not affecting the first 5 columns of Feats, but instead crafting items from the Furnace, using coal for heat counts towards the Feats in the third column from the right within Advanced Crafter Feats. I’ll add this to the bug database.

Ah yes, the numbers in purple. We changed that as players were a little confused about the way the information was presented.

Spawning from meteors or when you see them from a distance? I haven’t seen this so far.

Thanks for the updates. The more information we receive the better, so we can try and track down the source of the problem.

Thanks for the update, I’ll add this to the existing bug report.

We’ve pushed a fix for this.

I’ll add this to the database for someone to investigate.

You replied to my comment which was in reply to @Questor.

But in any case, for your issue, do you remember crafting anything within the Furnace before this occurring, or was it something else?

Right-clicking on an item will usually bring up the item description, unless you were right-clicking and holding down to the button to extract a certain amount. Can you clarify what you were doing exactly?


No, I had just cleared all machines’ outputs before starting mass craft. Queue was full though.


Darn. A little iron in the diet goes a long way.


Strong cuttletrunks look a little odd in the dark:

Also, acid burn 1 needs a space (maybe the same for other status effects too, idk):


The game has been freezing and then it crashing and when it dos it says boundless not responding and then it crash’s my pc. this last time it gave me the option to send a dump so I did it was 2 hr,s ago but most of the time it dos not give me that option it just freezes then crash’s my pc. . It seems to happen when I’m opening something like shop stand or storage and other things . It has happened more then 5 times lost count


I have been experiencing an issue with distances after the recent update. Before this new update, distance between Munteen to Berlyn was 3 blinksecs. Now for some reason, i cannot open a portal to Beryln anymore, because system believes Berlyn is 6 blinksecs away and size of my portal is too small for that.

Btw it seems some of the feats are not working, i still have 500/500 collecting fossil feat;but still could not get it completed.