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I just noticed in the Knowledge section under the three types of Brick it says correctly that it is done in the Furnace. However, it also says it takes 200 Spark which is obviously incorrect. I’m baking some bricks right now and working fine and not a spark in sight! :wink:


Yeah, that’s a general issue where heat and spark were combined, and heat is now referred to as spark in the knowledge menu :wink:


First image shows the burnt out atlas, second not so. Found when making the screenshot that this depended weather holding the atlas out against a block (no burn out), or empty space (burn out), with the luminescence skill.


I had an issue today where i broke my advanced compactor coil to reposition it and, it just disappeared, normally you see the item floating but not even that showed up. Has anyone else had this issue?


Currently dealing with an annoying crafting bug of items getting stuck crafting but never output. Table, workbench, extractor, forge, etc. all doing it. Can’t even cancel the items in queue. I’m currently completely unable to craft anything. All crafting devices are fully repaired.


Trading an identical stack of items within the same trade yielded 100 missing items. 500 earthyams in slot 1, 500 earthyams in slot 2, ended up with one whole smartstack (900) + 1 single earthyam in my inventory after.


Has anyone noticed that it seems harder to go up stairs now? It is almost like I have to be facing the stair straight on before it will allow me to go up it. If I am turned too much either direction it will not let me move up the stair until I change direction. I just swear it used to be a bit easier but am not sure and was wondering what other people are experiencing in regards to the stairs.


it feels the same on my character with low agility but on my maxed agility account i do struggle with stair, i even get stuck on them sometimes. Especially if they are going up at an angle.


I believe this has been being discussed in at least one other thread. If I remember correctly it was in the notes about the changes in the latest build too. My short term memory is horrible, so, I could be wrong.


yeah they already know the stairs isseu


I have permanent issue with “bridge status” of my homebase too (Solum, Asylum). The problem is that I built inside a mountain, so, there is no easy way to understand what plots can be considered as an “inner roads”, the whole base is a maze of rooms, corridors and hallways. All plots are connectedd to 1 beacon, so this is strange that the game considered it as a few settlements.
I have a road that connects my homebase to 2 neighbor settlements though. Unplotting all of the road plots did not fix the issue. So, I add road plots again, but use another beacon for them this time (Asylum Road). Have no idea how to resolve this issue :thinking:


Can you post locations and settlement names like I did for Vdragon so they can have it. I think the more we give it will help them fix the code. I really just want the opt-in option in a beacon to select settlement instead of have code that isn’t going to be able to cover all scenarios especially if we have a single beacon acting up in someone’s house.


[SOLVED] (user error :stuck_out_tongue: )
I thought I had another instant crash, I was about to start replying to this thread when all of a sudden I was looking up in the sanctum… my screen had unfrozen… so I walked through the portal and into my base, and ever since, I’ve been getting a really bad connection, so bad that my whole screen freezes for about 10 seconds, then I can move again… ranging from every 10 seconds to once every couple minutes. it seems to be way more frequent if I am trying to play and less frequent as I type this on another monitor. aaaand I spoke too soon. its getting so bad I can’t keep the game open because it freezes the whole computer, I had to close the game so I could finish typing.
I managed to take a few screenshots with the debug graphs:

then it calmed down while I was typing:

and spiked like crazy again…

Ow. this was the point where I had to close the game.


Did you try this?

Delete this file as it gets too large.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata???\324510\local\chunkcache\data.mdb


i’ve done that pretty frequently… i’ll try it again now…
and that seems to have helped! thanks!

bah. ok this seems to be only a temporary solution… i’m getting huge lag spikes again :cry:

I’m seriously getting sick of this. i cant even craft one recipe. I’m gonna have to put this game down again until this is fixed.

[last edit]
I just sent an email with the log files… I had been sending off all the files in the folder before, but this time after my earlier post I moved the 4 log files to my desktop and let a new one generate for the next crash.
I sent all those files in that email.

[ok one more edit]
oh boy. I think this is a case of user error. turns out I had powerful audio software running in the background… so…NEVERMIND! Nothing to see here! :stuck_out_tongue:


Another Crash Log for you. Fresh 5-13


This seems to be a white-balance effect when holding an atlas with a bright light source near a mainly white background (check it, it’s less faded against an igneous rock).Not sure it’s a bug (as white balance is necessary) and also I use this to identify the hottest spots on the atlas as they are more easily differentiated when faded by the balance.


Does it only seem to happen at that location and is so what are the coord? Do the spikes occur when you do something, eg open storage or mixer or do they seem to happen at at time?


it doesn’t seem to be happening when I do certain things, it seems kinda random. like it happens one immediately after another, sometimes a few seconds in between, sometimes 2-4 minutes in between, (usually the former) whether I’m doing something or not.
Also, after all this happened I decided to watch a movie (file on my computer, not streaming) and it was getting what seemed like lag spikes which shouldn’t happen, and discovered that I had Reason running in the background (music software that likes to steal my computer’s audio) so I’m going to hop in again today and see if that’s what was causing it.
Thank you for replying on a weekend!

[edit] Yep. it was Reason. I’ve been in game now for about 20 minutes and no huge lag spikes.
I’ll not delete my posts so that in case something like this ever happens again its good to have documentation of the symptoms and such
and maybe a laugh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How do i get past the crafting bug where the machine just refuses to finish an item or does the infinite crafting time? Really hindering my ability to do much of anything at the moment