Release 192 - Report issues here


but still good that you describe what happend because well some games make weird connection on ya comp and destroy everything else you got on…


I’ve had a crafting bench freeze like that, it restarted when i whacked it 3 times with a totem (not 4 times, that would break it and possibly lose your materials, 5 is out of the question;) ) maybe try it.

Also I’ve noticed the 255h crafting time when approaching other machines - i believe in my case it can be narrowed down to viewing a machine (aiming on it) while approaching, if I’m in a different chunk (not just a different plot). As soon as i enter the chunk containing the machine however the timer corrects and my character receives the appropriate crafting xp.

Edit - i have extended interaction range on my crafter, may exaggerate the distance at which machines can be viewed,
Maybe run around your machine if it is perhaps on a chunk boundary and you havent been in that chunk in a while?


I’ll give your suggestions a try tonight and see what it does. Thanks


Also got the settlement issue. I’m building in Aquatopia - nothing else around :frowning:

On a separate note: There is definitely something quirky with edged blocks and sprinting/jumping. The diamond grapple seems to get stuck in edged blocks a lot more than my other grapples. I’m getting stuck/teleported to surface frequently enough for it to be a frustration for me. I don’t remember this being a problem before.


I’d agree with the block thing. Odd shapes and running fast is a bad combo. Jumping in while sprinting seems to be a trigger too. Can fairly often get thrown up to the surface jumping around tunnels.


Thanks for highlighting some of the areas. Looking back to your previous post, you said there’s a player called Reapall whose settlement has been combined with another and yours has been pushed away. Can you also highlight where this player’s settlement is on the screenshot?

There was an issue where some of the descriptions were missing, but we should have put them all back in. If there are any which are still missing, then let us know so we can put those back in too.

Yes, the coordinates from the debug information would be in a different order to the ones on the Places -> Locations tab. You’ve put down -1, 925N -60E (Altitude: 71), so the N and E letters led me to believe that you were going by the coordinates in the Locations tab.

As for the video, is there much going on? As it’s quite a long one and it’s not immediately clear where the bugs might be occurring (even if you did say that the bugs were not happening during recording). Could you point out which parts of the video I should be looking at?

The bug with the radial displays has been mentioned already, so it’s in the bug database.

Someone did mention in the issues topics for the previous release that a held light source such as a torch affects Atlases, and it sounds like the Light Source skills has a similar effect. I’ll add a note to the database to someone to look at this.

What does your layout look like? Was the coil placed close to a wall for example?

Were you switching characters when the issue occurred? There is a known issue where carrying out this action may cause the issue.

Can you clarify what you were doing? Was the other player trading across a total of 1,000 items and you only ended up getting 901 items for example? As I might not be doing it correctly.

As @Xaldafax says, if you post coordinates, I can supply you with a screenshot that will show an aerial view of the settlements. Then you can highlight which plots belong to you and which plots belong to other players.

I can also provide you with an aerial view screenshot for you to highlight areas if you can provide coordinates of this location.

Do you have examples of locations where this is happening?


Not switch characters. I think i may have discovered part of the bug. I’ll try and explain as best i can.

I decided to actually veggie a build instead of just living in my square box in a hill. I removed all blocks to the boundaries of my plots. This removed the back wall and floor that the machines and forges where previously connected to. All machines are in the same plot so no chunk issues. The “floor” is now about 3 blocks below the machines and the wall is 1 block away. Ceiling is 2 blocks away.

What i noticed last night was that at the end of each crafting cycle it would do the 255 hours thing while looking at the machine from the 3 blocks below. If i jumped, grappled, or did anything else to get on the same horizontal plane as the crafting device it would complete normally.

If i returned to the lower floor each creating cycle would glitch until i jumped to the same plane as the bottom of the machine. Repeated this many times to confirm.

I’m still in mid remodel so haven’t broken the machines down to move into their new rooms yet.


Awesome, this correlates with the view from long distance thing i get, and takes chunk boundaries out of the equation!


Here is coords. Not sure if aerial view will help, most of the base is underground/inside the mountain.


This meteorite just now:

Jumped in, got my oort shards and when I jumped out I got teleported to the floating mountain above it. I did it a few times - once the surface below me is edged and I move a bit I’ll get stuck into one of the top blocks and get teleported to the floating mountain.


It’s almost everything - the whole “Used in” bit from the foot of the description is/was gone. It used to be a hyphen bullet list at the foot of each resource text. I’ll check again given there’s been a couple of patches.

No but I will note it next time. I suspect it’s anything where you can hit the edge of a block, but perhaps only wild ones where they have that wonky side.


For example:

Raw Meat would’ve listed:

– Cooked Meat
– Meaty Broth

and so on.


It definitely seems that way. Only discovered it by accident as o had too grapple past the forges to get to the workbenchs up higher


Yup, sorry for being so vague. I had been on the receiving end of a trade. The seller put a stack of 500 in the first slot and another identical stack of the same item of 500 in the second slot. In total this was 1000 items. At the end of the trade I only received 901 items. I am not sure how the logic of the sorting during the trade to inventory was written, but it seems like when it tried to push 400 into the first stack and the remaining stack was set to 1 instead of 100. I can test this to try to replicate it later. @vdragon


any fix on the way for the broken stairs its really anoying
running up cornered stairs blocks ya from going up
this never happend before
and now its permanent thing?
cant hardly use my piramid stairs to jump out my homebase
made a visual aide


Screenshotted to confirm, the 255h crafting “issue” seems to occur at a distance greater than 3 straight blocks. I put up 4 furnaces in square and reproducibly get the 255h crafting time when viewed from a greater distance. Some screenshots showing that at 3 blocks (exactly 3.5 seeing as I’m in the centre of my current block) the closest furnace displays correct time and further furnaces continue on 255h.

@james I have no coding experience but it seems that the crafting info only gets translated from server to client side when you get closer than 3 (3.5). The crafting is however continuing in the further furnaces and as soon aas i step closer their progress matches the closest “working” furnace.


Great test. Hope that gives the bug squashers a place to start looking.


@vdragon I put Reapall’s stuff in White Line. That is basically his area. From what I can tell based on people in the settlement he seems to now be PART of Eden (Village) but I cannot confirm.

Obviously I don’t know what changed in your code to all of a sudden switch from him having the issue to now me having it. Please note it is a bit hard to show the exact plot distribution between all the users that are in the town. Most plots in the Black area (south) are mine but there are others from Twisted, BatPanda, Kal-El, etc. I don’t know if they are part of our settlement or on their own any longer because I don’t see them in the list of people for prestige on the village.


I seem to recall some patch notes saying machines got fixes for performance or something like that - maybe the shorter distance to view crafting time reduces lag but the distance for querying the tooltip was left at the old setting. :slight_smile:


Nah this pretty buggy right now, if you start to craft something in the furnace and it as right away the crafting time bug it won’t smelt at all. You have to make it works from the start so you can see the process of the crafting. To do so you have to leave game and comeback in front of the furnace to either start it properly or to see your crafted stuff. Its pretty annoying bug.