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game crashes as soon as i join the server.(reinstalled it but still crashes)


Yes coil was placed next to wall, I had the idea of maybe it going on the other side of the wall but I did not fined it when I broke the wall to check.


We should have a fix for the large crafting time soon.

Thanks for the extra. I’ll let @james or @lucadeltodecso respond to this, as they can provide a better explanation of what’s going on.

Oh, you did it from a meteorite. That’s not quite the situation I would have expected. I haven’t been able to reproduce this, but going to the location you’ve specified showed that the meteorite was below floating island, so I can see how the issue might have happened. I’ll add this to the database anyway.

Sounds like it could be a possibility. Let us know when you find specific examples.

Okay, that explains it clearly. I’ll check with the relevant dev to see what’s going on.

Please do, and let us know how often it occurs.

We should have a fix for this soon.

Is it still crashing every time? If so, have you submitted a crash dump upon trying to load the game again? Submitted crash dumps will also contain the pathname C:\Users\your PC username\AppData\Local\Turbulenz\boundless\static-cache, so if your forum / game username is the same as your PC username, then we can match that to the specific crash dumps.

Can you provide a screenshot of what your setup looks like? I can try and recreate a similar setup to see if I can get the same issue.

Crafting queue is stuck

I will provide screenshots, when I’m done with this work week have no time to get on at the moment :worried:.


has anyone reported this graphics issue yet? seems to happen at random and can affect any player placed items


Not sure if this is an issue with the release or me doing something wrong. I eliminated the plots and beacon at my old home. Now I cannot make my new base my home. I am including a pic as I seem to have an error.

Thank you


you can only set a new beacon as home when you’re in the beacon’s UI


Thank you that was very noobish of me wasn’t it!


That’s a strange bug. What are the coordinates?


I have had that occasionally. Each time with that or similar I have ended up logging out of the game or switching to a character on another planet and a few hours later come back with everything fine. I thought perhaps they were doing some sort of maintenance on servers one at a time or something. I think though I only have the problem on Therka. Not sure. Last night my doors kept opening or closing and I kept being teleported around inside (even upstairs where I had not even gone in days) and sometimes outside and then inside. I logged out before some spitter came by and had a feast on me. Came back three hours later and not a problem at all.


the coordinates where it happend this time are 926N 1,711E (A:64) i know a few other people have sayed it randomly has happned to them and one time when i was in the backroom of my shop i found a spot where it made all my machines do the same thing…trick is tho it seems random when it happens


I just noticed the exact same issue. Quite annoying.
I also run torches in right hand slot 1. :joy:


I have the same problem with my 3rd character, made a few months ago. Landed on Vena V, completed the obligtory quests, deleted the few plots used and removed beacon. Ran off to join my main build (logged into Main Toon to include in beacon permissions of course) but cannot make the existing (main build) beacon into my Alt’s “Home”.
I can set a waypoint for the origin landing site/ early quests location as if something still exists.
Adding a beacon there doesn’t become my Home.
Adding becon within permissioned plots doesn’t become my Home.
I had ignored this problem and just kept playing, figuring something would work out . . . sometime!


What I did that avoided the whole problem was did the tutorial on my alts. Then my first character added them to the beacon. Then I went and build places near my first character with each of my alts. When I set the beacons for the new places with my alts I set the new beacon as the new home (the beacon can only be home to one character… the owner of the beacon) for them. Then I went and tore down the starter homes. You could also just let those beacons expire if you don’t want to clean up and keep what you had put there.


I was hunting, standing in the tower that we build and this happened…

In the video i’m just jumping in place… I’ll email the minidump and logs in in a sec


Thanks for the replies. There’s definitely some issue in the game, so I’ve logged a bug, although I didn’t encounter exactly the same issue in the video.

We’ve pushed a fix for this yesterday. Are you still getting the issue?

So the game crashed sometime after the video was taken?


No I terminated the process because alt+f4 doesn’t work in boundless.

I captured the dump using visual studio.


Yes. Do i have to clear some caches or revalidate the game files?

My Hands Settings.


Speaking of hand issues, I assume you are aware of the bug where occasionally hitting a number will not switch your items to that set, but at the same time other numbers work.
I haven’t narrowed it down to anything like just having an item in primary hand, but its annoying and I hope you know about it my now :wink:


Yes, it is still bugged right now.