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Ah I remember now, I was mainly making vital essence from tallow and sackcloth. Those were the two main things I was making in the extractor.

With the refinery I was making bags of sugar and cotton cloth.

Both my daily activity and experience bonus has been reset after traveling through a portal.


  1. Login on planet A.
  2. Mine and hunt around, almost reached the 5.000 exerience, already reached 600 time played.
  3. Decide to be done, go through a portal back to home on planet B.
  4. Cleared up my inventory, by putting items in furnace and shelves.
  5. Checked my daily feats again… both have been reset.
  6. Verified that there was no day passing for the ‘daily’ feat: negative.
  7. New experience did not regain earlier XP in the feat (see screenshot below, just 14xp)
  8. Verified that traveling back to planet A through the same portal would restore XP/time: negative.
  9. Finaly decided to return to sanctum and check there: positive, feat has been restored.



Character caught in a rapid teleport loop. The transition between ~6 locations is very fast but by hitting about 50 screenshots I caught these five, all on Munteen VII:

-1792N, 1792E 510A
-1912N, 1584E 466A
1864N, 160E 154A
-2064N, 1320E 407A
-1960N, 1496E 446A

I think I grappled solid floor underneath a portal (looked at least 2 thick) and the wall bug threw me up into the portal, perhaps? It looks like I’m constantly portalling and falling at the same time. I can return to the sanctum but if I go back through the warp it repeats, seen it three times entering world again so far. Going to try to bump the warp now and see if it cures it.

edit: Nope, every time he enters the world he gets thrown back into the loop. :frowning:

What’s interesting is watching his Going The Distance feat line. It goes up - very rapidly - as he’s thrown around the world, getting from ~500k to ~600k in under 20s, but then as it’s about to click over the higher figure it resets to the original value. It does this over and over as the locations cycle.

This has now resolved itself.

Do you remember what you were doing when the running totals were not updating? For example, when you inside the sanctum or on another world when the machines were busy crafting?

It could have been a bit of lag or perhaps some server mis-prediction. Was this the first time you have seen this occur?

If it happens again, let us know the world and coordinates of the portal so that we can investigate further.

This definately happend at least once before. Will keep try to keep an eye out to see if this is happening again. Is there any info in the debug window that I should screenshot if it happens again?

Was just able to reproduce it again. It is really that simple to login, earn XP on planet A and go through a portal to planet B and than it has been reproduced. Even after a minute (or three) waiting on planet B and gaining a little XP there did not update the feat. Moving to sanctum does fix the feat and still is ok after going back to planet B.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this, although I noticed that you mentioned having to earn 5,000 experience points (for Daily Experience Bonus?). Out of interest, what level is your character at? I could give this another try at a different character level, unless it’s happening to all of your characters.

When i logged in, my 2 bases on Australia server had change name.
1 changed to an old name, the other changed back to my player name.

Also got a strange thing when i removed my plots and beacon from a build i shear with my alt.

Before i removed the plots, i had 11 weeks left in my beacon, after i removed all my plots the beacon was dead, with no fuel.

I removed the beacon, logged in with my alt and reclaimed the removed plots, to only have my alts beacon protecting the whole build.

Then i saw there was 1 plot left that belong to the now removed beacon, several plots away from where the deleted beacon stood. Logging in with my main, un-plotted it and logged back to my alt and plotted it.

Both me and my alt had full rights on each others beacon.

It worked and my alt now have all plots for the build, but i could remove a beacon while there was still plot belonging to it.

What are the coordinates of the 2 locations?

This one was named Whispering valley

This one was named theater hill (or theater mountain).
It was here i removed my mains plot and retake it with my alt.

My character is at level 50+ (54 I think) and I have just one single character. It is indeed for the Daily Experience Bonus, but have seen it happen for the Daily Activity Bonus as well (exact same procedure).

I just captured the issue on video as well:

the low detail model of plinths is rotated incorrectly, I didn’t notice anything with other models, just its a little strange with plinths since the line on the top surface (and the other markings) suddenly jump to the other side when you go too far away.

Because of that bug I also noticed the terrain detail graphics setting isn’t working properly. I’m not sure when it happens (might be after closing the game), but I have the setting set to “ultimate” and whenever I actually look around the quality is that of the “low” setting. When I then change it manually it does work and then the detail increases a lot, just its a pain to do every time and without it I end up having to look at significantly more blocky power coils more often - oh I just realised that this issue is linked with the object detail setting since power coils aren’t relevant to terrain detail. (I also have it set to “ultimate” normally)

Sure you dont have minimum target fps set in options? It will auto reduce detail levels to try and maintain a minimum fps. If you are happy to hsve laggy, but ultimate detail terrain, disable that.

In the first screenshot, the beacon is called Curreblopp, which shares the same name as the owner. Is this the name for one of your characters? And the second screenshot shows a name that you stated was the old name for the beacon. I’ve haven’t seen an issue like this, nor have I seen any reports of this from other players. Was this the first time you seen the issue occur?

I’m just trying to understand what you’ve written here. When you said you removed all the plots, does that mean all the plots including the beacon, or removing all the plots except for the beacon (which would mean it still retains a single plot surrounding it)? If you mean the latter, then I’ve not experienced the issue of a beacon’s fuel being completely depleted when all other surrounding plots have been removed. How many times did this occur to you?

The video froze between 0:21 and 0:26, but I assume you were passing through a portal at the time? If so, what are the coordinates of that specific portal?

From watching the rest of the video, it does show that the experience points were not carried over and were only shown the correct numbers once you had returned to the sanctum, so I’ll add this to the bug database.

Oh, didn’t know that. I have it set to 30 so I guess that was why, well even if I turn it off my fps stays at 30 so ill just leave it off from now on. Of course the issue with plinths rotating is still present.

Yes, its my character, he owns both beacon that changed name.
i saw the beacon-names was changed when i log in. Never seen this before.

I removed all plots, turn to the beacon and saw it was not burning,
Checked the beacons info and saw there was no fuel in it (was fueled for 11 Weeks before i removed the plot, i checked.).

After that i removed the empty beacon to.

When i was replot the area with my other character i found a plot that belonged to the now removed beacon.

Never seen it before.

Not sure the full issue here especially around the name change but remember older beacons and plots will not have the master beacon control option. So you can remove plots and a beacon tower but still find plots assigned to that original beacon. It was only after that patch that new plot creation would link it to a master beacon, etc.

I know I have had this occur also. I transferred some plots from one character to another. When I did I had to remove all the plots without the beacon (I can’t remember, I believe I had to unclaim the plot with the beacon too). Then I claimed the plots with the new owner character. I had just fueled the beacon a day or two earlier and had to go inside a different building and get more fuel because the fuel was now at zero after changing ownership. So, I do know that happens.

I would assume this is not a bug or issue with any coding based on what is being described.

The plots had a set time till expiration. Us removing the plots would zero out the time. So when we plotted to the new character we would be needing to fuel them again for however we want. You are technically moving game land to a new character so it should reset everything.

Until a plot transfer method exists (if ever) we shouldn’t be having fuel timing stay when all plots are removed because they were “removed”. If people are looking to move an area of land to another user then they should wait until almost no fuel time is left and do it then so they lose the least amount of time.