Release 192 - Report issues here


Nope! Never had issues before.


Placing a torch on a surface resource destroys the surface resource within giving any of its drops.


Another example of the physics bug in action:

Grappled up to ore - got stuck in the middle of a rock


@lucadeltodecso any thoughts on how to get atlases to work correctly?


I lost over 30000 to the Void…
I use a Request Basket as Piggy Bank and had about 36000 Coins in it, I tried to “withdraw” 6000 to get flat 30000 Coins remaining. I did that by changing the Amount from 36000 to 30000, but mistyped and had 3000 remaining in the Basket…
The Problem is, that the 33000 Coins i should have in my Inventory now, aren’t there. I had about 6000 Coins in my Inventory and tried to fill that up by Looting my Beacons Footfall (was about 240 Coins) but after withdrawing that too, im now down to 4140… Whats going on?

Edit: I logged into the Char that Owns the Basket, and he has the Coins in his Inventory… Strange xD, but phew its back


Do you have examples of these surface resources where the issue is occurring?

What are the coordinates of the area where you’re getting stuck? It would also be interesting to see how your character is getting stuck if you change the camera viewpoint.


I get stuck multiple times an hour when mining. The gold grapple seems to be a get-stuck machine. Every time it is an angled block somewhere and the grapple just pulls me right into it. In most instances I’m lucky and the port-you-out-of-invalid-position logic fixes it a few seconds later - but every now and then I have to port to sanctum to continue playing.


Surface resource

right click


Lately I’ve had a few instances where using the gold grapple in caves if I grapple to a tight space it can bump me to the surface.


The issue with the beanstalk boulder disappearing when a torch is placed over it has now been added to the bug database.

As for the hookshot grappling issue, I haven’t been able to reproduce this so far. What kind of specific shape of blocks were you getting stuck on? Again, if you have a specific example of an area where this is likely to happen a lot, then I can take a look.


Its not just with the grapple, but its definitely got something to do with edged blocks. Jumping here causes it easily too:


I can’t reproduce the issue at the location specified, but I do recall you saying in a much earlier post that it has happened to you before.


Just FYI @vdragon, I gave up waiting for any information on if you all even saw the plots and what might have been causing the problems with your code in defining settlements. Eden was fully deconstructed now, so you’ll need to check a backup or something if you all even can do that. Sorry I couldn’t wait any longer…


Missing portal connection error:


I saw the plots myself, but I don’t know if either @james or @lucadeltodecso saw them before you made changes. It’s understandable that you didn’t want to wait. If you end up having similar queries for any future settlements, then feel free to tag either of those two to ask what’s going on.

If you get the message again, please check if there’s anything unusual in the game log.


So I tried warping to a location I had bookmarked from the Sanctum and got this:



I left the sanctum and re-entered and tried the warp again and it worked.

Release 192 - Report issues here

Darn - ignore the extra posts - I didn’t realise someone had already mentioned them!


Here’s how to do that …


My “Swirl and Mixed I” feat is frozen at 62/100. I’ve made tonnes of things in the mixer but it won’t tick upwards when the recipes are done. Not sure how long it’s been like this as I’ve just noticed it but I’m fairly sure I’ve made at least 250 items in the mixer.


It seems to be working now that I unpinned and re-pinned it. But all that stuff I made that didn’t get counted towards my feat… :frowning:


Okay it’s stuck again at 68/100 after I made 12 alloys in it. There is something wrong with the Mixer feat. It isn’t going up even when it’s not pinned. It’s completely stopped counting recipes made in the mixer now, no matter how much I pin and unpin it.

The compactor feat is not working -at all- either. It’s at 0/100 and I’ve made hundreds of blocks of compressed coal in it.

The refinery feat is also broken. Stuck at 251/300 when I’ve made in excess of 500 items in it.

Seems like the basic crafting feats are all bugged in some way or another. Please have a look at them soon?