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Yes, its my character, he owns both beacon that changed name.
i saw the beacon-names was changed when i log in. Never seen this before.

I removed all plots, turn to the beacon and saw it was not burning,
Checked the beacons info and saw there was no fuel in it (was fueled for 11 Weeks before i removed the plot, i checked.).

After that i removed the empty beacon to.

When i was replot the area with my other character i found a plot that belonged to the now removed beacon.

Never seen it before.


Not sure the full issue here especially around the name change but remember older beacons and plots will not have the master beacon control option. So you can remove plots and a beacon tower but still find plots assigned to that original beacon. It was only after that patch that new plot creation would link it to a master beacon, etc.


I know I have had this occur also. I transferred some plots from one character to another. When I did I had to remove all the plots without the beacon (I can’t remember, I believe I had to unclaim the plot with the beacon too). Then I claimed the plots with the new owner character. I had just fueled the beacon a day or two earlier and had to go inside a different building and get more fuel because the fuel was now at zero after changing ownership. So, I do know that happens.


I would assume this is not a bug or issue with any coding based on what is being described.

The plots had a set time till expiration. Us removing the plots would zero out the time. So when we plotted to the new character we would be needing to fuel them again for however we want. You are technically moving game land to a new character so it should reset everything.

Until a plot transfer method exists (if ever) we shouldn’t be having fuel timing stay when all plots are removed because they were “removed”. If people are looking to move an area of land to another user then they should wait until almost no fuel time is left and do it then so they lose the least amount of time.


It surprised me, but, I didn’t really look at it as a problem at all. Fuel is easy to make and I had something like 150 of them of one kind and 50 of another sitting on a shelf. I only put that there so that @vdragon might have a better idea of what it looks like was being described. Fuel is simple to make and I really don’t see how anyone could have a problem with it unless they simply have no friends or family willing to take fuel they leave on a shelf and refuel beacons for them now and then while they are on vacation or taking a break. I don’t think fuel needs fixed as it works fine.


Can you post a couple of screenshots showing this?

I’m not sure how this could have occurred, but I’ll add a note to the database anyway in case someone can look into it further.

Bearing these comments in mind, how old are those two beacons @Heureka?


Not sure how old they are, i would guess at about a year old.


Damage numbers have stopped displaying both on the side of the screen and at the point of impact with my tools.


Not sure if this is intended or not but it’s possible to collect the same dormant meteorite core across multiple characters.


It’s intended - it was a little bit too exploitable previously


This line of plinths all should be facing the same direction

(the furthest plinths on the top screenshot have the markings on the wrong side)


Aha, cheers! Yes I can see how that’d be a problem.


I’d get occasional crashes as I went through or near portals, now I’m stuck on Solum/Aquatopia as I’m getting the crash constantly in that area. I come into the sanctuary, teleport to solum, move about 5 meters, and then crash. Literally unplayable at the moment - it’s usually not so bad, but right now I can’t seem to do anything. I tried leaving until the next day to see if it was just a server or network issue, but I’m still in the same state. I’ve also tried bumping my warp, but it doesn’t move me far enough I suspect.


Yep. Thats why we get shafted if we happen to die when the meteorite gets completed and you’re in the sanctum at the time. YAY! 3 oort for full participation! :rage:


Try reducing your chunk download rate (on the network settings page) and see if that helps?


I’ve hit upon a few instances of meshes disappearing when I stand directly on the line between 2 blocks, and only at certain distances from the meshes. Below are some videos showing what happens down in my basement machine room in my house in Anoobis - Septerfon.

The meshes are still accessible, even though they are invisible.

I’m running on the Windows version. My graphics drivers are fully up-to-date.

I have also managed to reproduce this on another machine.


Hi there,

Thanks for the suggestion, but it hasn’t helped. I did have it set to high, and I tried twice with medium and once with min, but I still get the same symptoms.

Not sure if this is useful to know, but each time it crashes I get a 10GB core file created, which fill up my disk nicely if I forget to delete them each time.

– Michael


Hmm, that makes me think that you might have a corrupt chunk cache.

You can try deleting your chunk cache (at a path like) :\Steam\userdata\xxx\xxxx\local\chunkcache
Also verify game installation files from steam


Okay, mixed results here:

  1. I cleared my caches, but I still crashed not long after logging in.
  2. I cleared my caches again, and this time set the chunk download speed to min. At this point I ran away from all the portals I was near, and it seemed to be stable (I was at the aquatopia square with the beginners area, the portal to munteen, and the different zones of aquatopia). Yay!
  3. I needed to get home still, so I slowly walked back to the portals and went to Munteen. I got through, but immediately crashed on the other side.
  4. I logged back in (having cleared my caches again), and this time I got a crash whilst in the sanctum before Munteen finished loading (I still have load time to min). It was about 95% loaded when it happened.

So two steps forward and two steps back? It feels like perhaps there’s a chunk on Munteen near that portal that my client doesn’t like?

I did, before all of this, verify my game and Steam thinks all is well.

I say, I’ve hit this crash occasionally before, but nothing as persistent as the last 24 hours.


I’ve since tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and totally clearing out the local directory containing chuck cache and user settings, and the result is still the same, I now crash almost immediately upon entering the sanctum (I assume it’s faster because my setting for chuck speed has been put back to the default higher speed, so I’m fetching the chunk my client hates quicker).

I guess until a new build is out there’s not much I can do now - it crashes quick enough I can’t open the settings menu any more.