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Yes, I had just moved through to Munteen VII Transfer Station Ultima Portal Hub Inc (Munteen Village) from Aquatopia. There’s a big Aquatopia gateway there which has a wide 2 block high gateway, that’s the one I came through.

(I got my partner, who is also running on macOS to go to the same place, and she has not crashes or such).

All are on Septerfon at altitude 57

#1 = 1,338N, -2159E
#2 = 1,339N, -2144E
#3 = 1,328N, -2135E

Can you go into a bit more detail about what’s going on?

Okay, that makes it clearer. Thanks for the screenshots, I added these to the database as a bug.

Is she on the same Mac OS version? It dose look like your on Darwin 10.9 while the latest is High Sierra 10.13 so maybe they’ve fixed issues.

Actually, it’s the inverse. I’m on High Sierra, and she’s on Sierra. I’m not sure where you pulled the 10.9 from, but if you look at the top of the crash report I attached in the second link it says:

OS Version: Mac OS X 10.13.5 (17F77)

I was on 10.13.4 when I first hit this issue, but given I had a pending system update I applied that to see if it would help clear the issue.

Players with just the Worker permission on a beacon can collect coin from shop stands but cannot see the amount of collectible coin in their hover tip.

And whilst I’m at it: Shop Stands that have coin to be collected but no more items to sell don’t show a hover tip either.


The normal settlement icon takes priority over the home icon on the radar.
The result is, that i almost never see my home icon on the radar from a distance.
Since the introduction of home beacons, the location of the settlement and the home location are always on the same spot.
My suggestion: Just let the home icon replace the settlement icon of your home beacon or
color the settlement icon of your home beacon orange and remove the home icon (in case your home beacon is an outpost or higher).


I totally agree. It’s irritating to nearly always have to go in and set my home as my destination in order to find it. I can almost always find the capital no problem. I can go to other people’s homes easier than I can go to my own. lol

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Did you definitely mean the Shop Stands? There’s no such information present for these, but they are available on the Request Baskets.

It’s a fair point, so I’ve added your comments to the database.

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Shop Stand with 3247 to collect in its tooltip:

Shop Stand with 0 to collect in its tooltip:

Same shop stands on my alt with only the Worker permissions:

Note that my alt with Worker permissions can withdraw the coin - but not see how much is available. I thus have to click every single stand with him to see if there is coin or not.

When my alt has all 3 permissions it sees the same display as my character who owns the property.

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Thanks for the screenshots, it’s a lot clearer now. I double-checked it again with the version on our end and it’s definitely occurring, so I’ll add this to the bug database.


It’s been reported a few times on the forum, but the fix should be available from the next live update.

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I am still catching up on all the forum threads - will be up to date in… a while :wink:

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Something ain’t right with the light.

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‘Swirled and Mixed’ and ‘Crushed and Compacted’ feats still aren’t working. Not sure if that’s been looked into or not.

I know what you mean. When a forum topic like this gets progressive longer, I myself use a combination of the search function at the top and looking through the bug database referencing the issues reported here in the forum. It would be hard remembering everything off by heart, so the search functions are very useful.

Is it still happening? If so, what are the coordinates?

They have been added to the bug database when you originally reported them some time ago on this very forum topic. Any bug fixes will be reported within the associated release notes forum topic. If it hasn’t been mentioned, then they will not have been fixed yet.

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Healing bombs not applying health benefit in all circumstances. Steps to reproduce:

  1. equip healing bomb
  2. arm & throw at feet
  3. switch to another item in bomb hand (e.g. grapple)
  4. bomb goes off without benefit

Seems like the next bomb needs to remain equipped or the benefit doesn’t apply.

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Thought I’d see if anything had changed having not played for a week, but alas not. Still crashing a few seconds after entering the sanctum with what looks like the stack trace:

When hitting grass with a diamond shovel they all drop, but only the visuals of the very right one are removed.
The other two continue to show up as “ghosts” (meaning they can’t be hit or drop again).
Reloging removes the “ghosts” so it’s probably clientside? :thinking: :sweat_smile:

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