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I don’t know if its a bug or a feature and also not if it’s not globaly known, but I have the very annoying issue that if I put something into one of my left quickuse slots and the slot is filled previously the item then is automaticaly added in the upper right quickuse slot AND also equipped. This is bugging me since a long time now and slowly my nerves are scratched open :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … Please disable this “Auto fill/equip”-feature/bug/whatever soon cuz its annoying, stressing when in mid action and also unuseful as hell ^^


Okay, I managed to work around my crash by logging installing Steam/Boundless on a windows machine, logging in, moving away from the area where I was crashing, and then going back to my Mac. Now I’m able to run the game again.

Obvious downside is that I can’t to back to that bit of Munteen VII or anywhere that has a portal to it - so a hermit’s life for me until the crasher is fixed :slight_smile:


Welcome back to the game (albeit as a hermit) DoctorDougal!

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This is bugging me as well.
But it will be fixed in the next Release.
The bug was absent in the “hunting” test universe.

Edit: Just been on the test server, it’s fixed there.


that’s good news. light at the end of the tunnel! :wink:


Thank you. I forget things sometimes. Not just normal forgetful but … well nvm

Two things i noticed.

First a shopstand with coal for sale.

I can not buy the soft coal in this stand, it is greyed out. And it is not in the pricelist.
The medium coal work fine to buy.


The other is that the bump/normal map is nod seeing in some places, as in the stair here, maybe it is the lighting doing this. All graphic setting is on high or extreme.

Could you check if this occurs on the testing branch as well?

It looks like the crash is graphics-related, so it would be interesting to know what the specifications of your Mac are, particularly the GPU that it has.

Also, what are the coordinates of the area with the portal that’s giving you the issue, or any other specific examples that you can give?

I can’t reproduce this one. How many times did you see this occur?

If the owner of the shop stand has not set a price for the item, then it cannot be bought.

I went to that area, but it looks like you have covered up the passageway.

Every time. The whole day. I went several times to collect more grass seeds. And i restarted the game several times to see if it is only visual.
Diamond Shovel. Planet was Nasharil. I was directly hitting the grass not the soil.
Could something else influence this? Like Skills? :thinking:

Should it show up in the stand if the owner not set a price?
Then the hard coal should show up grayed to.

No, i have not change it since i took the pic, it is my basement/machinehall under my base on therka market.

I could but unless the copies from Live have been updated recently, I’m too new to have any characters with any resources on Test so it’ll take me an age to get to making them.

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Could be a known issue:
In a furnace, smelting a brick mixture, specifically metamorphic, displays the colour of the planet you are on as what is going to be outputted, regardless of the colour of the brick mixture.

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@vdragon is there any plans to have Live update Test on a more regular basis?

A lot of us cannot test things correctly because we have no houses or things on the Test servers. It would be nice to have some sync on a regular basis so at least we could attempt to get things there without having to waste time by creating a character from scratch there. I had that and it went away with the last update so I couldn’t do any testing of the forge update because I was starting all over.

I think a regular live - dev update cadence might improve the testing feedback.


I agree, I didn’t bother with the testing branch for 193 after seeing I had no characters. I’d be playing there a bit and feeding back on issues if there were even one of my characters over there.

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I checked on the live game and the issue was indeed apparent. On the testing branch however, I can’t recreate it there. If you have a diamond shovel on the testing branch, could you check if the same occurs for you?

It shouldn’t shown up on top of the shop stand if there is no price. I couldn’t reproduce this on any of my shop stands, so I went to the one shown in the screenshots that you have provided. From examining the shop stand itself, it is only showing the item that has a price applied, but when looking directly at the shop stand, it shows the item that has no price. It could be a case when it may have a bit of data corruption, so I’ve added it to the database for someone to look at.

Ah, I found it now. Apparently I was looking at the wrong part.

Definitely looks like the lighting is causing the area to look a bit strange. @lucadeltodecso can explain this in more detail.

Okay, I’ll take a look at it at, although since bombs with healing effects cannot be crafted by default due to the addition of the Forge, I’ll have to apply the appropriate Traits before I can test this.

I’ll add it to the database.

I’ll pass this along to @james and @olliepurkiss for them to look at. Certainly it would be beneficial for a recent copy of the live worlds to be made available on the testing branch.

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@james I am experiencing something new today. I have 24 power coils running my workbench. I left afk with a few things cooking. When I cam back, I’m missing one of the power coils and another almost completely destroyed. The rest were still over half worn.

This shows that they are not evenly wearing. This is not good. As I’m standing there, I am seeing them not evenly wearing still. This will require me to stop crafting completely if I have to literally sit on the workbench repairing during the entire build.

Also when I replaced the one missing coil, it won’t work. edit:actually I have 2 that are not producing power now. They are 100% and in their original locations that use to work.

Are the Power Coils definitely placed within beacons?

Edit: I see you made a separate forum topic saying that it’s working fine for now?

Locations are organized from the Places Menu - but not if you warp to a location from the Sanctum

@vdragon Hello, I have been experiencing crazy unstable connections. On quite a few planets. Right now its bad on Berlyn. I’m trying to finish my Jurassic Boundless and its almost impossible. I place a block, game freezes with Unstable connection and I’m thrown several feet from where I was and blocks in all the wrong places. Its constant. It’s killed me a few times while mining and glitched me into lava.

Also my internet is fine and my pc to. It’s definitely server side. A few other players came along and noticed it to.