Release 192 - Report issues here


Also when I replaced the one missing coil, it won’t work. edit:actually I have 2 that are not producing power now. They are 100% and in their original locations that use to work.


Are the Power Coils definitely placed within beacons?

Edit: I see you made a separate forum topic saying that it’s working fine for now?


Locations are organized from the Places Menu - but not if you warp to a location from the Sanctum


@vdragon Hello, I have been experiencing crazy unstable connections. On quite a few planets. Right now its bad on Berlyn. I’m trying to finish my Jurassic Boundless and its almost impossible. I place a block, game freezes with Unstable connection and I’m thrown several feet from where I was and blocks in all the wrong places. Its constant. It’s killed me a few times while mining and glitched me into lava.

Also my internet is fine and my pc to. It’s definitely server side. A few other players came along and noticed it to.


I ran a boundless ping test, and running at 61ms, which is great. It’s so bad on Berlyn and Munteen right now I had to actually quit playing foe the day. With the updates and the new things, the server issues also need to be fixed before 1.0. The crowds will scream it’s not optimized and whatever other server words they have learned.

So bad I had to log out of the game.


reproducible broken block clipping


@Simoyd Please dont modify anything there!! World/coordnates? --edit location at end of video, fine


roger I’ll leave it for you. Seems to still be happening.

There were a few blocks in vulpto doing this too. @virresss witnessed it too.

I can try and find them again if you like, I know within 5-ish blocks of where they were. Let me know.


If you could I would be interested yes

world-pos 1855,88,-833, local-pos 15,88,15 on a chunk border to the +x/+z side, but not on y-physics-chunk border.
placing a block at 15,88,14 the issue corrects itself on the server, but strangely the physics-chunk delta on the client produces a physics-chunk 1-y taller than the server one… removing the block again and the server chunk again has the issue for the original block…
placing a block underneath at 15,87,15 corrects the issue for the original block, but the block underneath now has the issue instead, again client mesh remains correct, and again removing it the server chunk goes back to the original one being broken… rather strange considering its literally the same code being executed.
placing a block above, the server chunk has correct physics for the new block, but the original remains broken. again removing the new block resets to original broken state.
copy-pasting the setup 16blocks along the z-axis, the same block in the new place has the same issues straight away, copy-pasting 16blocks along the x-axis, no issue. Happens even if manually placing the block 16z along, so no weird lingering dodgy block data causing it… still server-only.

should be enough to figure out wtf is going on. aaaand reproduced locally! yay! so not even some crazy linux/windows platform difference since my client is on linux too now.


Is there any update on when the shift click into storage bug that removes items from your radial wheel will be fixed?


That’s always the hardest, hehe. I’ll see if I can still reproduce with those blocks in vulpto and let you know tomorrow when I get a chance.


yes… reproducing bugs can be ridiculously difficult… this particular bug has been fixed locally now though!


Water reflections acting strangely at Aquatopia:


Thanks for the report, I’ve added it to the bug database.

What is your Chunk Cache Size and Chunk Download Rate set to? Try adjusting them to see if it makes a difference. If nothing changes, then press F1 and then select the Latency Graph option before posting the results here:

There’s more information on what else to provide in the above link too.

Can you go into more detail, or if there’s a forum post about this, could you provide a link for it here?

That’s a very strange bug. Thanks for the report, I’ve added it to the database.


Original post. See #2 - Release 172 - Report issues here
Release 176 - Report issues here
Release 178 - Report issues here

The issue is basically still happening. When putting things in storage many times items in the radial disappear on both hands and have to be replaced into the radial.


Luckily I have one. But since diamond tools lost their ability to hit 3 blocks at once on testing, the issue is naturally absent.

So I would suggest to test with the respective boon from the forge that grants the ability now.


@vdragon Thank you very much. I adjusted the chunks, and runs perfectly now. I never understood them to much and never messed with those settings.



My character is stuck between halfblocks.


IIRC the tiny triangular decorations in Hash Village near the portal to the portal hub do this too and it’s quite easy to reproduce; if a dev wants another affected location I’ll go back there and scrot it.


I get stuck between chiseled angles all the time.