Release 192 - Report issues here


If you lost crafting items in Release 192 please see:


I did not have that task before this last patch. All of my characters had it set as their active task when they logged in. My other 2 Characters automatically had the first task of getting 2 food striked out as complete, on Dumarn it is not marked as complete and shows the 343/2 food items collected. I had the food on my character before logging in for the first time after patch. The crashes do happen when I go through the portal. Happens with both portals in the sanctum, the left and any portal I open up with the right.


Nope - playing on fibre with stable connection


I am experiencing lag when moving vertically. I can run/sprint horizontally just fine but when i jump, even in a small room there is a delay mid jump. I do have the “Jump Height Bonus I” skill. but I notice this even when going down stairs there are delays almost like its a video issue. This is why I tested this in doors with my video settings cranked down to low and still had the exact same issue. I usually play on High with no issues.

EDIT: going up and down stairs/ramps does not cause this issue. It seems to be only when I am falling/jumping. I’m on 100MB cable and get ~60-80ms latency.

EDIT 2: What ever the issue was, the patch just pushed seems to have corrected this for me.
Thanks :slight_smile:


weird falling dmg little edit

It was easy to see how far i feld
the first time i fall down is alike 10 lvs and the second time i got the little dmg is like 4 lvs and then third time with the 500+ dmg its like 5 lvs falling down


Server crashed on me now it says my client is a different version. lol


That’s because they just released a new patch (6.1MB)


An update was just pushed make sure to restart steam to get it.


This just happened to me like 2 minutes ago. Did they just release a 6 MB patch in the last 5 minutes or something? The only update I have from Boundless on Steam was a 7.9 MB download and that was 3 hours ago.


@crypticworlds Yes, it was in the last 10min. version should be 19.1.1 when you load the client.


Okay, I’ll just restart steam.


Mass Craft Nail will cost 72 iron bar to craft 400 Nail
But in feats it is only counted as 144


the disappearing items in the hotbar… not that similar i guess but both involving the hotbar/selection wheels


Any bag packaging stuffs should not discard bag after processing, too wasteful.
Should be similar to the bucket, after the processing returns an empty bag, it can replace the sackcloth in the craft any bag packaging stuffs 10 times,
But not reduce the need for empty bag in bulk and mass craft


or you can just rightclick the game do manage download and then click to download the update


Yes, I can no longer walk/run in a straight line to the upper stairs in the pic.

Mouse Movement activates Journal display


I’ve played for a few hours (62) when I started having problem when using my mouse or mouse pad - even in the sanctum.

The moment I use the mouse my journal is displayed. I tried everything I could think of and eventually I did a re-installation but the problem still exist.evel

I am on level 20 and would like to continue playing.

Thank you,


It sounds like your control setting have got mixed up, please follow:


Thank you very much! It worked!


Issue with signs, haven’t seen it mentioned yet -

Whenever I edit a sign (sign module type, any colour) and I try to adjust any of the options (style, alignment or direction) the right hand arrow does not respond to clicks. The UI moves registering a click, but the options do not cycle. Clicking the left arrow successfully cycles through all options (in reverse) without issue.