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If i drag an item to my hand and replace another item, the replaced item jump to the top spot in my hand.

Step 1.
Moving an item (bone) to low spot in hand over another item (blood).

Step 2.
Replaced item (blood) jump to top position in hand and move top item (hammer) to inventory.


Total plots shows up twice, it’s not a game breaking issue, just thought i’d point it out.


yeah got the same issue, that is super annoiying :stuck_out_tongue:


i still got some isseas with people not normally connected to me. we are all devided. you can see that there are in my list of giving restrictions or whatever but even itself says i dont got 10k prestige when i do have over 200k.

the second 1 i cant see anymore because i got now only the first screen…
this happend about the second screenshot after the huge upgrade with the energy bar and stuff… then after some while
i only saw the first screenshot info…


yes i instant noted it after update
it never happend before
its like you hit a wall if you dont run straight forward on a stair


Block/tool collision has changed. If you are too close to the block it used to still strike the edge you were facing, now it strikes right through the block to whatever is beyond it, somewhat immersion-breaking. You can move backwards and add a little distance to work around it but it’s not ideal.


Wildstock will freeze in one position for a good dozen or so seconds after spawning instead of doing their usual idle animations.


I think this “Spark” should probably read “Heat”?


ive posted my bug on wrong topis sorry heres the link

ok even relogging doesnt help now this happened. …

warped me into space freeze for 10 sec and then this:


I was holding a ruby grapple and ruby slingbow. This was just before the hunt, and it seemed to be the same issue that Dumuru was reporting. I also had not completed the food quest, and Dumuru suggested that I try to complete it to see if that would help, but since I brought down the server every time I left sanctum and there was a team of hunters raring to go (who also had to reconnect every time I tried to join them) I just went with a different character. I can now log in on Intrepid just fine and completed the food challenge the moment I landed. It did occur to me that the server connection issue may be related to all the broken crafting.


I have the same Problem, its like my legs got shorter and my Char has a Hard Time Walking/ Climbing Stairs. The Walking Overall feels like i have a Hip Problem/ Just Stumps as feet…


Sometimes putting items into your hotbar, regardless of what hand, will release your grapple. I know this due to my, “not having tools anymore” on this mining trip. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Also, I’m going to link this here.

Because it’s still a massive issue with the game.


I suspected this yesterday and confirmed today. I am not getting any coin or exp from timed feats anymore. The message never appears and nothing is paid out when they are completed. The progress seemed to start over when I used a portal to another planet but upon visiting the sanctum the progress was full again. I don’t know if this extends to other feats but it is definitely an issue with the timed ones.


I really feel like wear needs to be addressed on machines and recipes. The new wear, for instance, on a mass craft of compact coals makes it impossible to queue 2 mass crafts without repairing after the first. With how long these recipes take you’re essentially requiring the player to sign on every few hours to keep their machines going. This even applies to regular compact coal. Being able to only make 1 or 2 recipes before needing to COMPLETELY repair a machine is absolutely ridiculous.


Why is counting from 5 to 10 profanity


Because seven ate nine.


I guess this is why i can’t smelt any ores…

Edit: It’s maybe a UI issue or bug. all the ores i start to smelt finished at same time.


Worn out Coils keep getting damaged

I’ll try to explain this…

I have 24 advanced coils attached to a machine, If they are all worn outs except one that i repaired, the worn out coils keep getting damage when you craft something.


Spark Generator Is not using or generating energy off of compact coal anymore? Correction, it says 30 per second, but doesn’t tick, it just give’s it all at the same time. Still working though overall! My bad!