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I had this too, but it was correct on next login - did you try again?

The unbalnce isnt realy a specific slingbow. it more about the fact that the Charge dont bost the dmg enuth to be worth it.

Now I have the same Spec and same ruby slingbow with no forging I’m just removing the rapid skill and adding charging and its the same mob im hitting.

10 hits x 2340 dmg
5 seconds
4680 DPS

5 hits x 3015
27 seconds
560 DPS

Click shooting
7 hits x 2380dmg
11 sec
1514 DPS

well i will record a video but i can say from doning huns this long:

Elite Cuttletrunk 1000xp
Elite Wildstock 450xp
Elite spitter 750xp
During a meteor hunt 1 hour i get about 1- 2 levels 2 hours and rthe hunter is at lvl 50 so that would be 200k xp - 400k xp depending how fast we are and what level of meteors. remember also that I tag almost everything that spawns from the meteors 80% - 90% i think.

The problem is when I’m crafting I crafted +3000 meta bricks, 300 refind gold 100 forges, 25 power coils 1200 deco wood, compacted coal, foods, brews and much more! this is just what I remember. and then I spent several hours building with the 3000 meta bricks, refind gold and deco wood.
this is an insane amount of resources.

it took me two days fo playing with my crafter maybe 10 hours minus me not playing. all together trying to get him a second skill set. less than 200k xp. also, I did die more than the hunter but not enough to make it even close to comparing.

thats because rapid is DPS … charge is Tank :slight_smile: but only Vdragon can tell you if its intended or not :wink:

no why woul i take charge as a tank when i can use the rapid. i need dmg to get aggro or everyone ells will take agro from me. when jivita and me went on the hunt Saturday after the update he forged the exact same sling 4 of them at the same time at my request. i gave him one and i took 3 XD, then he picked rapid and took charge. there where not a single time i was able to hold the aggro if jiivita went full out rapid on the mobs. inposible for me too keep up. if you see the video. you see the dps diffrance and that means eaven if i have 100% more aggro thx of the epic i cant keep that up unless i use the rapid. the charge is so bad its eaven worse then the Click shoot.

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If charge gives you more dmg, quicker rapid fire could do half a damage. Buy even if rapid fire meant 50 % of current dmg AmandaPan charge were doubled it will still not make them even.

Not one of these forged items stack.

Here are their associated forged effects.

There is no difference between the spark costs for a char before and after the skill, and there is no difference with different characters if one has skill and other not.

Also noticed anything hit with an alloy chisel sounds metallic (leaves, earth, rock…).

Also to add, if you try to buy a non full stack of one item and you have another non full stack in your inventory, it will say inventory full in the shop stand. This seems to only be the case when the item you are buying and the stack in your inventory are of a different item that is able to be smart stacked together (for example hard coal and soft coal, medium and large fossils, etc). Hope this makes sense, hard to show with screenshots…

Also why is it that if I shift click a smart stack into storage it splits into bunches of 200…

just going by what @Jiivita said in his hunter build video rapid fire = dps - charge = tank

Was only wondering if thats why the dmg is how it is different?

the negative with rapid is that you lose duribliity, but the negative with charge right now is that you do less dps than without the charge ability 560dp vs 1514dps. as it takes longer to shoot and dont bost the dmg enugth to make it worth it. 4680dps vs 560 dps its no brainer ill take the rapid. sure i loose the bow faster but with charge can i survie that long unless im a tank with 210% resistent?


Not sure if this is on the list of bugs currently, but if you use a cleanse point on a skill but don’t confirm and use the cleanse point, then reset your skills, the skill you were going to cleanse shows -1 then the game crashes.

Sorry… ALT - 65

I had never timed day and night cycles before and I don’t think you all have released the times for each. From what I can tell, though, night feels much shorter. I have no idea about day… I guess it feels the same.

Ultimately, both feel too short especially if night is going to be actually less than day.

I agree, nights feels to short now, equal day/night would be better.
Boundless is very beauty in the nights (in daytime i hide in a bunker).


Well, I haven’t leveled on that character since the last patch other than this. Sorry, but it’s an alt that I don’t play that often. But I know another player had a similar experience in Discord when I first mentioned it

Also another bug i noted: When i create a new character when i select a new body type it looks fine when I press ESC while i’m in the sanctum. The correct body is shown looking out at the screen. However as soon as I go through my first portal to begin my journey my character body becomes default and is always default from then on.

Across 3 characters i’ve never been able to make a character that doesn’t have the default body type.

when using bombs to break blocks you only get experience if it takes more than one bomb to break them

not sure if this is intended or not as i can see arguments for both sides of giving/not giving exp for bomb mining

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I see the Forge will give a boon/allocate boon points on roll, wait a second or so then reallocate the points to a different boon, or even sometimes switch boon altogether if it’s the first spin on that boon (before it’s locked in, so to speak). If it’s not already in the database I’ll try and snap the two events later.

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this is a deliberate thing now simply because you can customise your character with cubits (earned in-game… not P2W)

But also the devs are ( i think) planning on some form of char creation for release

@Jiivita aalthough i have never used bombs myself i think a fair way of doing this (simply because bomb mining would be quite OP) is to literally half the exp you get (per block total) for bomb mining

Dormant Meteorites don’t drop anything for a while (not sure how long) after going dormant. Bug or intended?

There also seems to be some issues with the shops. It’s not displaying the correct amount of coins spent though the correct amount is being taken. Also I ran into an issue where the seller had put their items in smart stacks of 200 each and I could only buy one stack and any time I attempted to buy another it would tell me my inventory was full regardless if I attempted to do it in the same transaction or two separate transactions.

Smart Stacks aren’t made when a stack is placed on a another stack of the same item that isn’t already full.

To expand on the Swimming issue someone else mentioned when I jump in the water while holding the spacebar or go down till I’m touching the bottom and then “jump” and hold the spacebar I can break the surface but if I press the spacebar to swim up while in the middle of swimming I can’t break the surface.

Question about critical effect
so ive been testing critical effect on slingbows.
ive forged my self a slingbow with 100% critical effect and lots of dmg but the dmg isn’t relevant here.

I’m doing 6768 dmg crit and 4888 dmg normal, then when i look on the sling bow its dmg is 4888 (skill effect 3008dmg and forge effect 980dmg) also remember this sling is a ruby sling so its base dmg is 900. 20180805101659_1

so when i do the math the critical dmg on the sling is only 1880 dmg added to the sling. I think that because the crit is only based on the base dmg (900 of the sling and the forge bonus (980) that adds up in my case to 1880 crit so the extra dmg from skills it totally skiped. is this suppose to be like this? should it not be based on the total values and be added as the last modifier to the damage?

also with Buff like Bew strength and +dmg augments what hapens to crit? ( i havent tested it yet)

If its supose to be like this, there is nothing that explains that the skill effect isnt add in to the critical


I was critting while testing a diamond forged bow and it was only adding 20 dmg on a crit. I’d been wondering about the same thing! Ta.

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