Release 195 - Report issues here

  1. On character and exchange pages thousand separator has changed in my client to  character.
  2. My portal is rendering its view differently than before. It shows thru the wall when changing move position.
    Example video
Location information
Worldname: euc_c1_home
Player game position:  1�16N 148E (Altitude: 122)
Camera position: 147.86, 123.60, -1916.42
Camera light: 1.0039, 0.5804, 0.3843
Camera direction: 0.067, -0.140, -0.988
Facing: NORTH

Thanks for the coordinates. Although I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue, you have included videos showing the issues in action, so I’ll add these to the bug database.

What’s the location?

By “camp”, did you mean you placed beacons around them?

Thanks for the coordinates. The issue is very apparent after visiting the location, so I’ve added it to the bug database.

@crazygirlclub, do you remember the exact issue you had regarding skill points when levelling up?

Thanks for reporting the issue, we’ve added it to the bug database.

Is it that area around the top left-middle of the screenshot?

I’m not seeing it on the character I have, but your screenshot does clearly shown the errors, so it’s a bug. Are there any other instances of it occurring elsewhere?

Thanks for the video and information. It’s definitely occurring at that location, so a bug will be added to the database.

Oops yes sorry - the floating island top left with the structure that doesn’t look much like a frog. When I noted the draw distance the first crop of yellow-green trees there would’ve been a much worse quality, using fewer sides for each polygon. It’s now back as I’d expect as far as I can see (but I haven’t travelled to other places since the update).

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I don’t understand what happened but this problem resolved.

Shouldn’t this thread be closed by now because of 196? @vdragon @james

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