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I dont know if this is a bug but there is way fewer mobs on in the worlds.
on vulpto even after an hour of walking around i haven’t even seen as many mobs a lvl 2 meteor spawns. the same goes for other worlds too. more mobs on mounteen and nasharil but still considerably less then before the update

When you build and have placed your first 100 block it dont update so you can continue to the next 100 blocks in the smart stack. you have to switch item and back.

I think James said it was something to do with balance aimed at having 8 tiers of worlds instead of 3

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On character creation, body types always cycles forward even if you press the left/previous button.

Edit: Incorrect Instruction on Sanctum Tutorial
This might be a little confusing to the new players. The notification says that warp conduit is complete and to interact with it. However, I’m yet to choose a landing site (shown by right red box) and conduit is still not complete (shown by left red box).

Edit 2: Insufficient Info on Accessing The Exchange
As a returning player (from quite a long break), I’m finding it hard to find the “Exchange” required by the first objective. I actually completely forgot about the Tab and pressed each letter keys. The objective’s description added to the confusion when it said “from the Exchange in the Main Menu” but pressing Esc (which is titled “Main Menu”) doesn’t have a UI for the exchange. Probably indicate to press Tab for the UI?

PS: Not an issue but just want to say that collecting rewards in exchange feels really good!

Edit 3: Incorrect Objective Sequence on Beacon Introduction (I guess)
After creating a Beacon Control and Beacon Fuel, the game instructed me to place the beacon control and fuel it. It seems it assumes that I will place it inside the campfire but I did not. The outcome is, I have a beacon control on a plotless area and can’t put fuel since it says something like plotless beacon cannot be fueled hence, I’m stuck. With my previous game knowledge, I knew I had to make a beacon plotter and plot a land on that beacon which has not been taught by the game at this time.

Edit 4: Incorrect Objective Sequence on Introduction to Storage Blocks
After the “Your Journey Begins” where you can now freely pick an objective in the objectives menu, the only available objective is the “Core” which asks you to place 32 blocks on your beacon. Upon completion, it will automatically change to “If you Build it They Will Come” where you are now tasked to create 4 Torches, 2 Doors, and 4 Storage Blocks. New players could get stuck at this as it needs a glue and the furnace is not yet introduced. Upon checking the objectives menu, the furnace quest is there though it does not explicitly mention that it can create glues. I don’t know if I’m being too hand holding with this one or I’m just wary of what will be the new player’s perception of the game upon release :slight_smile:


Not gaining skill points when leveling. And not gaining Coins and XP when completing feats.

Created a new character after this update. The character is currently level 3 and has 0 skill points. Upon leveling 2 to 3 I got the notification of leveling and +2 number of skill points.

I also have 0 coins after completing 2 feats that are supposed to reward coins.

According to the tool tip Imperfect Boon Compound 2 gives 200 Boon Points and 100 Defect Points.
The same as Imperfect Boon Compound 1.
But looking the the way the other Compounds scale it should be 400 Boon Points and 200 Defect Points.
I’m still setting up my forge so i could not check if its just a tool tip typo or if the values in the forge are also wrong.

Logandi, You get your rewards for those things in The Exchange.

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Have you been to the exchange to open the boxes to receive your skill points, even though you’ve leveled up don’t actually get them until you collect them.

Just noticed cryptIworlds had already answered this

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It may be user error but I’m experiencing an issue wherein once I pull out my beacon plotter, I can’t get the plot boxes (the visual plot rectangles rendered in the world) to go away unless I exit the game and relog.

Vigor is not regenerating - unable to use centraforge.

I have two characters, and one has two skill sets. Both Characters have full power across all skill sets. Both Characters have the Epic Forge skill.

Have attempted to break the centraforges and replace, made sure they were all cleared out.

I’ve verified game files, and done all the troubleshooting I could with a Veteran Player who advised I post my dilemma here in the forums.

Screen shots below show 0 Vigour.

Like @Stretchious and @Barneylee57 Have mentioned in this thread buying from shop stands shows wrong values when confirming the transaction. It seems to show previous transaction price instead of just made one.


I noticed this too, bring back auto equip via smart stack!

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Check the exchange, your skill points are there

Thank you, thats what i was missing


You can press B to enable and disable Plot View.

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Trying to canceling a queued item in a workbench causes the message: “Connection lost: Your connection to the game server has been lost”

upon reconnecting the item has not been canceled from the queue.

Yes I can confirm I’ve had the same thing, confused the hell out of me initially. At first I thought it was a bug that had given me an absolute bargain then did another transaction from the same stand and the value was that of what my last sale should of showed. The right amount of money is still deducted but as you say it displays the value of the previous sale.

I think this has already been reported but just in case it hasn’t, I can no longer rearrange items within a stack, I don’t think it happens all the time but certainly when you just have one type of item within a stack. If you try to rearrange them, eg. move them from the bottom slots to ones at the top of the stack, then they just jump back to where you picked them up from.

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Noobie here trying to place first beacon campfire. I get an error with a red box when trying to place it on ground. The error message is: “campfire requires 2 plots to place.”

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