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I had this happen to me once, but after I quit and relaunched the game the mouse wheel worked properly.

I don’t remember what I was doing that triggered this behavior, but I think I had been manipulating my inventory. Maybe I was using he mouse wheel as I closed the inventory screen?

It happened once and I have not observed it since.

Well seems those were bit off, but here’s a video of the different heights you take damage from different block types from, hope it’s conclusive enough.

What i’m wondering about that is, is it intensional(to encourage the use of fall damage reduction skill?) or should you take same fall damage from same height for all the block types?

Only other ambient lighting inside the building is some cool mint gleam. Walls are mix of metamorphic refined. White lighting on external building and internal on floor above.

Sorry I don’t recall. I completed step 1 (Tools/Weapons/Tech?) and then step 2, but I can’t get back to step 2 to check the objectives and I can’t see them on any other characters because they don’t have shop stands or that objective (which comes after other selling objectives they’ve not yet completed). Basically I completed all the objectives on both steps, but step 2 completion sent me back to step 1. So whatever is in step 2. :slight_smile:

Usually I note it on the dailies (they are what I pin when I log in before I set out) but it seems to be on any objective after the first is added. I’ll try some combinations next I’m on.

Yes they’re fine and WAI if I do it once out of the Sanctum.

@vdragon @Tuudi
Can confirm that this happens, have noticed that I sometimes take damage walking over slopes while spelunking. Haven’t been able to reproduce it though.

I had it couple of times. Once, also, maybe related, I could not manipulate anything in inventory and machines, because I had stack of rocks “glued” to cursor and clicking did nothing.

I am having an issue with signs. I can read what is displayed but when I press E to interact I can only report. Yet signs placed at my base by a friend I can see the additional text.

I recently connected a second generator to my spark network and it turns out the the “Total system spark” on each generator only shows the charge on that generator, not the total…

You need to place them next to each other for them to share spark


Still seems like a bug, if you check the machines connected to the same network they add up the total but the generators do not and the text reads “Total system spark”

@Chaan Are your individual spark cores physically touching each other or are they seperate but connected by spark cords?

@GreyArt247 Seperate but connected by coord to the same machines and each other

@Chaan … As @Stretchious mentioned you need to place them next to each other for them to act as one spark core to show the total, this will also allow you to put different fuels in them at the same time. You can connect up to a total of 16 together to make a matrix but it can only be a configuration of 4 blocks maximum in any one direction. … the machines are showing the total spark because they are connected to both of the cores but because the cores are not machines they only show there individual spark unless you place them together then they act as one … They also then repair as one.


@GreyArt247 I completely understand that that is how it works currently, still feels like a bug since the system actually has more spark (machines have access to it) but it doesn’t show it under the heading “Total System Spark”, might be that the caption is just bad but what else is the total system if not the network with all the connected machines.

Doing it your way could be ambiguous though too…

Sparkcore — machine — sparkcore ---- machine — sparkcore

Machine 1 recieves spark from core 1 and 2
Machine 2 recieves spark from core 2 snd 3

What is the ‘system’ here for core 2? If you look at core 2 should it show sum of 1, 2 or sum of 2,3 ?

I do agree the text maybe shouldn’t use the word system, though in this case its referring to the system of merged cores when you have group of cores touching.


@vdragon - this lighting issue is now fixed. For some reason changing the price reset the lighting on the Gleam and it went back to all the same colour.

I am getting this message but I’m only connect to one settlement… I’ve checked all of the possible connected plots… this should not be happening.

Died of drowning while swimming at top of water. I was swimming under water and a cuttletrunk was also swimming underwater at the same time. The cuttletrunk was still able to fully attack me underwater. I was half way or so out of breath so I went back up top to kill it. As I was killing it, I was still taking drowning damage and eventually died to it while at top with full breath.

Just started an alternate character this evening (CraftyTowner) and I went mining for the first time. I’ve acquired 15 copper ore so far and my feat counter shows zero acquired still. It’s not counting the metal ores I’m pulling out of the ground.

EDIT: Update: I hit 75 copper ore gathered and then it started to count. numbers 76, 77, 78 and 79 were added to my character bringing me up to 4 total.

Have the same issue. Two beacons together and touching across 2 plots. Also overlapping a bit and still instead of merging as one settlement I hv this message.