Release 197 - Report issues here

I have this recurring issue with my hands where if I switch an item in right hand manually via Q key, my mouse wheel no longer works for my left hand until I use the Q key for it too, then it goes back to working properly. I have my mouse wheel set to change dominant hand, which is my left hand. Right hand I always have to change manually, but sometimes when I do, it wont let use the mouse wheel for my left hand until I use the Q key on my left hand. Also, when using the Q key to fix my left hand, it always clears whatever is in my right hand and I have to reselect it

@lucadeltodecso Either you would take the easy route and count the generator as a connector and let all the machines take charge from all the generators in that situation (one system). This would limit factory designs a bit though if you actually wanted to get the behaviour you described above. But in that case something like “Generator group charge” would be a better caption since that would be more obvious or the more advanced solution might be to render a list of connected systems but I don’t see the need for that.

It looks like you earn 0xp from crafting Trunk to Timber in a Crafting Table. Is that WAI?

Haven’t been able to find previous reports of this so here goes. Whenever I buy or sell something from shop stands or to request baskets the total spent value lags one deal behind.

Buy for a total of 20c

Payed 620c?

Then buy for 465c

Nice only hade to pay 20c…

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Another issue with shop stands:

Bombs for 90c

0c to actually buy them? But I can’t afford that?

@vdragon About tracking settlements, so as I understood the earlier reply you would have to choose to track the settlement. That’s fine then (with the text being updated) but how do I actually go about doing that? Ran around Lamblis Market for a while and while it says that I am in Lamblis Market there is no “current settlment” or such under the settlements tab and I can’t find any beacons that don’t read as “outside settlement”.


Did you have atmosphere protection? Delta Cancret requires you to have at least one point in an atmosphere protection skill as it’s one of the level 4 inhospitable worlds; without this you “have no air” and asphyxiate after about 90 seconds.

thank you for reporting this! I noticed it the other day as well, but haven’t had time to come in here and make a post.

Journal Task “Warp That Way” Travel through a Warp to xxx World (don’t remember what was it, I think it was rugged) and second one I don’t remember it’s name, but with somewhat similar objective, would not trigger no matter what. Then suddenly when I explored 20th region on Serpensarindi (157th total), those two task triggered just like that… god knows why.

Now I got in my Journal “Warp This Way” Travel through a Warp to Inhospitable World, and it’s not triggering either, though I were on Inhospitable worlds many time. I’ll report if it triggers when I try to warp by those hand made conduits to an Inhospitable world.

@sztosz Did you actually warp to the planets? I noticed that those objectives didn’t seem to trigger if you use a portal.

I used the hand made Warp Conduit, not the portals. And it did not trigger for rugged. I tried it twice. Then few days later (~25 min ago) boom, them task just out of nowhere trigger after uncovering another region on Serpenssardini ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yes. I had been on the planet already for hours.

I know its been posted before, but still making me angry =(

-When you start drowning, then surface for air, all of your environmental damage goes away, and you start to die to the planet hazard. This makes diving soooo dangerous… and i like diving… and hate death

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About the strange looking gleam light. On the shelf behind me with coords, if any dev wants to visit…

It’s important you don’t have any light in hand. With thorch those circles inside the gleam are not so obvious.

I noted it before, and it was pointed out to me that the devs are aware. :wink:

It triggered for me once i started warping around the planet type in question. Dunno if that helps. :wink:

Found how to reproduce an atlas crash bug, put one ruby in the atlas and have two diamonds in your inventory then pick up the diamond stack and drop it on the atlas. Instant carsh to desktop. Have sent a bunch of crashdumps today… :wink:

Probably the same bug as @auben reported earlier.


infinite death penalty and game control loss while dying when porting to sanctum. had to shut game down via task manager.

I updated to v197 … and now when I launch the game, it is as if I have to start my character from scratch.

My saved game and character (over 100 hrs worth of game play) is missing. even with new character, I am not able to find my steam friends.

How do I recover my character?

You can’t because they wiped the game last month. Everybody is on new characters. I think the wipe was around the 20th. It’s a brand new universe.