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I wasn’t too surprised they don’t merge here, but I also added plots where red “plus” signs are in the picture below and it still didn’t want to create a settlement:

I have seen the topic about how merging work - I am still surprised how many plots seem to be needed to make it happen.


Yes, and by window i was reffering this whole crafting window what you see when you press “e” on a machine, your character with that stuff in the right.
It is supposed to be visible, when he walks out of this window? In this screenshot, he’s not behind blocks, he stood there when i entered into the mixer, that glyph just stood there when his character moved elsewhere.


yes just rough oortstone sorry


I happens randomly in very different places, when I get this next time I’ll check FOV. When it does occur, and I have a block before me, when I dig that block up (destroy it with ie. hammer) without moving camera (not moving mouse or movement keys) this glitch goes away. It’s just on observation for now :wink:


So you definitely didn’t accidentally press E after you pressed Enter, but before it?

Yes that is correct - It still shows the E in chat, and I only pressed E once - As I said, I type really fast in general, and I usually hit enter as I pretty much hit the last letter in my sentence, like a split second right before - this is what seems to cause it.

I just tested it as well again to make sure :slight_smile:


Yes, it is the first time I have seen it.


I was offloading some of the resources i had gathered into request baskets at the omni shop and for some reason I couldnt sell my fiborous leaves nor open the stack even thought the basket had coins and i was able to us the other ones in the shop.



@Lord-Proteus Not sure if this is the same thing that happened to you but I noticed that quite often I can’t open smart stacks when selling to request baskets. If I remove the thing I want to sell from the smart stack before opening the basket I can sell it just fine. Haven’t experimented with it but maybe only the first stack in the smartstack is considered when it filters out what can be sold and not?


It happens to me sometimes as well. Rock is not straight but has some natural looking flow to the geometry. And I think it can happen if the geometry gets too close to the camera. Never happens to me with straight blocks like refined stone etc.


Thanks for the tips. I will keep that in mind next time i sell things



Is there a new bug on the atlases?

According to my atlas there is no diamond or Med Coal(on Serp), even though i mined the coal from the planet…I also travelled to different worlds looking for the elusive saltpeter, and according to the atalses i have, there is none left :cold_sweat:
Also the game crashed while i was typing this :pensive:

Edit: Found 9 diamond in the mtn I’m standing on in the second screenshot. After reloading the game, of course.


I haven’t seen this reported anywhere, but I think the full up buff is broken…
isn’t it supposed to prevent the max hunger from going down? or is that well fed?
if that’s well fed, what is full up supposed to do?
if i top up my stamina bar with cooked earthyams (or even when I first eat a teaching loaf for that matter) then by the time i use up all my stamina in one go, the full up buff is over and my max stamina has gone down so far that i already need to eat another cooked earthyam. if I wait for more than a couple seconds to eat it, the max stamina will go down further and by the time full up is over again I’ve got even less stamina so I’ll have to eat an extra earthyam to catch up after just a few stamina cycles. I seem to be going through absurd amounts of food in this patch.

is this working as intended? does this require debate? should I make another thread for this?


AFAICT Full Up gives you that 20HP slow regen tick while you have it. I was expecting less max energy reduction while it was active but doesn’t appear so.

Yes. :frowning:


The recent hofix removed the wear bars when looking at machines and spark cores.
Power Coils still have them.


Have the same ting


Taking massive fall damage all of a sudden, nearly 1000dmg from falling 8 blocks

Edit happening consistently

again that was from just 8 blocks high


[we’re still in 197 right?]
(I know this request may be futile, but it would really really be awesome if we could see the patch notes before the servers go offline. not only is it important to know what’s coming so I can prepare, but also because I like to read the patch notes while the servers are down and get excited about new features… although I do understand the priority of actually getting it done over just talking about it.)

when you look at furnii they don’t tell you if anything is crafting anymore.


Full up is what you get when max stamina is almost full, that gives the 20hp regen. It can be given by any food or brew if it raises your max stamina to full ( like eating 2 steaks).

Well fed is a specific buff, like that of a teaching pie or persisting loaf. You get it from higher tiers of basic starberry, yam and steak foods (starberry stew, yam loaf etc.) THIS is the buff that maintains max hunger bar at full. THIS is why you want to buy my yam stews if you hanger the energy epic, 3 stews per hour = no hunger…


gooootcha. thank you. it was pies that i was eating pre-wipe that was keeping my stamina bar up :wink:
I am eating loaves now. it all makes sense.