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Epic draw distance and High terrain detail when I took those screenshots.

No matter how much grass seed I place within a new character’s beacon on Refgar, this never completes:

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Im only getting 2 drops from plants with gathering and max luck, that just doesnt quite seem right…

Are you on a placid/starter world? I think they max out at 2 per drop type on those worlds.

I depends on the plant kind, and also the level of the world. On low levels you won’t get more. And actually I think the info game is giving you is misleading. On Luck skill tooltip it states correctly that it increases chance of rare drop, and from what we know from devs, a drop of more than 2 items is also counted as a “rare” drop. But in Profile/Motion and Action it’s called Drop Rate Mod. (with 8 luck it’s x2.8) but it’s way more complicated, and it’s not explained anywhere in the game.

@vdragon - I couldn’t find that block again that triggered a bouncing effect from Sochaltin but here is one on Refgar:

Location in debug info window. Character bounces about ½ block in height over and over until you move. No fall damage observed.

Are you making it grow?

When i did spot of gardening, it only registered when i placed the grass seed that goes with the block type, so gnarled on clay(its the one i remember) i know they spawn on certain soil types so it may be that you have to match em up…Hope this helps.

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Dont accept friend requests while in storage…

I couldnt do anything after accepting the request, had to close game via X

Edit: @vdragon I’ll get back to Kada 1 eventually but this is near the split water screenshot 328N 1535E 64alt(ish)
The other screenshot is on the other side of the forest that is near that location, not sure of direction atm

Yep, grew at least 10 blocks fully with multiple clicks.

Did not know that! Must’ve got it right by accident in the past, heh. Thank you!

This number just keeps going up on Sochaltin I tonight:


Edit: It finally stopped at 9436.

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Found another bug, Forging doesnt work on Iron Fists.

The Radial selector tool removal bug is back!
it’s hard to explain so I took a video.
basically if you’re in a machine and you shift click part of a smart stack into it, your selected item will get removed from the radial selection wheel.

It also seems to unequip slot 1 left hand and slots 1-3 right hand, at random, after a logout/login.
I found a bug: I am unable to do anything in the game but chop down Desert Swords if they are in sight. Send help.

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Today I was trying to setup a portal, and I created a 2x1 one, then added fuel and the token. It said that the portal was too small, so I added one more block to the top without removing the fuel and the token and… both of them disappear. There was space behind, but the items didn’t popup.
With the dormant meteorites giving nothing, getting oort stones is a bit harder, so please, don’t ask me to try it again :slight_smile:

Hey hey hey your resident water glitch finder here with some more water glitch, this one is new to my home island on beckon, and i got you some coords this time :wink:

I am standing in the glitch here and regaining “breath”
This is right outside the glitched area
And directly above the area
Didn’t get back to Kada 1 yet though, game crashed twice today, see above report, and the second time i was Forging a 4 stack of iron hammers

Edit: woooooo the lag was brutal tonight! but heres some more and from Kada.

weird right?! one lil triangle of water all by its lonesome :smiley:

This bug is still around and is happening with more frequency lately, at least for me…

Jumping a height of 3-4 blocks and taking thousands of damage from landing by stairs or slopes… happens random and when you least expect it…

Break a Trunk block, if drop sap or bark, won’t drop trunk at same time

look at right top corner

Here’s one. I’ve seen it a few times before, after ya trade with another player it still shows that that player is in the trade screen when clearly they are not.

He’s currently lost in my maze :smiling_imp: , he made it thru and i awarded him a forged hammer for his effort, although the durability forged on it is bugged :frowning:

This atlas from Alcyon is 50/50 and still shows a region undiscovered.

Strange texture of refined gleam