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I want to buy but i can’t :smiley: I have enough coins… If I buy Items before, the dialog-window show me a wrong value of coins that i have spend

I buy two shovels for 294c

The window shows me the value for the one shovel that I buy before this purchase…


I’ve been seeing the same, this entire patch. The coin shown always shows the previous transaction, but the coin change reflects the actual price.

As far as I can tell it’s a bug where the pop up is checking the transaction value before it has been updated.

It happens to me both buying and selling. The first transaction always says 0c


I found a bug in the game yesterday. When I would type in the name of my character if i pushed the arrow keys, it would start typing in some questing marks. There were also some Exclamation marks i think. Also they even overlapped each other at times.

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I upgrade my Axe Mastery by one point and I’m pretty sure that give me 5% to damage and 9 to action speed for axes, hammers, shovels, slingbows, chisels, spanners and fists. Is it right? :laughing:

If you supply a machine with more power than is required it will infect reduce the machine’s crafting time (up to a possible max of around a 50% reduction.

Crafting was incorrectly showing you the fastest possible speed when you didn’t have enough power (the knowledge base was showing the correct base time). We have fixed this internally now, and will get it into the next possible version.
Along with this fix, we have also added Spark reductions into the calculation, more power means less spark needed!


I’d give you few hearts for that response, but since I can only give one by the response itself, here’s few more: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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The game crashes if you allocate skill points, switch to another character page, press ESC then accept the changes. In this specific case it’s the energy regen epic.


From looking at your previous reply, when you said:

I read that as though you mentioned that the character was in shot, which you now clarified that it isn’t the case.

Anyway, thanks very much for the video, it does show the issue clearly which would have been quite hard to show in a screenshot, so I’ve added this to the bug database.

It’s typing without looking at the keyboard.

Let us know if you get it to occur with a particular sequence of characters.

I’ve not been able to reproduce this so far. What type of Slingbow were you using and what level is your character at?

From that linked forum topic in reply to another player:

So you may need to add more to these areas.

It’s been reported by @Kirinvar in post #577, for which a bug has already been added to the database.

I checked this and it looks like the Request Basket may have an issue accepting smart stacks, so I’ll add this to the bug database. But just to double check, if another player gets this message and the Request Basket is not full, could you ask that player to split the stack before trying to sell items just to check if the same message still appears?

What are your graphics settings like (especially the Draw Distance and Terrain Detail in particular)?

We’ve pushed some server fixes, so this should hopefully be okay now.

What is your General Damage Modifier set to in your Profile -> Combat and Effect section? If it’s 0% then you won’t see any difference if you enable the Damage Epic skill.

I think someone mentioned this once before, but I’ll add your comments to the database anyway.

What are the coordinates where this is located?

The fact that you replied to one of my long posts made me check it again to see if I had responding to one of your earlier posts. I couldn’t see any quoted post from it, but in any case, I’ll add your report to the database

Sorry about that, I’ll add your comments to the existing bug report. Out of interest, what type of blocks did you fall onto?

It’s been reported a few times, including in this forum topic by @Bryethewizard in post #300. The fix will be in the game soon.

Whereabouts in the game are you typing? Can you submit a screenshot showing this?

I’m not seeing this. What other skills did you enable?

Did you have the option to submit a crash dump afterwards?

Yes I did.

Cheers. So you’ve hit the same issue that was reported by @Phoenxflame and @No-Face in posts #65 and #74 respectively. We should have a fix for this soon.

Thank you, and for the other responses - good to hear about server fixes.

It was soil in this instance, off-world, placed by player soil.

Stack of nine Iron slingbows (not sure if it matter, but i right clicked stack so it shows nine slingbows, and then right clicked random one of the stack). I was at lvl 41 at the time.

PS4 only allows 4 characters on the “North” Coordinates so to go negative is impossible. That need fixing. Also alt should be locked in with the acct so I can see my other accts Home beacon at least.


PS4 user here (I didn’t see a separate thread for PS4 users, sorry if I missed it)!

I’ve encountered two bugs so far on the PS4:

1.) Trophy “list” (as in; the entire list) refuses to synchronize. I’ve unlocked 5 or 6 trophies and the list refuses to sync with the PSN (Really love my trophies, lol).

2.) During the beacon tutorial mission when it asks that you re-name the beacon. I was in the middle of typing in a name and a creature “pushed” me too far from the beacon. It forced the naming window closed and wouldn’t allow my character to open the typing screen again. I was then unable to complete the tutorial mission. I tried leaving the world and rebooting. Those things didn’t fix it. I had to delete my character and start my character over completely to finish the tutorial.

It’s right. I’m sorry because I havn’t additional info you asked for. So here I just reply to your post to make your attention. Sorry again if it make some troubles for you.

My alt on the computer can not give permissions to my alt on PS4, same account. They are not allowed to be on at the same time. Will there be a way to do this?

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Have some bugs/oversights:

You cant buy Forged Items correctly
Shops say “0c spent/gained” regardless of how much you spent.
Landing on a sloped block negates fall damage
Furnaces show Incorrect cost when changing from a character w/o or w/ Efficiency.
You can just use stone chisels on the Level 5 Planet and tunnel through the ground rapidly
Drowning on a hazardous atmosphere planet will give you the debuff of the atmosphere, regardless of protection level.
Luck doesn’t work right on plants? Havent tested this fully
Fungi are extremely rare.

I know it’s hard to read over 600 posts, so don’t take it as a critique, simply most of this was already reported few times :slight_smile:

I’m curious about luck being bugged. Can you elaborate?