Release 197 - Report issues here

The game often crashes when passing portal frequently between multiple harmful atmospheric planets
(Crash report has been uploaded)

Thinking its a visual bug with not having enough coils attached.

Mass craft @ 1500 Power is a 12h 30m craft time.

Mass craft @ 1400 Power (which isn’t possible) shows a 3h 7m craft time.

Also noticing an inconsistency with coils reducing time on tools/weapons in comparison with other items in the workbench. Tools/Weapons don’t get reduced but most other items do get their craft time reduced.

There is a critical bug on ps4. Whenever I spawn. In from sanctuary to my beacon in Finata the game crashes. Already happened like 50 time.
Don’t like it when game crashing twice in 1 min

4 times already can’t spawn in anymore…
Not playeble anymore. Happens only in Finata.

@vdragon. Can we have an update on this bug? It is still happening. It is a pretty decent quality of life bug that hopefully can just be fixed.

Not sure if anyone reported this yet, but from watching PS4 streams it looks like the atlas is bugged.
Discovered regions have fog over them, but all the undiscovered ones don’t. It also has weird graphical glitches with the distortion on the region borders.

The “Trading…” dialog will display as long as the person has the trading window open, even after completed trade.

There’s also a bug where it keeps showing, though.

It’s a feature, not a bug.

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I’m having issue witht the chat, I can’t pm friends who are on other planets, but they can pm me and their names only apper as “<!?>” when they pm me from different planet than which I’m on

Also this has been the case since the launch of the 1.0 though for now I could confirm it for sure.

Not another mastery. Control 2, Dexterity 3, Agility 3, Tool Craft 2, Weapon Crafting 1, Tech Crafting 1, Machine Crafting 1, Volume Crafting, Shadow Effect, Efficient Crafting, Jump Distance, Volatile Protection 3. Or something like that. I’ll tell you more accurately when shell return to the game

circarpous I was disconnecting a group of us over and over again, now we’re all stuck out of the game :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Ditto to the above. I managed to sign back in, but the Portal to Circa is saying Websocket Closed.

alot of us are still getting the “Character still connected dialog” after like 10 minutes and are unable to play at all. We can’t get to sanctum to warp anywhere…

seems to be working now again for me.

Its working for me too! Im back ingame however im getting "your connection to the game server has been lost.

Not a bug as such but I think some consideration should be given to the relationship between Gleam Club membership and having a reason to progress the Home Insurance feat line.


New World Order objective isn’t completing when I craft a Warp Augment in the workbench.

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As I understand it, the crafting time without enough power, shows the crafting time with max power on the machine. You have the normal crafting time when you have exactly enough power for the craft. As you add power above the required amount, your crafting time starts to decrease.
That’s what I’m pretty sure I remember reading

@vdragon The affected feat was To Mine, Or Not To Mine 1. it seems a lot of people are having the same issue.