Release 197 - Report issues here

I can’t seem to sell any forged items on the stands. I put a price in but it won’t let anyone purchase them.

Is there something I am doing wrong?

Seems to be a bug with forged items. For the moment you need to hand trade them

There is a small textbug in the exchange menu,
when i click on Tint kit, it shows me how many tint kits i have, but it shows the wrong string, it shows
“you currently have 1 Skill set Reset Token” where it shoud be “you currently have 1 Tint kit”
where as the number is right, its just the item name that is wrong here.

I cannot purchase for PS4 on any purchase platforms (web, app, or on PS4). “An error has occurred (WC-40363-6)”

Before skilled tax epic was the price 120/108c
After i should become 111c but it doesn’t show it at the right side in price list
I think it’s a display bug

Or is the problem the owner of the plot?
The character of the owner has not skilled the tax epic

the description of the epic, I think, specifically says it’s the owner of beaconed shop stands that must revisit them for the lower tax to kick in

The atlas show every region the first time I used it. But

not the region im in. (I had 3 discoverd). When I switch region, the region im in become blank

I’m on PS4. Loving the game. My Atlas Works in Reverse!!! places I have discovered are greyed/blued out while places I haven’t been are fully visible. This is also if I apply Fibrous leaf filter to the atlas. I can only see places I haven’t been.

very true. They are working on this, and its a bug they have on the bug kill list. Very soon.

also WELCOME!! new ps4 player.

That plateau of lava is… curious…

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The feat, “To Mine, Ore Not to Mine” does not track correctly.

I had 545 metal ores mined. I broke some Gold Seam and Iron Seam and collected the drops, and it still said 545. Maybe it’s stuck on a single ore such as Copper, Silver, or Titanium, and needs fixed so it’s tracking all metal ores?

I think Opals from Basic Boulders (possibly other sources) still make it tick up until a fix.

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This is what happens when I push the arrow keys when typing my character name(When I make a new character) and when typing in chat:

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Initiated a fight with a cuttletrunk that hadn’t detected me yet by shooting it with an unmodified iron slingbow and got this in the damage log.


I’ve seen this also with an unmodified iron slingbow on a Cuttletrunk

Gleam club overrides beacon fuel timers when looking at other people’s beacons. If I have gleam club and look at a beacon that is not mine and is low on fuel, it appears to me as being fully fueled. This prevents me from seeing if other users beacons are close to expiring or not.

Just noticed this when checking the settlement details

Plots, beacons, and planetary rank all failed to load

Thanks for reporting issues over the past few days. We’re currently in the process of testing a patch, so apologies if I don’t get around to replying to everyone, especially if you have seen my posts that exceeded the 32,000 character list on the Discourse forums.

did something about this ps4 crash already ???
this game is bad on ps4 is below 30fps most of the time. I’m asking sony for a refund,.

Two more on Steam with the disconnect/connection issues: