Release 199: New Decorative Props, Server Optimisation and Fixes!


Well it seems to have stopped now so either it was a massive amount that you had to rezone since it sounds like it increases by a lot now per region or it was a temporary issue.


Needs to be tested.

The fuse delay for small range bombs will probably negate the “softrock” advantage in terms of speed.
And the “rehardening” of rocks will counter the use of large range bombs.

But it surely gets more complicated, maybe there is still a sweet-spot somewhere.


I dont know but I went from level 11 to 20+ and then dropped the connection. I think the amount of xp was the same every time I loaded a new zone.


FYI in case people have not seen:


I wonder if this change to bombs destroying resources and other blocks equal also means that hammer will cut trough resources the same rate they cut trough rock and the like.
In other words; is it just the block health for resources that got updated or is it something specific to bombs?


Maybe bomb deal double damage to source ?
Need to check after the update.


level 51224 now tnxs nice update


Salt? Trying to figure out if you’re mad.


well sure… A really nice Gem aoe hammer can do this… but with a cheaper titanium hammer? if you don’t want to use gems to get gems (or you don’t have gems to get gems) this might work very well ^^

at any rate i have lots of bombs so I might as well play around and see what method gives the most… hehe… bang for the buck :rofl: sorry couldn’t help myself ><


More bombs is always good news! (100% in game)


Bombs will vaporize resources now, duder.




Make those bomb to healing bomb / regen bomb
The positive for bomb in this patch is double the durability.
It means now healing bomb / regen bomb / energy bomb / Status cleanse bomb can use longer.
It also means 1 healing bomb u can use it for at least 1 week.

For Healing bomb is useful in hunt
Regen bomb can help u collect clay / gleams super fast.


the proposal is to use bombs to damage blocks, then quickly sweep with 3x3 swift hammers for finishing blow.
I think energy saver boon will be the most important part of this strategy


I get that strat, it’s more of the fact that bombs can still crit, and a good mining build should include crit increase. I think it would be more risky to do it that way, and I can attest to the efficiency of simply use a hammer anyway. Honestly, if you want to try it, do it, of course. I’m just going to stick to my hammers and patience.


I can’t wait :heart: … normally i love healing in MMO’s but the 99 durability thing along with targeting issues made it too painful up until now… now hopefully both of those are fixed and making a dedicated healer will be quite viable now :scream:


just remove the bombs and introduce the new healing grapplings,


All in all, the bomb change will simply add a slightly larger time investment for the same return. Regardless of whether a bomb is thrown in the mix or just hammering through. I also highly doubt many will create damaging bombs just to try to use it in combination with a hammer, but we will see… Personally I have several large stacks of 6-7M bombs to store away now until hopefully someday I manage to forget about them.


When you do forget about them, I’m sure someone will find a way to remind you. :smiley:


Thank you! :slight_smile: For the swift response and positive news.