Release 242: Beacon Reclaims and Compactness - continued

This post continues the release notes from Release 242.


This release fixes the issue around deleting beacons (rather then reclaiming then) which would leave characters in a state unable to recover items from another reclaim. It also puts in place a little logic we required to fix the characters broken with the primary release. This includes:

  1. Characters disconnected from their user when removing themselves from a Guild, and
  2. Characters deleted a beacon and now are unable to recover items from a reclaim.

We will now collect the data required and repair these characters. We estimate this will be completed tomorrow.

If you’re waiting for these fixes to your characters - they’re nearly resolved and thanks for your patience.

Release 242.2:


  • Text input is now WYSIWYG for colouration and emojis; coloration will be shown in the actual text input, and emojis shown as the actual emojis.
    • As you move the cursor into an emoji or color-code element, it will be expanded out back into plain text again dynamically.
    • Color-code elements not being manipulated will be shown as a faint coloured cursor indicating where the color-code elements exist in the text.
    • Chat-screen input will also show the current default-input-colour correctly in the text you are typing.
  • Fix emojis from being able to hit the profanity filter.
  • Fix emojis not working correctly with word-wrapping in the game GUI.
  • Fix emotes and phrases in chat to work correctly in presence of coloured chat input (aka if you had previously set your chat to have non-standard colouring via gleam club). This also fixes the phrases themselves to be coloured where appropriate.
  • Hide action logs and tips about expiration/reclaim when deleting a beacon - they are irrelevant and confusing.


  • Added a workaround to try and fix an issue where PS4 could randomly fail to load textures when running from an SSD.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issues in updated inventory management which led to trades being allowed, even though the final inventory operations failed. (We temporarily disabled trade in the last hot-fix to force no more bad trades could occur until the issue could be fixed properly); and of course, fix the issue that stopped the inventory operations succeeding in the first place!
    • Side-effect of fixes for trading also fixed issues of not being able to craft on a machine in some cases even though there was space in the output when considering empty sub-slots of smart stacks.
  • Removed entirely for now, the “mist” weather effect that had large in-your-face particles which rendered badly, particularly with held/skill lights, and which caused a lot of flashing as you ran around.
  • Fix client seeing invalid newsflashes and action logs relating to regions discovered on a world when transitioning through a portal. This also lead to not seeing newsflashes about discovering a new world correctly. There were no XP exploits involved here.
  • Fix beacon-visualisation map not displaying unless turned off and on again when entering a world.
  • Fixed an issue for attached-to-block blocks like crops, torches and surface resources would not Reclaim correctly.
  • Fix missing titanium color name.
  • Fix issue where the player health was too low whilst in the sanctum, and after each portal transition before resetting to its normal value once leaving the portal debuff state.
  • Fix not being able to set prices after migrations for selling plinths with non-tinted items like Oort Shards in them (workaround was to remove the items from the plinth and add them back again).
  • Fixed reclaiming beacon storage that contained nothing but Coin from locking a player unable to reclaim any further storage, and fixing the coin-recovered modal not appearing correctly in this case.
  • Fixed deleting (not reclaiming) a beacon that still had footfall coin uncollected from generating a reclaim storage, and instead dropping the Coin as an Item to be picked up as was the intention.


  1. All users should now have their characters restored.
  2. All users should now be able to recover Reclaims.

Is this the thing we called fog but it wasn’t fog??!?!?!?! :scream:


Yay the epilepsy clouds have gone


And all the other weather stuff has also been turned way down with the update from Friday as well! All in all this is now much, much better!

Now I wasted tons of time on my underground farm which is not finished yet :rofl: Ah well…


Thanks a lot.


Updated OP with brief details of a server only update.


Don’t know if it is a bug, bad luck or something but the chat broke last night pretty fast. Last time it broke i was about 10h in. Now it broke in about 2-3 hours. Not to bug you all about it with a new post and just letting you guys know…

I hadn’t messed around with crafting too much lately, but I’m out of coal so I looked at my spark generators & they had power. I took a couple of them down, gathered the spark from them. Then I was able to place the spark in the generator for the machine that I needed to use…the spark took no time to produce power - instant power. I know that’s the whole point of spark hehe. I love it. I think this is a great QoL improvement (plus spark looks cool lol).


How did it break?

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Didn’t receive any msg for the last 2hours of play time and saw when I logged in i missed a a few messages in between to. This is for the universel channels. The … didn’t blink either in all and switching to the channel did not help either.

Not a high note priority but since we have the function to see all i actively try to respond to questions in help as much as i can. And start noticing when the questions just stop. As there is always at least on question, shop msg or event msg being posted in a period of 30 min at least.

Does this effect the world/guild/private chat I honestly don’t know.

So um what are the negatives for being uncompact? Just no prestige no footfall right?

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If compactness score goes to 0 you can’t plot.
And prestige is “lost” if compactness score goes under 10 (or some value near it) which also leads to no footfall state.
Negative score could lead beacon destruction by game masters.


I… Did not even notice that part until you highlighted it… This makes me SOO HAPPY! Bad enough I seemed have chosen a spot that rains and snows ALL the time in the middle of a lava ocean … These fog particles have been the bane to my Boundless building lol.

Seems like in planets like cardas there are some particles left.

Also the potential to have the devs delete it for you if it’s bad enough


I hate the compactness rules. Sometimes the terrain is not conducive to square type builds. Especially on the highest tier planets. It is frustrating because due to a few abusers, everyone is punished and good people have to waste plots. I understand something had to be done though. The silver lining might be the abuse stops while the devs make some more money from people buying plots they wouldn’t otherwise need.


Having an issue with compactness:

Building in the middle of a lava lake. Hard to plot… cuz lava.

Solidified an area, tried to plot it, apparently it won’t let me plot unless I fill in the middle

Dont have enuf plots to do so. Just enuf for the outside border

Wont let me plot the border, cuz compactness critical

By the time you read this, everything i solidified will prolly be regen’d

Wasted couple of hours


Feeling “Bound”…


If you place a 2nd beacon nearby to improve the compactness of the first beacon enough to add some more plots and then remove the 2nd… it should throw the 1st out of compliance and lift the plotting restrictions to aid you in fixing the beacon… that way you should be able to save your work for the time being… this will also notify administration so I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you are reasonably sure you can bring the beacon into compliance in a few days with additional plots or shape adjustments

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