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Ok so I had an override in the settings file lovallt that increased the render distance. When I moved to my new Odessy G9 49" monitor it reset all of my settings after having to upgrade my video card drivers.

Long story short, the setting is no longer in the settings json file and I cannot remember what it is to increase draw distance. I have a high end computer all the settings at max and I am only seeing around 50m in front of me before the engine starts reducing everything down to generic colored blocks with no chiseling or texture detail.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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@Soju-VB can help you find it

Its in \Steam\userdata\ ######### \ ######### \local\user_settings\default

Numbers will be different on yours

Screenshot 2021-02-21 152337

gratz on new monitor…looks pretty epic

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What is the settings for making out detail and tender distance. It isnt in this file :frowning:

She sure is love it best xmas bonus ever! Isn’t she shiney and pretty?!


foliageQuality":8, - obviously foliage quality maxed at 8

“fullPortalEffects”:1, how many portals wil be rendered

“graphicsQuality”:4, graphic quality maxed at 4

“lastCharacter”:1, which character was last logged in

“objectLodIndex”:60, this is the level of detail - the one you looking for. the higher value the higher it will rend with high detail max is i think 24 or 60 dont remember which need to check

portalChunkScale":2.0, thats obvious

portalResolutionScale":1.0, same as above

reflectionsResolutionScale":1.0 res of reflections in water and other objects.

For the best setup do this:

in game graphic settings
-target fps unlimited
-target minimum fps off
-vsync off
and all options below to the max value and after that exit game and edit the objectLodIndex to like 24 or 60 and save.

you will be rendering hella far away with insane level of detail.


I bookmarked this post a while back as was always forgetting what to change
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ps. sweet setup!


Thanks! When I get the render distance back ill take a couple screenshots too so you can see what view port is like on a monitor this size :smiley:

Thanks guys that worked perfectly! I will take some sample screenshots when I get up! I just couldnt remember the settings and steps to save my life :]