Request a beacon here

Please post beacon requests to this thread. The information required is:

  1. World: for the server.
  2. Position: for the centre of the beacon.
  3. Owner: for the owner of the beacon.
  4. Collaborators: any additional users who will have access to the beacon.

For example:

World: folva
Position: -401, 101, 1000
Owner: Turakae
Collaborators: Turakae, Jakog7


Hey Guys its me again. Some approached me with the question where they can find their current position.

Its really easy i explain step by step.

  1. Open the Debug-Info (Should be on the .-button by default)
  2. Look at the upper left corner of your screen.

There should be a lot of information like:

Discovery server “live”
Gamestate: …
Joined x players: mister x, miss y, etc
Client World Timer:
Camera Pos[x,z,y] --> this is your head :smiley:
WALKING Player Pos[x,z,y] --> these are your feet :ski: and you should post this position for the beacon-position like they are in there.

I -would- like to ask:

How many blocks does a Beacon cover? And does it cover infinite height?

A beacon can cover any area. It could cover an entire world.

The beacon is a protects the full height of the world - so think of it like a column.

Is it then possible to get a beacon for one World ? :grin:

World: All of them.
Position: from end to end
Owner: Me
Collaborators: None



Sorry, the coordinates requested collide with another user’s beacon: Everybody.
Please try a different location!

World: melfig
Position: 230,55,625
Owner: tahru
Collaborators: jaz-cheese, rintoki,tahru

World: melfig – US East
Position: 173.73, 59.90, 641.27
Owner: Rintoki
Collaberators: Rintoki, Tahru, Jaz-cheese
Border Type: Standard Size Border - that a player just joining can have

Also, I have four 48-block ( glowing lantern ) pillars on the corners of what would be the claimed area of the beacon. Or the least amount of room my area takes as possible. Actually, include the slide I’m making too ( lol )
[ 106.53, 124.11, 614.72 ]
[ 106.09, 133.90, 681.62 ]
[ 217.42, 177.90, 681.42 ]
[ 217.36, 158.90, 614.56 ]
My place shouldn’t be too hard to find, . . . sorta . . .
There is only one mountain valley lake between all four pillars,
( you’ll see a giant cave under the sand, next to the lake )
you’ll want to go across from that giant cave, and you’ll see a flooded cave,
enter the flooded cave and sink down through the underwater door,
then you’ll find the coordinates I registered for the beacon’s center.

( It’s okay if the border overlaps with Tahru and Jaz-cheese’s borders, we’re all around the same area together! Just maximize the space we take! XD )

Thank you! :3

World: xewell
Position: 1017, 113, -402
Owner: Velociraptorq
Collaborators: Velociraptorq

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World: Shodi
Center: -120, 109, 800
Owner: Midorinokage
Collaborators: none

If possible, I would like to request my beacon covers the positions of (-195, x, 900) to (5, x, 700) consisting of a 200x200 block area. Thank you in advance :smiley:

World: vaisier
Center: 87, 71, -1510
Owner: SpaztasticMoose
Collaborators: None

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All the beacons above this line will be live soon.

Hello Devs,
is it possible to have more than 1 beacon? I requested one and got the OK - but it never went live. Maybe by accident or maybe because I already have one?
Could you help me? I can provide both locations if you want to!

Thank you for this absolutely beautiful game!

Yep - you can have more than one beacon.

If you requested one past and it never arrived then please let me know the details and I can work out what happened.

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First Beacon:
World: Agabab
Center: 465, 64, 516
Owner: Champy
Collaborators: Champy, Yuting

Second beacon:
World: Agabab
Center: 268, 64, 879
Owner: Champy
Collaborators: Champy. Yuting

Third Beacon:
World: Agabab
Center: 446, 64, 567
Owner: Champy
Collaborators: Champy ,Yuting

World: lepker
Position: 147,73,436
Owner: Bobmcbobzorz

This is quite a large area, but it should be fairly obvious what I’m looking to cover.

Due to the massive size of our build, I hope I can request Four beacons here, if not one massive beacon =D

Beacon #1: Project Noctis

  1. World: Gasan
  2. Position: (-470, 66, -3450)
  3. Owner: DiabloGatos
  4. Collaborators: Brandongoji, kibcob, TheListo, Blakeskis, Canfooy, and WarlockArcher

Beacon #2: Tree City

  1. World: Gasan
  2. Position: (-716, 83, -3400)
  3. Owner: DiabloGatos
  4. Collaborators: Brandongoji, kibcob, TheListo, Blakeskis, Canfooy, and WarlockArcher

Beacon #3: PVP Arena

  1. World: Gasan
  2. Position: (-839, 68, -3109)
  3. Owner: Brandongoji
  4. Collaborators: Diablogatos, kibcob, TheListo, Blakeskis, Canfooy, and WarlockArcher

Beacon #4: Central Island

  1. World: Gasan
  2. Postion: (-506, -116, -2953)
  3. Owner: DiabloGatos
  4. Collaborators: Brandongoji, kibcob, TheListo, Blakeskis, Canfooy, and WarlockArcher
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@james Are we still able to request beacons?