[Resolved] Unable to access reclaim storage

Hi all,

I reclaimed a base last night and ‘reclaim beacon’ was greyed out. I thought maybe it was just slow because of all of the blocks, but today I am still seeing the same message.

The only beacon I can think of that could have been reclaimed is (was) on a soverign world I let expire. Does anyone have an idea of how I can fix this? Thanks in advance!

U might be not on your master beacon. Just check that.

It says only one beacon may be reclaimed at a time, which leads me to believe you have an active reclaim open somewhere else.


Exactly he or she should have an active reclaim active somewhere

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Yep same thing happened in this support topic.


I’ve ensured it is a Master Control beacon, and even placed/replaced it. My concern is whether the active reclaim is on the planet that expired, and if so, how can I get my stuff? Thanks!

You most likely have a reclaim open on another master beacon. That was the reason in the other thread…and every other thread that appears with this issue.

That was the final conclusion of the issue I linked.


If it is your planet, you can request to have the planet deleted if you are not going to refuel it. That will force all the beacons on the planet into reclaim, including the one you think might have an active open reclaim.

Can create a post in THIS thread to have the world deleted if its currently in a locked state but not gone yet.


Request on this topic @junglejapes

Thanks so much for the replies! It wasn’t clicking for me at first how the reclaim storage worked.


Did you locate your items/reclaim?

I’m going to guess ops issue was resolved.

Forum etiquette #372: if a solution to your issue never return to the forum.

Hi all, sorry for the delay - I went to bed & have been at work all day. Something about the beacon system wasn’t clicking for me at first, but I was able to resolve this thanks to the replies on the thread. I put in for my planets to be deleted. Thank you for your help!


Resolved, as per the OP.