Rounded Chiseled Shapes


I just want to know if it would be possible to get some rounded chisel shapes like this.

Stage 1 transformation:

Stage 2 transformation:

Stage 3 transformation:

Stage 4 transformation:



What wizardry is this. :flushed:.
Lol. This would be a nice addition.


you read my mind, totally agree with you, great idea)
but there is not all types of shapes (copper, silver, gold, titanium), i will try to add more later



Oh yeah, totally agreed, great idea! :sunglasses:


Can this actually even be done with how Voxel tech works?



from some game :blush: but if voxel + round corners hmmm(


While I’d love for chiseling like this, with the game engine, it’s not that simple. Each chisel combination is actually an entirely different block entity, and what we have currently took the devs a very long time to create and implement.


Okay, I’ll bite… Devil’s advocate tho. Really, says what intel? So specifically rendering and orienting the chiseled block manifestations within the parameters of the code took the brunt of the development time and effort? Is this a generalization and assumption based on the release timeline, or is this fact that the chiseled block implementation took loads of resources and effort. Because chiseling changed quite drastically to 1.0 and the rollout happened rapidly. Is it actually that difficult?


I need to find the post where it was stated, I’ll edit this post when I find it. One of the dev’s had mentioned it before back in Early Access when we had asked about it though.

Found this here thanks to you @Creegle :

Also found this:

Seems I may have misunderstood what I read, as it has been a while. Either that or I didn’t find the post I was looking for. This post above is talking about mixing different chisel types.


I remember that conversation as I think I started it. But that was in regards to a massive overhaul as to how chiseling works.


@iGoofy I appreciate you doing that homework. I usually don’t press the issue on stuff but I really believe this suggestion is worth an honest conversation. Imagine how much more complete some builds would look with rounded edges.


Oh don’t get me wrong, I want it too. I’m just concerned about us asking too much of the devs to where they can no longer deliver on things that probably should receive a higher priority,