Scheduled Update - 5th December, 09.30 UTC - LED Blocks are inbound! - COMPLETE



We are now back live everyone - see you in there!

Details are here:

Hey folks,

We’re going to be updating the game tomorrow morning (5th December) at 09.30 UTC. The servers will briefly be offline, but when we’re back up and running, you’ll be pleased to know we have some super snazzy LED Blocks for you to use! This a really cool addition to the building side of Boundless and I can’t wait to see what you all do with them. We’ve also got a raft of changes and fixes, including a balance pass on the forge. Patch notes for the testing release are here, and we’ll update them when the release lands of course.


CANCELED: Forging Changes

Cant wait for it


Thank you! Especially for removing creature drops from tier 1 forging!


rip forgeing


Thx. Lets buugi woogie


Excited to try these forging changes on PS4 but gonna go ahead and use all my draining boon compound 2s just in case :joy:


Because I hate timezone maths


Thank you very much for the update, can’t wait to try out the new LED lights :grin:


@SamF Does this mean you guys made some changes to the new forge update, based on the feedback from the testing server?

also may I ask for a spoiler, if there is any way at all to control the quirks now, or is it 100% random what type of quirks pop up?


^^ Unless they changed something.


Isn’t there a Transmute Quirk Something-or-other that gives you a sort-of control over the quirk? I’m not too clued up on it but seem to recall something from one of Jiivita’s recent videos.


I feel really dumb for having to ask but what are LED blocks? I just got back to the game and haven’t played for a few weeks so I’m catching up on the changes.


Don’t know about transmutation but there is a quirk removal. But being that quirks don’t appear to be tied to gums they are very random. If they were tied to a gum special with special quirks etc we could predict them better and even plan ahead. Correct me if I am wrong I never played with quirks beyond testing. Are they tied to gums? Maybe I shoulda have look that up before making that speculation :joy:


Check out the link for the testing thread in the first post


Boats confirmed!


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