Screenshot of the Week #2 - Builds!

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Update The Winner has been posted here. Screenshot of the Week #2 - Results

Hi everyone! It’s that time again to do our second screenshot of the week. :slight_smile:

For this event we decided to add a little theme so we have some different screenshots from the last event.

The theme for this week is Builds! We want you to send us screenshots of the buildings you’ve made, or have seen in the game. :slight_smile:

Here’s How to Enter

  1. Post a screenshot of the building in Boundless to either Twitter or Facebook by Monday, 17th October 2016.
  2. Make sure to include the #BoundlessScreenshot hashtag in the tweet or post so we can find it!
  3. You can also post on this forum topic if you prefer.
  4. We’ll select and announce the winner next Monday!

Good luck everyone. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!



Отличная работа!)) Мне нравится! Мой сосед - мастер на все руки!))
Very good job!)) I like it! My neighbor - good craftsman (Jack of all trades)!))


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Well I dont want to participate because win already on the last one but I cant resist to share my project…soo I will make it funny.

Welcome to

On this episode we found an abandoned church with no style…so SpiritMia with the help of @Heureka Airlines and hes large amount of gold and coins because he is rich…made the opportunity to pimp this house!

This is how It was found…with no love no style no fashion…and old and sad church with no happiness.

Not even the wild wanted to see to that side of the mountain and as we try for a interview they refuse to speak with us. But we still think that Wild life matters.

After 4 long days the change this dream was made real!!! And even the wild life start to visit the place…

Badaramm!!!..the new 2016 pimped church!!.. So lets made a tour to see all the changes!

View from the landing point

A picture from the drone with a gopro.

Back side and harry…hes always here when its time for a selfie.

Side picture and you know…harry again we think he wanted to be a professional model.

Inside with halo lights, man cave entrance, the machines with remote control, and it have a full lock and security system. Secure your home with the best home alarm systems and services by ADT

Added a marketplace zone because even church have to pay the bills.

And this beautiful view from the top of this building…in memory of the fallen structures at the test server and also Lapas we will never forget you.

See you guys in the next episode hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you guys for this awesome game again and sorry my english…this was shown on spanish TV channels but converted in to US broadcasting.


from the old game but eh

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In memorial of the old textures as well:
(and to promote something minimalistic)

(Sadly, I haven’t been able to produce anything shareable with the new textures yet :sweat_smile:)


i share this as well from the old times, sadly i never finished this :frowning:


These screenshot are not overly overpowered with details, builds and stuff, but they resemble the neat atmo in the game.
Especially the second one with this kind of mana tree - it is my favorite prefab so far and the place where I found it is so fitting to the tree. Very nice!

RIP Old Textures

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@Miige, Looks awesome! Where is this?

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Looks great. Would love to know where it is. @SpiritMIA

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Eu central (starting planet), cords:0,0,0


It is at EU Therka cords 1353, 102, 1819

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Currently a WIP, mine and ThatGuyMartin’s house should be done by the end of the week :stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s some screenshots of what it looks like so far:

The plan is for the roof to slope up in an A frame, with the window on the wall going all the way up to the peak.


> Owner / made by : Mariusstan - EU Therka -2138,66, 1295


That third pic is lovely ^^

… (machined gold blocks!?)


Amazing work guys! And those are great!
You totally captured the spirit of it by showcasing @jesshyland new texture block in all his glory.
Love you all guys <3


I can’t really show much of the outside of my build, as I live in a hollowed out cliff… so anyway, here’s a shot of my machine room instead!

… and me through my quick access shop window (which also doubles as a killing window for Wildstock :smiley:)

I’ll get a couple of shots from outside later and add to the post, once I’ve tidied it up a bit!


So I thought that building underneath these giant trees was going to be a good idea but boy was I wrong :scream:. I’m still chopping down wood and leaves as we speak.

Here’s my WIP on my place :D. I always wanted to live underneath big trees and mushrooms.