Shadow Red - The elusive color (somewhat)

So I was looking for Shadow Red (22) peat, but alas it is not selectable. It can be changed from clay/silt. Then I looked through the now selectable colors and see that this color is not yet open for a bunch of the blocks.

I figured I would try for a Sovereign planet and see what comes up, but that is where I would like input from you all.

What type/level planet do you think is the best to get most block types? (A level 1 world most likely will not have all the block types)
What type/level planet do you think is the best to get this color to pop? (The umbris planets would have the best chance at that color but you cannot select that).

So let me know what you think, then I will get a planet. Once I have it I am going to change as much as I can to that color. Planet will be open to all.

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: In case I was as clear as mud…I and looking for what Tier, what Biomes to get the best chance at all blocks/items and that color.

:eyes: at you @bucfanpaka. Or if you are feeling generous/magnanimous @james maybe you could help out when I order the planet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :innocent:


Did you need Shadow Red silt?
There’s a Secret way of getting the dirt color needed when it comes to dirt I’ve been waiting for someone to discover it but still undiscovered xD

No I need Peaty. Share the secret if you want (even in PM).

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Requires Patience

Ok so “Shadow Red Grass” is available on sov. Planets and dirt isn’t yet so all you need to do is place whatever color dirt on the ground (color doesn’t matter) then place a piece of shadow red grass on top of the soil then Lattice chisel it then it changes into the color dirt your looking for Presto xD

@Ovis @majorvex @Jiivita add this to a video for content :laughing:


This is very interesting to me as I was trying to get some lavender basic boulders which up until two days ago I thought was only on rocks of the same color, but I learned it it also on DIRT the same color. Your trick won’t work in my case, but I like the knowledge nonetheless!!! (also I did get my lavender boulders on a planet lavender was available as soil)

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Hahah you’re right, such a weird thing to happen. Found that with @Apt a while back but was so tedious I gave up :joy:


That is great to know. Thing is that it is basically the same as transformation. Probably not as expensive though, or maybe it is because of the lattice chisel. Still good tip!

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What other secrets you holding out on lol :cookie:


I know a few but there “Game Breaking” and bannable if used xD

And will not be mentioned ever secrets secrets muhahahaha

Lol :joy: naughty naughty hahaha

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I found out about this one early on when chiseling thought it was a bug, but found it useful.

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So what no help on what I asked?? Derailed city :rofl:

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@bucfanpaka would probably be able to tell you from her experience.

From mine, I would say it would probably be biome choices more than planet choices and IIRC you have more biome choices on a higher tier planet.

Just my 2 cents.


At the beginning I did T6 planet lottery with my full tax refund lol but I spawned them but did nothing with them

But best people with knowledge of your subject is @bucfanpaka -chan and maybe @Xaldafax -chan he really knowledgeable xD

I usually check to see if the color has spawned on an exo then that’s the planet type I go with but if not the exact color then look at other shadow colors and what planet types they have been on.

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From what I remember, James said the gem planets have a chance to spawn any block color, but I could be remembering that wrong, and the chance of course could be TINY. But if you want to take the chance, a T5 or T6 that isn’t metal or coal is probably the way to try it.

That said, the world types absolutely seem to favor certain palette ranges. I’m trying to remember thinking through what types I saw the most of the dark or shadow colors on. I want to say Burn and Chill but haven’t paid too close attention to that I’m afraid.

As for most block types, that’s tricky. Haven’t played with trying to max the number of those… I can tell you certain ones for some blocks, but not sure the route to go if you want as many as possible, apologies.

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So just with a quick look, seems the shadow red soils mainly have appeared on Umbris worlds. But Shadow Red clay did pop on a T5 Toxic Exo so that would be my pick if I was doing it. Still likely a very rare chance.


Ok All here is what I went with:

T5 Burn
Level 3 Biome: Flat Desert, Flower Field 2, Jungle Canopy, Meadows, Palm Desert - Flat Caves

Level 4 Biome: Gleam Lake, Redwood Forest, Sponge Swamp Forest - Flat Caves

Level 5 Biome: Snowy Redwoods, Thorny Forest, Ice Levels, Lage Meteor Strike, Maze - Flat Caves

Level 6 Biome: Island Trees, Bushy Hills, Mushroom Forest - Flat Caves

Level 7 Biome: Cube Field, Corrupt Trees, Nests - Flat Caves

I went with more biomes then required trying to get as many that items spawned in. We shall see if that hurt or not. Went with @bucfanpaka suggestion for the Burn world (I so hate lava :sob:). Lets see what we get…Baby needs a new pair of shoes!!! @james show me the love with Shadow Red!

EDIT: Will be on USE when it spawns. Just have to wait.

EDIT 2: There was also “No Rivers” selected.


While your add it lets get some Mint Verdant Grass Please @james -chan xD


Maybe I’ll roll another couple for the heck of it too… I have a long weekend. :joy: I’ll let you know if I have any luck on colors.