[Xortis I] --[Toxic Tier 5 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


∟Accessible via ALNITANS at 30 blinksecs :: (Warp Cost : 2400c)
∟Last until December 4, 2019 11:51 PM
∟Server : US West

Blocks Color

Blocks color have been pulled out from data, some blocks may not exist on the planet.

Gleam - 138 Bright Orange

Gleam Coordinates

[544N -864E ALT : 64]

Igneous - 28 Silk Orange
Metamorphic - 15 Dark Rose
Sedimentary - 81 Warm Orange

Ancient - 26 Silk Cherry
Lustrous - 15 Dark Rose
Twisted - 73 Warm Magenta

Exotic - 254 Hot Orange
Lush Foliage - 30 Hot Sepia
Waxy - 69 Hot Magenta

Clay - 22 Shadow Red
Peaty - 20 Night Orange
Silty - 10 Strong Magenta

Barbed - 13 Dark Red
Gnarled - 42 Dark Mustard
Verdant - 10 Strong Magenta

Ash - 70 Silk Magenta
Gravel - 28 Silk Orange
Glacier - 83 Warm Mustard
Growth - 79 Warm Red
Ice - 101 Pale Sepia
Mould - 43 Shadow Mustard
Mud - 17 Shadow Fuchsia
Sand - 135 Ashen Red
Sponge - 82 Stale Sepia
Tangle - 30 Hot Sepia
Thorn - 17 Shadow Fuchsia

Cloneflower - 241 Strong Turquoise
Gladeflower - 244 Deep Viridian
Ghostflower - 30 Hot Sepia
Spineflower - 240 Strong Slate

Desert Sword - 113 Stale Turquoise
Oortian’s Staff - 121 Warm Blue
Rosetta Nox - 32 Hot Tan
Spineback Plant - 87 Warm Viridian
Stardrop Plant - 118 Stale Berry
Traveller’s Perch - 30 Hot Sepia
Trumpet Root - 25 Hot Cherry
Twisted Aloba - 25 Hot Cherry

Branch Funnel - 20 Night Orange
Clustered Tongue - 252 Strong Orange
Glow Cap - 71 Deep Fuchsia
Molted Tar Spot - 13 Dark Red
Tinted-Burst - 71 Deep Fuchsia
Weeping Waxcap - 42 Dark Mustard

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Brought to you by @majorvex.


Nice gleam colour

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Oranges, mustards, sepias… is this Oortian heaven?


Excellent!! :smiley: Nice colors, and gleambow hunting… :rainbow: :smile:

I’ll head to TNT Alnitans and run a taxi in about 15-20. :slight_smile:

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Oooh I can’t wait to explore and sample this one :open_mouth:

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Gleam on dark glass “poles” at 349n 806e

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Also gleam under trees in kinda a cool design.


hexagon swamps


Added gleam position to the OP.

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Huge trees location


And just a few roadrunners :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Beautiful one! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll put a token to the gleam spot here in the Exo Shuttle Station later.

I haven’t been very far but seeing some good flat areas that should be nice for hunting gleambows! :slight_smile:

Pretty glow caps too! Have some of those for sale later…


a lonely tree



no black gleam for black friday? aww!



Saw the video. Is it my understanding that the gleambows on exo worlds will only drop the gleam from that planet? Or is that just coincidence?

It was a dormant meteor so it reverts to localized resource colors. If it were an active gleambow meteor, there is usually a piece of gleam in the middle and if it’s a gleam meteor, there will be numerous colors. If you complete it before it times out.

Xortis I T5-Toxic exo samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Gleam is finally a new color and clay is a nice color for any farmers out there… enjoy my friends :slight_smile: