Shadow Red - The elusive color (somewhat)

So what no help on what I asked?? Derailed city :rofl:

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@bucfanpaka would probably be able to tell you from her experience.

From mine, I would say it would probably be biome choices more than planet choices and IIRC you have more biome choices on a higher tier planet.

Just my 2 cents.


At the beginning I did T6 planet lottery with my full tax refund lol but I spawned them but did nothing with them

But best people with knowledge of your subject is @bucfanpaka -chan and maybe @Xaldafax -chan he really knowledgeable xD

I usually check to see if the color has spawned on an exo then that’s the planet type I go with but if not the exact color then look at other shadow colors and what planet types they have been on.

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From what I remember, James said the gem planets have a chance to spawn any block color, but I could be remembering that wrong, and the chance of course could be TINY. But if you want to take the chance, a T5 or T6 that isn’t metal or coal is probably the way to try it.

That said, the world types absolutely seem to favor certain palette ranges. I’m trying to remember thinking through what types I saw the most of the dark or shadow colors on. I want to say Burn and Chill but haven’t paid too close attention to that I’m afraid.

As for most block types, that’s tricky. Haven’t played with trying to max the number of those… I can tell you certain ones for some blocks, but not sure the route to go if you want as many as possible, apologies.

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So just with a quick look, seems the shadow red soils mainly have appeared on Umbris worlds. But Shadow Red clay did pop on a T5 Toxic Exo so that would be my pick if I was doing it. Still likely a very rare chance.


Ok All here is what I went with:

T5 Burn
Level 3 Biome: Flat Desert, Flower Field 2, Jungle Canopy, Meadows, Palm Desert - Flat Caves

Level 4 Biome: Gleam Lake, Redwood Forest, Sponge Swamp Forest - Flat Caves

Level 5 Biome: Snowy Redwoods, Thorny Forest, Ice Levels, Lage Meteor Strike, Maze - Flat Caves

Level 6 Biome: Island Trees, Bushy Hills, Mushroom Forest - Flat Caves

Level 7 Biome: Cube Field, Corrupt Trees, Nests - Flat Caves

I went with more biomes then required trying to get as many that items spawned in. We shall see if that hurt or not. Went with @bucfanpaka suggestion for the Burn world (I so hate lava :sob:). Lets see what we get…Baby needs a new pair of shoes!!! @james show me the love with Shadow Red!

EDIT: Will be on USE when it spawns. Just have to wait.

EDIT 2: There was also “No Rivers” selected.


While your add it lets get some Mint Verdant Grass Please @james -chan xD


Maybe I’ll roll another couple for the heck of it too… I have a long weekend. :joy: I’ll let you know if I have any luck on colors.


Post what you roll here to so we can see. Maybe some combo is better than others.

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I’m going to do a Burn and a Corrosive. I’ll post them here as I fill them out, if any interesting colors roll I’ll post. I’ll post the names and where they are when I open them regardless, I might not do anything with them unless off Alycon and possible hub replacements but someone might enjoy them. :slight_smile: With the Burn, I’m copying my last that had a great ruby count but landed off Norkyna. These will have no rivers and standard caves on all.

Burn T6-
4 - Old Villages
5 - Graveyard, Large Meteor Strike, Snowy Redwoods
6 - Alien Invasion, Desert Overhangs, Island Trees, Lantern Field, Gleam Cavern
7 - Ancient Village, Gleam Spiral, Corrupt Trees (trying this last one instead of Cube Field)
8 - Gleam Rain

Corrosive T6-
4 -Gleam Lake, Mangroves
5 - Man Made Islands, Icebergs, Ocean
6 - Clam Ocean, Coral, Hanoi, Lantern Field, Island Trees
7 - Cube Field, Mouldy Sea, Gleam Spiral
8 - Growth Field

And I put this in the comments of one… not that it will likely help or get seen, but can’t hurt I suppose (watch both worlds roll with Silk Yellow everything now). :laughing: Or at least another color shifting exo soon? :pleading_face:


I shoulda said waiting for like a video teaching it or in one of the Boundless schools yo post it lol

I also made a comment…something like Show me the love with Shadow Red James! Should have screen grabbed it.

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Conveniently I do have 3 SS of Shadow Red (22) grass seeds:



I’ll add Shadow Red grass to one of mine if it helps, but it looks like there is a T1 with Shadow Red Verdant out there now, Nightmare Realm… if that has gathering permissions that would be a lot easier.

It’s my understanding that the block color selection is determined exclusively by the world type and RNG.

This appears to be documentation for world color selections. If I remember what James said on the forums correctly, when the world is generated, it builds a completely random set of colors and then applies these biases to those in order to make them more consistent. The actual JSON for the config for this is here, but I’m not sure how helpful that is without the actual code.

There’s more out there. Gem planets (stated by james) have the most chance of generating colors far out of palette, as I think @bucfanpaka mentioned. I can confirm that with high confidence but also some of the threads about this were hundreds or thousands of posts, it’s super hard to find quotes on this.

Regarding the original files posted above, someone analyzed that and said black gleam was actually blocked despite what James said. A couple of days later there was a black gleam sov, so I have no idea if that’s bad analysis, or shenanigans on the part of the devs.

They actually did this, and it sucked. They changed it early on. Each world type starts with a palette/range based on type and tier, then randomizes based on those biases.


If you want me to scan any rolled planets just reach out to me in a PM :slight_smile: