Signs to inform ingame

Hi all,

as the amount of members is growing pretty fast and getting very active (about 10.000 already if you see the amount of package purchase on our mainpage), I wish myself signs as soon as possible.

I don’t know, if it is complicated to implement them and they also don’t have to be in any final version. But it would give us the option to inform people ingame who are not watching the forum… We could put signs so people can see what we are exactly doing in projects which are discussed in forum topics.

Maybe it’s just a personal issue, but it’s really bothering when single people work against from the majority confirmed conditions, because they don’t accept conditions or they simply don’t know.


totoly agree mate

Yes we need something to add information for people ingame

I agree as well it would be nice to leave a message for people who are not following the forums.

yes we need all the signs!!

And I’m sure, even if they’re just placeholders, the ][ signs will look ten times better than the MC ones^^


yes i am sure they will :+1:

Yeah, I can also imagine letters on walls, Entrance Gates with letters on and much more. But for now, I’d be glad about any sign I could get :smiley:

Also I’d better like a sign which you could click on. And when you click it a secondary window opens in which the text appears. Then You can write more detailed concrete and don’t have to add several signs next to each other, just because your message don’t fit one.

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Here was a discussion about blocks with oortglyphs and signtables. It’s really needs

I wouldn’t want a sign that needs a seperate window to display what should be written on a sign. That’s exactly what a sign shouldn’t do.

The solution to your problem would be different font sizes so everything you write fits on the sign.

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@Zouls comments in this that the devs have said that signs will be a thing in one way or another ^.^


Signs was planned for most of the time, im also pretty sure they are mentioned somewhere by the devs. BUT I SAID BULLETING BOARDS! BEN PROMISED IT! AND IT CANT FIND IT!
you have no idea how crazy it is driving me that all of the posts from the old forum have been deleted xD

@ben @james @lucadeltodecso any chance you have them lying around somewhere as a textfile which i can dig through?

The old forum posts have not been deleted. There may be away to still access them - I thought there was.

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I tried entering the old URL which gave me errors and trying to force google to give me the sides through very detailed searches didnt allow me access either.

@OortSimon might know - he did the forum switch over.

The old forum had been deactivated, it’s active again now at if there’s anything else that needs to be copied off it.

Nice. now i can find the damn proof :smiley:

EDIT: I give up, several places have i stated with massive certainty that it was promised, but due to the complete lack of proof i have to admit defeat.

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(Old forum post Sept 2014. Topic: “Notice Boards” by Havok40k)

  1. We have plenty of city, collab, guild, faction, etc – stuff coming, includig noticeboards.

  2. The player names are just debugging at the moment – they’ll not be there in the future. (Unless maybe you craft some special guild name id thing.)

Boom. confirmed by james austin dev[/quote]

This quote by Zouls is pulled from a random Steam post made on Sept 5 2014 and reposted to the old forums. @Zouls sanity restored.

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i found that quote, but i skimmed it and missed it. DAMNIT @james IT WAS YOU ALL THIS TIME