Signs to inform ingame

It’d be extremely handy to support URLs within signs. It’d be handy to be able to link to a forum thread associated with a given build.

(Or maybe only support URLs to the forum, to reduce trolling/griefing opportunities)

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I personally. honestly. hope that wont happen. ever.

signs should be INGAME INFORMATION, the more things you push outgame the worse it is. but thats just my opinion.


Having[quote=“Zouls, post:22, topic:3512”]
signs should be INGAME INFORMATION, the more things you push outgame the worse it is. but thats just my opinion.

Hmm, fair point.

We could use some sort of offline communication mechanism though (plenty of other threads on that, though; I won’t derail this one). Signs with URLs might be a cheap way of holding us over until/if we get that

edit: by “offline communication” I mean long form communication. Signs do a decent job, but it’s hard to get the point across for more complicated concepts


I’m personally against an ingame browser, but technically i guess it could be possible. like “The Secret World” but they have it because it is part of the game. dont know.

Long form communication i would just assume a mail system. no?

How about just writing:

Check the forum Thread: Settlement xy

On the sign?


wow, all of this already goes really deep into oppurtunities of communicating ingame.

At the moment I’d like to know, if there is coming something soon to inform people ingame while not being online. Because the amount of people wandering through servers and building blindly without reading forum increases fast at the moment.

Even such a simple thing would be quite satisfying at the moment.
Even it is just a dummy :smiley: if secondary window or not doesn’t matter for that dummy.

Just in final versions i’d like to have kind of letters to pin on a wall which open in secondary “scrollable” window. So you can write detailed messages on them. [quote=“KuroKuma, post:10, topic:3512”]
The solution to your problem would be different font sizes so everything you write fits on the sign.

To be honest, I don’t think that’s a appropriate solution. Thinking about 50 words (what’s not really much) already makes the letters so small, you would not be able to read anymore if you put it on one block.

Wow, that’s way too easy ><

  • i know dozens of people who would not care about that.
    10 years before I never read forums, because I just thought it is waste of time.
    Now I of course know it better…
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Yeah, getting people to participate is exceedingly difficult

A letter is something else^^ A sign should show what it has to show without a second window.
For a letter, a book etc. on the other hand it might be appropriate to have a second window because of the sheer size of information.

okay, now we are talking same language :wink:

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I still vote for small signs with a limited amount of letters and then a bulletin board where people can hang lenghty notes, quests and ads


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