Signs to inform ingame

What are the key differences between Noticeboard and Signs (just so I don’t miss anything)


Bulletin board / Notice Board

Notice boards would be something people could hang up requests, quests and otherwise. Personally i requested it for shop purposes, you have the buying and selling plinths which solves most of the need for it, but it would still be nice if the crafter could hang up rules, information and prices. forexample, and people could come in the door and add a note to the bulletin board where they can request a certain crafted item and then a time they will come back to get it.

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I would say on a notice board you can place notes, letters and posters (for example a wanted poster) which might have too much information on them so you need to open them in a seperate reading window.

On the other hand a sign should be readable without a second window. It should sign something. (yea captain obvious and stuff^^)

The tradeoff would be that a sign can’t display/“store” as much information per block. But it’s readable without interaction.

At least that would be my differentiation.

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Yeah pretty much.

So a bulletin board is basically:

  • A dedicated block type which users can place signs on outside of usual Beacon permissions
  • Only the user that places a sign can edit content.
  • Beacon owner can remove posts
  • Beacon owner could set an optional time limit on posts
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More like

  • A prop which can be interacted with to open a new window
  • In the new window you can see all the titles of the notes written there
  • Click on a title to open a small note which have a word limit of 300 ish written with however has access
  • “Create new note” if you have the option

The beacon owner has options like

  • Who can write notes (could use tokens for permissions) Ex. Me / x people / All people
  • How many notes can a single person who isnt me write in x amount of times (to prevent spamming

This would atleast for me be the very basic of it, you could also make it more fancy such as having different fonts, sizes and have different categories (WTC, WTS, WTB, LFG,). It would allow for people to post events and stuff too if you put it in the middle of a city.

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You could also advertise guild recruitment requirements on it… unless that will be handled elsewhere.

Yeah that too. basically a place to put anything you want people to see.

I think that bulletin boards are a neat idea but I really don´t see any need for them.
Signs should be sufficient to give other players information (B< has a much higher default texture than Minecraft so I think that the B< signs will support much more characters per sign than their Minecraft counterpart).
For the communication between players that are not online at the same time I´d prefer the MMORPG standard mail system.
And to be honest: I think that 99% of the public bulletin boards in crowded places would be spammed with notes from goldseller or childish troll posts.

How about if notice boards were only placeable within guild or player beacons?

For guild beacons, they could then be used for specific details related to the guild, such as who the leaders are, or any other levels of members, any guild rules, additional information, recruitment requirements (who to contact etc.), guild events. It would make them real world, where people need to visit and congregate, instead of just on a HUD, or having a magical mailing system.

For player beacons, they could be used for shops for people to request items, information and prices, or to set quests for others etc (actually that last one should probably be on the guild notice board too).

As you say, public boards would just become spam city… and who would moderate it?
I think the only way around public notice board spam would be to have pre-defined notice types, where you can only fill out limited information. For example:-

  • I’m looking for supplier of X commodity for business.
  • I want to buy X commodity.
  • Guild X is recruiting, contact X.

That sort of thing… you could also section them off into categories so you only select the type of posts you actually want to see.

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whoever made the city, i dont think there will be premade cities, people will make cities, again to prevent spam you would have a limit on how many notes you can put on it.

So you just have to stack like 15 signs, again i think kuma summed it up quite nicely

i think signs is a good idea, but the boards are for both way communication. sure you could just spam everybody with mail but i think that if mail is in the game there will be a price cost. Also say you are a known crafter i would much rather have a board i can look on that being spammed with several mails per day which hopefully require you to go to a mailbox.

Can it be abused? ofc it can. but saying that it will be 99% trolling? really? if anything signs would be more trolled since it is seen by everybody walking past instead of having to be opened :smiley:

The use case is valid, but I as there’s so much overlap with signs, I’d simplify the systems by introducing some additional rules (yay, game design! :cool:)

I think this fulfils the use cases above and is much more simple:

  • Bulletins and signs are the same thing.
  • To create a bulletin area, all a Beacon owner needs to do is place a bunch of blank signs in an area.
  • Blank signs can be written on by the first person who enters text into them. Once written on they must removed and replaced to become blank (this way only the Beacon has control, can remove posts).
  • Signs can be written on by being interacted with, so a Beacon owner can post signs that anyone can write on by leaving them unlocked.
  • A Beacon owner can restrict who can write on a sign by locking it (as with all other ineractables).
  • Sign content should be substantial enough to communicate quests, requests, guild info (up to 140 chars maybe, like a tweet).

Additionally, might want:

  • Beacon owner could set a per-player post limit or ban within a Beacon to deter trolls/griefers.

I guess for me the biggest difference would be the amount of space needed, so instead of having 100 signs you could have a 1x3x3 prop where you could technically write the same thing on. But if you plan to make signs like that then yeah i think there will be quite an overlap.

We’re still working out signs, but I’m keen to avoid the MC situation where users have 10s of signs to say one thing. That’s a good goal.

We’ll use the GUI system to display text, so font size isn’t an issue (it’ll be crispy at all sizes). We may just rely on users having to get close if there’s a lot of text.

I like 140 chars status/tweet length. Forces you to keep it brief, and there’s not a lot you can’t say in that amount of space. Also have to be considerate of PS4/controller players and not build systems they’re disincentivised to use.


Sounds like a great idea :smiley:

BTW. you guys talked about how chests are planning to get snapped together when next to eachother, think it would be possible to do the same with signs?

Technically possible using the same system we use for doors, as long as it’s 1xN or Nx1.

So like this?

That’s right

Would be cool too :smile: