❓ Since the Boundless Code of Conduct will get a makeover soon

What do you think needs to be refreshed? What is missing?

Is there a game that you think has a great Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct?

(Feel free to link to a previous post you made, if you prefer.)


Thanks for posting this!


I Played Alot of MMO’s and games and so far the best that falls under the terms & conduct is Boundless our community is the Best :cookie:

Some Topics can be a little more forgiving but I think we have a great Team on forums and in game

Can we nominate Vex-chan as a person to help resolve issues in game like solving issues of griefing etc…


This was posted during one of the more recent, ahh, kerfluffles:

That’s a link to some specific excerpts, obviously - I went and found Rydralain’s post rather than the top level link to their documents. What they’ve done should be reviewed.

Not only in terms of the policies having addressed many relevant issues over a length of time and with a large community, but also in terms of presenting a distinct, living document rather than a giant forum-blurb of plaintext.

While “We’re all awesome, please play nice!” sounds good, it’s a bit of whitewashing. There are some large gray areas and lots of room to clarify both language and readability in what we have now.

Just as the macro issue isn’t addressed as a single sentence, neither can our need for some plotting/settlement guidelines, or reminders that while we’re currently a predominantly older/adult community, the game does invite all ages to play.

This is a little next level. I’m not sure @majorvex would like that nomination, or have anything like the time. There’s a solid need for in-game enforcement, and that’s been a major issue as the game has grown, and then shrunk again. Each time it grows the need re-appears.

However this is definitely not a function for a community member - and in any case we probably wouldn’t want anyone who would ‘volunteer’ for this sort of position. Even with a paid, neutral company representative handling this there will be complaints of favoritism or other issues - and your build might be gone before you would even have the chance to voice a legitimate protest.


Quick question…how did you know a change was coming soon @majorvex?


Thank you @BabyCookie . It might be uncomfortable for a bit, but updating the community guidelines/rules will be a necessary part of moving forward.

Thank you for the links & info @Nightstar . I’ve already been assisting with some of the issues you mentioned, for awhile.

@Clexarews They’ve said they are working on getting the website and rules updated.


Thank you! I didn’t know if this was you taking initiative or if there was some post in a discord somewhere I missed.


I would like to touch on this, since there are times when this can be a grey area. I can see this being frustrating. But I think there are times when this is necessary and here’s why.

There has been more than once that I’ve gone to a shop only to not find a physical entrance. I’ve had, at times, to dig under their build to find a way in, or do a bump warp to reach it. Though it may irritate some, I think that all shops should be required to have at least one public access entrance/doorway.


Shops not having an operating entrance is against the TOS.

Please note it says “Via foot”. Just having a portal doesn’t count.


(O.O) Does that mean New Updated Trailer /pics on the Website :heart:


from my point of playing, 2 years ago and now

to be honest, i dont want to see plotting wars again, and with sov added i think most players building on their own sovs or guild sovs or at abandoned areas of pperma worlds or at someone else cities opened to settle and build in, i think now the plot wars are left far behind?
same with force connecting to nearby settlements, but it was solved with compactness, right?

existing problem - shopstands without access, footfall traps, unless someone will find it and report beacon there is no way to avoid such places. im i right?
yes, if area below isnt plotted you can dig a tunnel underneath and warp to sanctum to get boomped just to ground above :slight_smile: but if surounded area are plotted you cant do a thing

there was 1 thing i was kinda afraid when i first time put a foot at sov - beacon removal / force reclaim :slight_smile:
i rethink it it and it was clear to me, and i must admit i never heard of any abuse at that matter

as for those afk farming stated before, correct me if im wrong
but, what about
“my home is my castle”?
i paid for sov i can do whatever i want there? since you can keep sov private you can make whole planet afk farm and noone even will be know about right?
so this rule against afk farm really matter?


Introduce a prison planets for griefers. Instead of banning them, send them to a prison planet where they can only interact with the other prisoners. Their sentence would be based on the severity of their griefing.


As much as the idea of prisoners or a prison planet sounds like a fun idea - it’s so many more things staff needs to do in order to get this sort of thing to properly work.

You can automate it I guess - But if someone is violating rules and regulations, human interaction in forms of warnings is best - followed, if not listening or abiding the rules, by a /ban [user] [time] would be a faster approach to deal with it rather than having to manually teleport them to a faraway planet.

prison planet?

and this guards?



doh, they dont work here

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I would love to know where the line goes for “Complete Sandbox” and Boundless Sandbox. I.e. when does something count as abuse of mechanics and when does count as clever use of mechanics. This game is supposed to be “sky’s the limit” but there is a lot of backlash when someone does something creative.


I played a game once where if you lost too much energy, you died and went to Hell. To get out of Hell, you had to squish a certain amount of grapes. On the prison planet, prisoners would have to make a certain amount of essence until their debt to society has been paid. :laughing:

EDIT: I found this snap of me chillin’ with Hell’s Bartender


I don’t think I have any changes. It’s simple, easy to follow. Seems comprehensive enough.


Stricter Penalty’s and more moderation to the forum abuse that occurred last year.

I’d agree that I’d like to see more clear cut forum moderation so that people aren’t just flagging things they don’t agree with into oblivion.


Although that’s the best click-bait. You want to make sure a post is read by more people, flag it! :laughing: