Sneak peak into a small project

You can see the amount of drops from that single crop on the top-right of the second screenshot. This goo also grew to full in about 5 minutes, which is a bit too fast I think, but I’m just testing with extreme values for now.

I have been pretty absent from Boundless and other stuff overall, but this is a sneak peak at my efforts to put something together that will be aimed more at playing alone on the locally hosted creative servers – at least until there’s an official way of doing these types of changes more easily or something.

Ideally, the intention with all of this would be to make something that can be distributed easily to players who would like a less grindy/less time consuming balance when playing alone but who also don’t want to try and fiddle with things until they work, as there is currently a lot of trial and error in doing this; at the moment some changes I make to certain things seem to have no effect or cause crashes easily.

I don’t know how realistic this is as a project idea because updates to the game are likely to easily break the work that goes into changing balance stuff anyway, so consolidating changes every time there’s a new release may simply be far too much work. We’ll see though.

I should mention that this wouldn’t be possible without @willcrutchley’s boundless-msgpack python scripts, which I was made aware of by @Mayumichi quite a long time ago.


While I am struggling to make ores actually drop more stuff, I did find an alternative solution well suited for solo playing:

Bomb mining can in fact be enabled by simply swapping some boolean to false for every block that we want it to work with.

If anybody wants the modified file for this single change for their creative worlds, let me know and I’ll put it up.


Imagine if this was how bombs worked on live lol, that would be madness :joy: nice work!


Have you find how to set forging time to instant? This would be good because I can’t spawn forged items (only duplication of existing forged items is possible)


Huh, yeah with a script you can copy it I assume??

Care to share am sure more people will be interested!

Also, if anyone wants the changes I made to be able to spray paint more blocks (almost all) and to make forging way, way easier (tho you still have to wait for the queue to finish, haven’t looked yet into making it instant) just lemme know!


I’ll have a look when I get a chance.

Edit: As far as I can see in the forge.json, you want to change these highlighted values:

I haven’t tested it, but the duration is presumably in seconds, i.e. 3600 seconds is 1 hour, which is the max time something will usually take for instance. If you just want everything fast, just change them all to 1 or something I guess.

Note, this forge.json exists in the …\server\archetypes\ folder too I think, so you’ll want to have the modified version in both the client and server archetype folders, so that everything displays correctly for the game client. I am still not sure how or when the server enforces its own stuff over the client’s, presumably always, but as far as I have found so far, the client doesn’t seem to display correct stuff, at least with our own local servers, if only the server has altered files.


It is working! Thanks!

I changed duration on all levels to 10s only on server side – enough time to cancel and client shown time can be wrong for me :slight_smile:


If i remember correctly its how bombs use to work before they got nerfed because people were doing that to mine left and right

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No idea how it worked in EA but the big nerf people go on about is that bombs didn’t damage seams as much (%) as rocks/sand/gravel etc. So you’d deleted the filler blocks, but it would leave seams exposed so you can break those with your tools.

Bombs have never (post release) dropped the blocks that have been destroyed - that would be broken :joy:

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Iirc, and it’s been a long time now… Bombs never left the rock behind, but would leave seams in the very beginning. They changed it shortly before it went live to break everything, with different dmg to seams etc.
There even was a short period of time where slingbows damaged the different blocks!


I would be interested in this for local universes and or insights on working with .msgpack… the tools I’ve used so far seems to break the formatting boundless expects.

I am not sure I still have any files pertaining to this. :pensive: Additionally, I’m not really a technically-minded person in that sense, so I’ll have to dig up a few things on the .msgpack stuff. I’ll try to report back on it when I get a chance but feel free to poke me again about it. :slight_smile:

The main trouble I found with editing stuff was that sometimes changes I’d made before would cause crashes in separate occasions. The other main aspect regarding making changes is making sure that both the server and the client have the changed assets. Strictly speaking, this didn’t seem to be required, because the server does have absolute authority, but any discrepancies on the client side may make things act wonky or like nothing’s changed at all.

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after a bit of digging i finally find this bit…

after quite a bit of troubleshooting the best i could get for

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\Users\Admin\", line 33, in <module>
  File "c:\Users\Admin\", line 18, in convert
    data = msgpack.unpack(in_file)
  File "C:\Program Files\Python39\lib\site-packages\msgpack\", line 46, in unpack
    return unpackb(data, **kwargs)
  File "msgpack\_unpacker.pyx", line 195, in msgpack._cmsgpack.unpackb
ValueError: int is not allowed for map key
PS C:\Users\Admin> 

and… doesn’t seem to even try O.o

PS C:\Users\Admin> & "C:/Program Files/Python39/python.exe" c:/Users/Admin/
PS C:\Users\Admin> 

If I could get the working I could use Simoyd’s msgpack converter for the other half… theoretically

anyway i have little experience with python so I’m probably doing/missing something monumentally stupid :rofl:

A quick google search gives me this

“ValueError: int is not allowed for map key” will be raised when using msgpack 1.0.0

This is to the fact that they changed their default setting for msgpack.unpackb see: msgpack/msgpack-python#411 which they also discuss as major braking points in

adding strict_map_key=False as argument whenever msgpack.unpackb or msgpack.loads is called


lol well now i feel silly, i was assuming that the devs had changed something with their formatting that broke the script. I’ll have a look into adding this when i get a chance. Thank you so much ^^.

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