So i saw some objects in the sky i cannot identify

So i saw some objects in the sky, and they arent planets, they arent distant planets rendered as point star objects, they are larger than th ose point star objects, and they move with the sky. No idea what they are.

pictures are in chronological order, coords and planet are on screen. Any ideas what they are? Has anyone seen more of them or the same objects from elsewhere?

Edit: It just occured to me they might be distant meteors… except they werent moving that quickly and were in the sky all teh way until they faded out… so im very certain theya rent meteors either.


Yup, I’ve seen this before too:

Still don’t know what it’s all about either. :man_shrugging:

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wow neat, yeah so youve seen somethign similar… i wonder if its like an exo world that is currently being tweaked and not released yet or something? idk… seems unlikely there would be 2 visible side by side from a t1 planet.

I don’t think they’re meteors, they stay until day comes back around (watched one recently until sunrise).

Idk what they could be, maybe nothing maybe something XD

Seen this on Angel 1 as well. Very intriguing to say the least

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Maybe its a pair of the pre-release planets! :wink:

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Ditto. I’ve always told myself they’re future perma just waiting for us to properly view them


These are probably the Hunters from the roadmap


It’s a Titan coming from the heavens

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“Aliens” – Dalrak, portalis observatory lead scientist. Comment from Ancient Oortians Research and Development on Alnitans, upon initial reports of sightings. Further research is under way.

“I am not saying it is aliens, but it is aliens”

Looks like bright background stars


It’s the souls of the Oortian elders watching over us xD


It’s the titans, which have been pursuing us since the Great Transmigration event, but we’re not running anymore. We’ll be ready to fight this time!


I believe these to be the only two clearly visible private planets:
Uoyrofton & Ffosdnah*

*(I may have the names wrong…)


They are coming…


It’s where meteors come from. The titans are throwing rocks at us from those two planets.

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Don’t the devs have a private planet or 2 in the universe? Or is that just in testing?

I saw one while hunting on Boori last week, it was just repeating the same movement across a small part of sky - it would appear in one spot and disappear some distance away after moving quite fast.

The way it behaved made me think it’s some kind of a glitch.

There’s a glitch in the matrix :joy: