Solo Player Alliance

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The New Guild System is coming!!

Are you mostly a solo player and you worry about disadvantage you might have comparing to players using their guild buffs?

Join SPA!!
Solo Players Association started as a joke (you get it, right? solo players in a guild…).
But since a few people contacted me encouraging to do it for real and with the details of the guild system now known, we might well give it a go, right?

So, all Solo Players of Boundless, wherever you might live and whatever you might do in game, why not come together and share our xp and coin to create buffs for ourselves? No strings attached, other than necessary coin donations towards creating buffs. No other commitments expected! (Saying that, all willing to share knowledge, items, exchange goods and information, as well as do some things together every now and again, are more than welcome to do so).

We are finishing guild center in Cill Airne on Boori (settlement created by a few loosely connected players). Accessible through PS and Ultima portal networks. We will place SPA guild control and helix machines there. Feel free to contact me via pm (or find me in game, you will most likely find me in Cill Airne or around Red Roof Shops in Ultima HQ on Finata and in Ashenvale, the capitol of Lutrion).

Solo Players and Guilds
LF guild

Join now! A guild for people who don’t join guilds!!! HQ is located in a town formed by players who don’t like to form towns!!! Our favourite activity is standing staring at you without saying anything then turning and running away!!!

Coming soon, a guild for players who rage-quit after a nerf and don’t plan to return to the game!!! HQ in a settlement that no longer exists after it was force-merged into a p2w gleam tower forest!!!


I see what you did there :joy:


The guild name has been reserved. :sunglasses:

Due to size limit for the full name, we decided to go for Solo Players Assoc. This is our official name and our short will be SPA.
So, for all interested, these are the original names for the solo players guild and anything different than that is a fake and a hoax and a scam. :wink:


so you say you want a monopoly on solo player guilds?


Only the awareness of the name. If someone else names theirs solo players assn. or something similar to ours, I don’t want people to mistake them with what we created.


Where I come from, that shortened name, “SPA” could literally get you killed if you said it to the wrong person. Are you sure you know what you’re getting yourself and potential guild mates into? I can see a future of butt end jokes, ridicule and potential long term bullying from some players if not careful. Just saying. :slight_smile:


While in the majority of the world it means bathplace?


True. However, here, it’s the shortened version of ‘Spastic’ or ‘Spasticated’ and is used widely as an insult that usually has extreme consequences. And it’s not just in my country. I’ve heard it being used in the same manner in other countries also.


Pity the letter limit wasn’t 2 characters shorter :rofl:


I won’t be getting crazy. A lot of words can be associated with sth negative or offensive.

Thanks for pointing it out to those who didn’t hv that connection though. :roll_eyes:

Here’s an idea! I will change the name to Spastic Players Association. Short still the same. Full name would have to be Spastic Players Ass though, @fidach


So, we are here.

Solo Player Alliance [S.P.A.]

We decided to slightly alter the name to fit it in 20 signs limit and avoid weird abbreviation like Assn. or Assoc. or worse (Ass. :joy:). Thus Association has become Alliance.

We are all set now with the guild HQ (control and helix machines) in Cill Airne on Boori.
Now off to completing resource gathering fo all needed coils for higher tier buffs,

Contact me via pm or in-game if you are interested in joining or simply have questions etc.

Enjoy the new world order!:sunglasses:
Peace. :v:


I think I just joined your guild by accident.
But I guess being a newbie and a solo player at this point i am probably the intended target :smiley:


Lol, enjoy your buffs. You have healing in your beacon if you align it with the guild. Also, death penalty reduced.

Play whatever way you want.

If you have questions, doubts or need any kind of help just pm me here or in game.

Have fun! :sunglasses:


oh cool thanks very much, I saw the book and figured it was a chance for me to finally be able to complete the quest objective.
I’ll figure out how to do the beacon stuff later, sounds great :slight_smile: My home is on Lasaina :slight_smile: