[STATUS] Post Release 242 hotfixes and issues

We’re taking the game offline to start resolving some of the issues introduced in the recent update.

We’re planning to do a few updates today.

  1. Get a consistent set of snapshots for all the worlds. [DONE]
  2. Deploy and resolve issues in the server. [DONE]
  3. Then finally an update to the PS4 version. [DONE]

This first downtime will take approximately an hour. [DONE]


  1. Servers have been updated with a collection of fixes.
  2. PC and macOS versions have also been deployed.
  3. PS4 in EU and NA have been updated.
  4. PS4 in NA has NOT been updated yet. PlayStation appears to be having some issues of their own. We’re still working on deploying this update.

Below are the notes for the updates.

To flag the important bits:

  1. Hand Trading is disabled. You can do a trade but nothing with happen.

  2. Spark mint value is now 1c for everyone. But it will be reported as 28c on the PS4 in NA until the update is fully deployed. See above.

  3. There is a small number of players (~3) who will not be able to use some of their characters. I appreciate this is frustrating - but we need to reinstate them carefully - and we’ve chosen to do this early next week rather than risk more issues by rushing it today.

Update: 20:00 UTC

All platforms should now be updated and live.

If you plan on PS4 make sure you force an update, especial in North America where the update has just gone live

Answering some questions from @majorvex:

Reclaim system should be working. But it is new. If you’re concerned maybe start small.

It should work on any size beacon. We tested the system by expiring every beacon on a few worlds.

It should work. At the moment we’re not aware of any reclaim issues.

The server + clients have all been hotfixed - except the PS4 version in NA. We’re still waiting for them. Fingers crossed.

The game will give 1c to ALL players. BUT until the PS4 NA version is updated it will report 28c, but still only give 1c.

Hope this helps!


Wie lange dauert das in etwa und kann man sagen wie gross das update für die ps4 ca. ist ?


Any comment on the spark value? Is this perceived as an issue, or is it intended?


Hopefully this includes spark minting. Save the economy

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Will this also change a certain mint price? :wink:

And the censoring needs to be looked at, probably for the update after this one.

First downtime? Ohh! 3 updates???

We plan to resolve the PS4 particle issue today.


Any idea when we will be back on? Not to be too impatient :angel:

Ignore me seen the update now


Sounds good! A little polishing here and there is just fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, it’s a weird thing to look at!! (and I said to people it’s a beautiful looking game, lol, granted that was about the pc version)

Oh, was the mint value stupid high or something… i hadn’t noticed :rofl:


If you are referring to the strange squares that glow as soon as you get a buff (like a weapon forge buff), this happens on mac as well (I am not sure about pc tho)

No spark fix yet? Just reduce it by 10x as a bandaid fix, would be better than nothing :frowning:


Why fix it…more money the more everyone spends…why is it a issue


And sochaltin I back up would be nice :grin:


Because economy.

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Exactly. There isn’t a problem with it…or am I missing something

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Let’s not feed the trolls please.


Spark price won’t be up to the players if it’s like this, the value of spark will be determined by the minter instead, which kind of goes against the minter design.

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Have you decide where do you want reclaim Sochaltin I? :rofl:

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